3 Fields we learned about the most at the first MMK Booking Manager Summit in Zagreb

November was the month of learning for our team. We got a great insight into what is going on in our industry.  

The MMK Booking Manager Summit in Zagreb offered a lot of Lecturers in Marketing, Sales, Insurance and more. The only unfortunate thing is that one could never manage to participate in every lecture there is, considering how many there were between those two days.

To sum it up in an efficient way, here are the most interesting things we gathered about Marketing, Sales and Customer Feedback.

1. Marketing

From Newsletters to Google Ads, the marketing part of the conference was well covered. We all are aware of the fact that competition is big and ever-growing. The key to marketing success is creative design and visuals, personal approach to customers, smart targeting and even smarter budgeting.

In one of the Google AdWords workshops, we talked about budgeting and targeting. Only a few have the budget to target whole regions and countries with their offers and ads. That’s why it’s important to pick regions suited for things that you’re offering. The only way to do that is by collecting data and analyzing your audience with the help of Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics doesn’t only give you demographic information about your visitors but also counts the ones who subscribe to your newsletter, on which page while tracking the session duration. This is very helpful when sending newsletters because it gives you the option to further personalize the offer that you will email to your customers. For personalized newsletters, Mailchimp can give you the right tools, but you are responsible for the right strategy. A successful strategy is the one that has a segmented audience, uses automatization emails and incorporates the users’ feedback.

Great Ads and Newsletters don’t mean much without a great website that answers all the questions a user might have, in advance. By creating content from a user’s perspective they will be more engaged to subscribe, comment, ask questions and maybe pick up the phone and call first! Great Content means 80% information and fun, 20% selling.

2. Sales

Sales is basically incorporated in any type of contact you have with your client or website visitors. In this digitalise world it is important to stay relevant on all channels, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and brush up on your Social Selling Skills. 

The Company Culture is a big part of modern companies, and showing it on social media is one part of Social Selling. It also includes Employers as brand ambassadors who promote their company because they enjoy working there. 

But lets now go back to the well-trained way of selling in the sailing industry –  selling proposals!

A question that was brought up was, does making proposals take too much time if we know that most of them are collecting them from different agencies, comparing and choosing because of a factor we can only guess? Is it the price, the skipper they may already know, the agent that they liked more? Is there an alternative for proposal writing? The only way to know is to try it out in a different way.

Customer Feedback

Most of the agencies have already some kind of feedback system installed. For some of them it’s an in house made service, for others a paid provider. In most cases, it isn’t adjusted to the charter industry. That’s why MMK came up with their own Feedback Service – Yachting Feedback. “With this user-friendly tool, Charter Agencies can for the first time get insight into guests satisfaction with the charters, their boats, and services provided.” We are excited to see what’s next!


While attending lectures and workshops and talking to other agencies, we are even more sure that the way of booking, selling, promoting is going to change.

The Millenials are here, interested in fast service, omnichannel presence, great pictures and even better videos. That also means an increasing need for flexible booking periods and more skippers for first-timers.

Whatever may come, we are excited about the future. So thank you to the MMK Team for having us! We are looking forward to your next event.