Blue Cruise – Turkish sailing adventures

Date posted: 06.24.2017

There are many varieties of sea cruises, with different themes and types of vessels. You can go on Arctic cruise with big passenger ship or cruise the Adriatic Sea with a big yacht. Almost every destination has its own cruise. But few cruises around the world have blended together romance, history and beauty of nature like Blue Cruise in Turkey. From the very first step you take onboard till the moment you touch the ground at the end of the trip, Blue Cruise will captivate all your senses. Why is it so popular and why is very special part of sailing in Turkey? Well, let’s find out.

Origin of the Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise or Blue Voyage or Blue Tour is sailing voyage along Turkish Riviera or Turquoise Coast. Turkish Riviera is the most beautiful part of the Turkish coast and it comprises area of south – eastern Aegean Sea and part of Turkish Mediterranean coast. The trip is usually week long and it is done by a gulet. Gulet is historical Turkish vessel, a type of schooner that derives from this coast. It has two or three masts and its main purpose has always been the transport of passengers. Today gulets are exclusively used to carry tourists who visit Turkish coast. But, gulet is not Turkish word. It is loanword from Venetian (form of Italian) goletta and that word itself is a loanword from French goulette. The term Blue Cruise was actually coined by different Turkish writers who were touched by the cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Riviera at the beginning of the 20th century.

The cruise today

Today Blue Cruise offers varieties of routes, depending on the charter company that provides the gulet. You can go as a part of group of individuals who don’t know each other or you can go as a company of good friends and their significant others or as a group of business colleagues. Blue Cruise is a great thing for company vacation or a team building. On this trip you’ll visit most popular places on the Riviera like Bodrum (ancient Halicarnassus), but also small villages and beautiful hidden coves. Most popular places, besides Bodrum include Marmaris, Fethiye and Antalya. These are all top touristic destinations and top sailing centers in Turkey. Also, on this trip you’ll visit handful of archaeological sites, old tombs, mausoleums and other historical sites. You’ll explore old Greek harbors and monuments from Ottoman and Venetian era. Famous monument is Castle of St. Peter, built by Knights of St. John in 15th century.

Beside all that, you’ll get to experience the unique beauty of Turkish Riviera. It’s green and lush forests and numerous little streams and small rivers that drain into Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. After visiting all the historical beauties, your gulet will anchor in one remote cove surrounded by greenery. After exquisite lunch you can lay on the beach, near the shadows of the forest or you can get into the sea right from the gulet. Every choice you make will be the right one.

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