What to bring on the sailboat?

Date posted: 08.08.2016

Your first sailboat voyage is a life experience that you will talk about and remember for a long time. That is why it is especially important to prepare in advance and foresee things you cannot influence. Along with the basic sailboat equipment, food and drinks, one of the most important items is the things you will bring along on the voyage. Regardless of the comfort a sailboat offers, you have to keep in mind that it has a limited space that you will have to share with several other persons and that the safety and functionality take precedent on a boat. You should plan ahead and make a list of items needed for the voyage, both for your personal needs and for the needs of the whole group.

Documents and essentials

It is important to bring along personal documents, including your health card. You should also have a certain amount of financial means. The responsible person on the sailboat must take care of the documentation associated with the voyage and the boat rental, as well as the necessary permits. Your selection of clothing and footwear must be in accordance with the forecasted weather conditions. Despite favourable weather conditions during the summer season on the Adriatic, the sailing conditions are not always ideal. That is why you need to have appropriate clothing, especially footwear for your first sailboat voyage. In addition to the usual simple summer clothing items and the unavoidable bathing suits, you should also bring warmer clothing for night sailing or for spending time on the deck during the evening hours when the temperatures are lower.

Special clothing and footwear

If the not-so-favourable weather with rainfall has been forecasted, you should have the appropriate clothing, such as waterproof jackets. Footwear is also important for being on the sailboat in order to avoid possible accidents and injuries. You should use shoes for boats with the upper section made of materials that dry up quickly, while the lower part is made of a soft, non-slippery material, so-called boat shoes or sports footwear made for moving on the deck. Special boat boots are recommended for unfavourable weather conditions. A mobile phone with the associated charger, a photo camera and similar communication devices for entertainment should be kept in protective water resistant bags.

Hygiene and health concerns

When selecting the cleaning agents and items for personal hygiene, you should give an advantage to the ecologically acceptable ones keeping in mind the sea and environment protection. You need to also bring along your own bathroom and beach towels. One of the important items is a handy first aid kit that, along with the prescription medicines, should also contain pain remedies, medicines to relieve fever, seasickness, insect bites, sunburns or injuries by sea animals. Since vacation on a sailboat entails long-term sun ray exposure, you need to protect yourself with hats, sunglasses, airy clothing and lotions with a high protection factor.

Finally, you should keep in mind to use the appropriate luggage that will not take up a lot of space once you unpack, such as sports bags. Since your sailboat voyage will be primarily geared towards rest, entertainment and enjoyment, a good book with a nautical theme will always be welcome, as well as accessories for snorkelling and fishing, along with the associated licences, if needed. The common task of all voyage participants should be keeping the sailboat area neat and tidy. That is why your personal things should always be in appropriate spots. In this way the fun will be complete, and the memory of the first sailboat voyage indelibly.

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