Your first sailing trip is an experience you will remember forever.

It is important to be prepared. When renting a sailing boat or a catamaran you will learn about the basic sailboat equipment, but you need to bring food and drinks, clothes and other necessary things. We are going to go through everything in this article. 🙂

The important thing to remember is that sailboats are comfortable but the space is limited and you will have to share it with other passengers in your group.

Plan ahead and make a list of things you could need on your sailing trip!

Packing list:

Documents and essentials

As in real life, you have to have personal documents always beside you. We recommend you to bring your health insurance card with you – just in case.

Also, bring cash. Not all places accept credit cards. You are responsible for the documents and money you bring so keep them safe.

Your skipper, a professional skipper, or one of your friends with a license, will have all the necessary permits with them during the trip.


Even though it is summer, there is always a possibility that the nights and winds are cold. So be prepared.

Check the weather forecast and pack clothes for sunny and cold days: bathing suits, summer dresses, shorts, t-shirts and don’t forget to bring something warmer or waterproof.

Shoes are also very important! During the days you will probably be barefoot but in case of rain bring some non-slippery shoes. Or if you want to blend in – buy so-called boat shoes or some sports shoes that are made for easier moving on the deck.

Water-resistant bags

Water-resistant bags are life saviors for your electronic devices. Bring those with you so your phone and camera can sleep safely.

Hygiene and health concerns

Bring along ecologically acceptable items for personal hygiene. Always keep in mind the sea and environment protection. More on that here.

Also, sometimes you have to bring your own bath and beach towels. You can always ask us and we will check with the charter of your boat.

On your sailboat there is already a first aid kit, but if you want you can take a small one with you. Also, if you have prescription medicines, take them with you.

Take something with you for seasickness, mosquito protection and insect bites. And most important: sunscreen! You will be the whole day in the sun – we don’t want you to get burned – you can get a tan with sunscreen.

What else?

As mentioned before, there is limited space on a sailboat. So, don’t take your biggest luggage. Bring a bag that can be squished, we recommend duffel bags over suitcases.

You will have limited WIFI and sockets, so bring a book, write a diary – be prepared for beautiful and peaceful isolation.

For those who can’t live without technology, bring rechargeable batteries for your phones, laptops and cameras.


Don’t make a too long packing list, the first item on the list should always be fun! If you need any help with finding your boat, you can always contact us.

Remember: respect marine life and Keep the Seas Clean!

We wish you fair winds