Trying a new type of family vacation can be challenging, but with the right team and good preparation, it will be an enjoyable experience, for both parents and kids.

Going sailing is a memory worth while. You can get to know your kids in a different way, explore new places and bond like family on a different level.

What is sailing with kids like?

Eye Opening

Get to know your kids better. 

Are there as adventures as you thought? How do they behave in an unknown environment? Are they curious enough to learn about sailing and the sea life? 

Living on a boat means spending: play/breakfast/lunch/dinner/relaxing time together. It’s the best form of bonding vacation for your family with the possibility to explore new places every day.

Surprisingly Peaceful (at times)

After a day on the boat, in the sea and under the sun, you kids are one thing – tired.

We are aware that this can go both ways – bedtime our fully action time. Don’t forget the advantage of being on a boat. 

There are fish to catch, sunrises to see, and city lights on the coast to admire while telling really good made up stories. – All activities that require sitting in one spot for a minute and can get them calmed down while you can finally have that bear or glass of wine.


sailing with kids


Exciting and intense

Let’s not kid ourselves, family holidays can be intense but also very exciting.

The question is: are you ready for the challenge? The best way to make it easier and get some relaxing time is to fully plan it out. 

We can help you with the destinations, routes, information about grocery stores, emergency numbers etc. 

But the fun part is on you – the packing list!

This includes packing limited items of clothes, toys and gadgets, depending on the size of your boat. Don’t forget the medicine, sunscreen and mosquito protection! Also, warmer clothes for the night. Read the fully packing list here.

Now – let’s get you prepared

Prior to the planned boarding, you need to present your kids with how you plan to spend your vacation. Introduce them with the sailing plan and clearly set the rules for behaving on the yacht and repeat them during the sailing trip. 

Safety measures

Safety first. And the best way to make it safe is to get all the potential fear out of the way. 

Show them the boat, let them talk to the skipper about the rules while sailing and while you are anchored, take them to the cabins, show them the interesting way of flushing the toilet etc.

Teach them where to sit – they should be on the bow during sailing and only accompanied by an adult. They should also learn how to lower themselves into the sea with the help of a ladder. 

Living on a boat is essentially fun for them!

The boat you are renting should also have a safety net along the deck. Every child must have a life vest of appropriate size. They must try it on and wear it during sailing until you and them get comfortable with being on a boat. 

Health measures

When there are children on a boat, caution never hurts. 

One of the most common ailments is seasickness where the child must be provided with rest and fresh air. You should have the appropriate medications in case of a sore throat, earache and high temperature. 

You should also keep in mind minor injuries and scratches, as well as bug and mosquito bites. Pay special attention to eventual  allergic reactions. In case of chronic illnesses, the child must have enough its regular medications, as well as medical documentation. 

As for any type of summer vacation, the sun is your biggest frenemy. Use waterproof lotions with high protection factors and ensure physical protection from the sun.

Clothes, food & drinks

Bring along appropriate clothing and footwear for the boat, swimming and colder nights. 

We are sure that you are aware of the fact that you should buy a sufficient amount of groceries. Since we will provide you with a route, you have the ability to see if the stops for that day have a grocery store or not. But sill buy enough food for everyday breakfast and quick dinner.

Remind them to drink water more than other days!

sailing with kids

Baby Sailors

Young kids are passengers that require constant adult supervision. Parents should bring along appropriate toys, coloring books and creative materials that will not take up a lot of space, such as drawing blocks, board games etc. 

Of course, children on a yacht should not just be observers but active voyage participants. Therefore, their interest for exploring the sea and its inhabitants, the climate and star gazing at night should be stimulated in advance.

Big Girls and Boys Sailors

Children of school age should be encouraged to write their own voyage diaries, take photos and learn about sailing. Introducing children to the basic sailing skills, vessel instruments and tools is also important. Their participation in unique sailing manoeuvres on the yacht will provide them with a sense of participation. It will surely spark their love for the sea and sailing. 

Are you ready to try it? Click here for more information or simply fill out the for below!

Remember: respect marine life and Keep the Seas Clean!

We wish you fair winds