Cabin Charter: the cheaper way of sailing

Thanks to its attractive prices cabin charters have become a way of traveling for those who cannot afford to charter a whole boat.

This way you have the option to book only one or more cabins.

How does it work?

Cabin charter is an ideal cruising holiday option for smaller groups, couples or individuals who want to cruise along most of the charter destinations and go island-hopping.

Couples will likely want to get their own cabin, while solo travelers will have to share or pay a higher rate for single-use cabin. Most of the yachts that are used for cabin charter offer also a private bathroom in the cabin.

You don’t need to have any sailing experience as a captain will sail the yacht for you.

A cabin charter is suitable for everybody, who just wants to lean back and relax.


You can charter cabins on yachts all over the world these days. The most popular destinations are Greece, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, and the Caribbean.

Most cabin charter holidays last for a week but there are also cruises that last 10 or 14 days available.

Type of boats

Cabin charter can be offered on sailing boats, catamarans, mini cruisers, and gulets.

About daily activities

Routes are mostly decided in advance and you can ask to see the route before the trip starts.

Note that route can be changed due to weather conditions and some other unexpected events.

The amount of time sailing between two stops depends on the route but you can spend between three to five hours sailing between locations. Perfect time to sunbathe, read, get along with other people on board and enjoy the scenery.

Depending on a route theme (gastro & wine route, historical route, sightseeing route….) there will be stops on your way for swimming, snorkeling, wine tastings and others.

You will either spend the night anchored at sea (providing the opportunity to enjoy remote bays and beaches) or in marinas depending again on the route theme you pick.

What is included

All cabin cruises are skippered but not all are fully-crewed which means not all offer hostess or a chef besides skipper. We recommend taking a fully crewed cabin cruise which makes it much more easy and relaxed.

No need to think about food onboard or getting the boat clean. The crew will do it for you in that case. All you need to do is relax, meet other people and enjoy the sun and scenery :).

Prices for cabin charters usually include the following:

  • 7 (or another number of days) days cruise with half board service (or full-on some cruises)
  • welcome package: final cleaning, bed sheets & towels, dinghy, outboard engine & fuel, cooking gas, full water tanks, snorkeling equipment, free Wi-Fi Internet on board
  • Drinks on board (water, wine, beer, coffee, tea…)
  • Skipper and hostess (or chef)
  • Fuel
  • Moorings (port fees)
  • Tourist tax
  • Organization

However, many of the land activities or tours might in some cases require additional payment, while in other cases your skipper, who is a local guy and familiar with the region of the cruise, will serve as your personal tour guide.

Since there might be changes regarding the price regulations depending on the cruise, we recommend you, however, to check what is included in the prices and whatnot.

Our wide selection of cabin charter boats worldwide range from traditional wooden sailing boats to newer sailing yachts, catamarans, mini cruisers and gulets.