Sailing in the Caribbean – Grenada vacation

Date posted: 09.05.2017

Sailing in the Caribbean is such a broad term. It can mean sailing in any of hundreds of marvelous places between Florida and South America. You can sail in the Bahamas, or around Cuba, visit Barbados or Antigua. No matter how often you visit Caribbean with your sailboat, you can find new and exciting places. For those who want to leave for a moment cold European and North American winter, this tropical paradise is the best solution for unforgettable sailing. If you’re sailing Caribbean for a first time you’ll find yourself in the sweet agony of choice. And if you’re experienced sailor with many visits to this beautiful part of the Globe, you’ll want to try something new. If you want sail more close to the equator and experience true tropical paradise, you should visit Grenada. Try Grenada vacation.

Grenada vacation

About Grenada

Comparing to the rest of the world, Grenada is small island country, but comparing to the Caribbean, there are smaller places. It is situated in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, relatively close to South America mainland. Its surface is 348.5 km2 and has almost 110 thousands inhabitants. It consists of island of Grenada and six smaller islands. Its capital is St. George and it’s located on the main island. St. George is administrative, economic and touristic center of the country. So, if you want to go sailing Grenada, first you need to go to the capital. Symbol of the island and national bird is Grenada dove, a critically endangered species. Second symbol and economically important thing about Grenada is nutmeg production. This country is one of the world’s largest exporters. Second largest island is Carriacou and it is famous touristic center, also great choice for your Grenada vacation.

Grenada vacation

Tourism & sailing

Tourism is main economic force of Grenada. And there are two main forces of Grenadian tourism – beaches and waterfalls. Known for its beautiful, out of this world beaches, Grenada is building its touristic offer around them. Main touristic center, St. George has Grand Anse Beach, considered one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Inland has small streams and rivers in abundance which produce some of the most astonishing waterfalls in the Caribbean. Beautiful examples are Annandale Waterfalls, Mt. Carmel, Concord, Seven Sisters and Tufton Hall. Because of these beautiful aspects of Grenada and tropical climate, country is becoming big sailing destination. Sailing centers of Grenada are St. George and Carriacou. The latter is famous for its regatta which occurs in last week of July and first week of August. Hundreds of white sails cutting through turquoise sea are great invitation for your Grenada vacation.

Grenada vacation


So, if you need to experience true tropical sailing paradise, choose Grenada. Not only you’ll fall in love with the sea, but there are other beautiful places, open and secluded, where you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. They say that one could have the time of the life just visiting Grand Anse Beach. Why skip that? Contact Us and go for it!

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