Sailing is a dream holiday for many. But how do you know if you are looking for a sailboat, a catamaran or a gulet? Is it better to sail with a skipper or can you do it yourself?

Rental types of your sailing ship

With Sebastus you can choose whather you want to charter a bareboat, a skippered or a full crewed sailingboat. But which combination is right for you?


For bareboat charter you must have a sailing license. The sailing licence for a sailing ship distinguishes between a licence for inland waters, lakes and oceans.

The costs for a sailing licence vary. In Germany, the cost of a sailing license is between 700 and 900 EUR. You pay the costs for learning materials, theory and practice lessons, as well as accommodation at the course location.

With a sailing license you can sail all over the world. You should show your sailing license to the yacht charter. This includes the documentation of your previous sailing experience, all assessments by sailing instructors on the water and all theory courses you have attended.

For the Caribbean you do not need a formal bareboat charter license. What you need, however, is a good Sailing Resume. Check your
Sailor Resume with the yacht charter company at the time of booking; not on arrival at the base.

For the Mediterranean you need a sailing licence and an acceptable Sailing Resume. In general, the Mediterranean countries accept your home license if it is a state-approved license.

The good thing about the Sailing Resume is that yacht charterers need about 50 days of sailing experience, of which 25 as captain of the sailing ship ship and on a ship within 10 feet.

Renting a bareboat sailingboat is preferred by the most experienced sea wolves.


What do I need for a skippered sailing trip? Good will and a desire for adventure.

As I said, people who do not have enough sailing experience choose this kind of sailing experience. Imagine you and your best friends or family sailing with the skipper through the sunny Caribbean and your only task is to relax.

You can hire a skipper and/or a hostess to your sailing barge. Both are with you all the time. With your skipper you can choose your sailing route to enjoy your sails even better. Your hostess will help you with breakfast, tea and coffee, simple meals and cleaning.

Fully crewed

Crewed sailing ships are gulets, motor yahts and some large catamarans. Full crew mostly means: skipper, deckhand, hostess and cook.

With a full crew trip you can choose whether you want half board or full board. If you sail with a gulet, the sailing lasts mostly 4 hours a day. You can have lunch or dinner every day in a different city.

Every day you can discover new cities and landscapes. You can go with your family or friends or just book a room with your partner and get to know other people.



Sailing is always a good idea. If you have enough experience for bareboat or if you need a crew is your decision. For more help or information you can contact us at any time. Our agents will make you a personalized offer.