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Corporate Sailing & Team Building

Spending time together, sharing an experience or working towards a common goal allows bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively. — Forbes

From teaching your staff new sailing skills, organizing events lasting one or more day, a regatta or educational lectures, team buildings benefits your company.

Sebastus Corporate Sailing is a chance to taste the yachting lifestyle and bring a special experience to your team building or hospitality experience.

We will tailor your event to exactly what you need, your wishes and budget, for novice or experienced sailors alike.

What do we offer?

Corporate sailing


Team building

Rib one day blast

Main benefits of team building

One of the best ways to improve communication and teamwork between employees, improve employee morale, increase creativity and more is through organized team-building activity.

This leads to better understanding of the way your coworkers think and operate.

Imagine a workplace where your developer understands exactly what the web designer meant, and where the web designer was familiar with the way he constructs information for the developer. All because they finally understood the way they are thinking.

Also, you will definitely find out who is a real team player and who is better for solo work. You have the option to learn how to sail a sailboat, and that is a team effort!

When returning back to the office you will know: who is good at giving orders the right way, who should maybe work on their communication skills, who is good at receiving feedback, and who likes to just stay away from the excitement.

Think about team building as an investment in your company. Build your positive energy and maintain it when going back to work while reflecting on the memories you will make sailing the Adriatic Sea.

Corporate sailing

  • Move your business forward by simply providing an opportunity for the people important to your business to get to know each other better
  • Decide between challenging sailing or rather a day of relaxed and leisurely sailing in a relaxed and fun environment
  • No experience is required as our professional skippers will take care of you, show you the basics and ensure that everyone has a chance to be a part of the crew


  • Complete regatta management for your own Corporate regatta
  • Ensuring your team participating in any of the numerous regattas from the Croatian Sailing Federation calendar
  • Test your skills against professionals and allow team members to display qualities which remain hidden within an office environment

Team building

  • Tailor-made program developed around your business objectives
  • Give us your input and we will define the itinerary and format important to you and your desired business goals
  • By the end of the day, your team will be able to sail a boat together

Rib one day blast

  • High-speed RIB ride for the ultimate thrill
  • Tailor-made themes like a treasure hunt, photography, survivor…

Get an example of a program for a 3-day team-building trip

Our goals for your team:

  • Developing good working relationships
  • Aligning them to their shared purpose
  • A better understanding of your companies goals
  • Establishing a positive team culture
  • Establishing the role of the leader

What about the budget:

If you have a set budget to work within, we can help you select the options to best suit your needs.

Please contact us with your preferred dates and group size to help us prepare a quote.

Our programmes are good for:

Level: No Experience, some experience, experts

Ideal for: Businesses, groups

Difficulty: Medium, hard

Capacity: 4 to 100 persons


  • Punat, Island of Krk, Croatia
  • Marina Frapa, Rogoznica, Croatia
  • Split, Croatia