New ORC World Champions are: Xio, Selene-Alifax and Sugar 3!

1200 sailors, 110 boats from 17 different countries were part of this years ORC World Championship that was held in Šibenik. The Championship started on May 30th and ended on June 08th.

Two offshore and 6 inshore races were planned through Saturday the 8th of June, with ORC World Champion titles awarded in each of three classes.

Sebastus had crew members on Farr 40 “Toto Travel” with skipper Mario Hrvoj and were racing in Class B.

Sailing started on Monday with a 130 NM long offshore race.
Boats were divided into 3 groups with max 50 boats per group and max 30 crews from one country in the same group.

The time limit for the long offshore race was 36 hours. Even if it did not look good in the morning before the start, the wind did take its time filling into the course area and the boats were ready to start the long offshore race.

In elapsed times that ranged from 14 hours 45 Minutes to over 25 hours, the 110-boat fleet at the 2019 D-Marin ORC World Championship has completed the 126-mile long offshore race earning their first points on the scoreboard.

In Class A Roberto Monti’s 2008 Judel/Vrolik-designed TP 52 “Air is Blue” was the winner.

In Class B Swan 42 model with skipper Massimo De Campo on boat “Selene” took the winning position.

In Class C first to cross the finish line was Estonian crew with skipper Sandro Montefusco on boat “Sugar 3”.

The next phase was planned for Wednesday with two inshore races.

Sailing conditions were perfect and all was ready for the start of inshore races. Racing was very tight in all classes and we really enjoyed to be part of two great races that took place that day.

The wind was steady and stable, there were no individual or general recalls, no course changes needed. It was a perfect racing day with Italian skippers domination.

The fourth day of the 2019 D-Marin ORC World Championship looked like every other last week in Šibenik: sunny, warm, slight breeze from the south.

The forecast models seemed wrong as in the morning it was 8 knots below the forecast prediction, and it seemed this is going to be a quiet day.

But the conditions surprised us all when we left the harbour to the open sea: the seas were steepening to over a meter as the breeze built into the high teens.

Race managers struggled with the starting pin mark that refused to stay put in the big seas and 50 meters depth, causing delays in getting races started in Classes A and C.

Many competitors took cover in the lee of a nearby islet rather than get soaked while waiting.

In the end only one race could be started and completed before the wind built to 23 knots and gusts up to 27 knots.

It was a very exhausting day for all crews. Italian boats XIO and Mela were winners in Classes A nad B while Estonian crew Katariina II took first place in Class C.

Coastal race took place on Thursday with 47.5-mile course.

With winds 9-14 knots today’s race was a Šibenik archipelago scenic tour, with every point of sail represented.

In class A Marco Serafini’s 2011 Botin-designed TP 52 XIO is crushing this class again.
Swan 42’s once again took the top three places in Class B.

With another great result from today, Class C has its leader – Zdenek Jakoubek’s M37 “Hebe V”.

The last day was full of excitement until the final winner announcement. As said in the beginning of the article the New ORC World Champions are: Xio, Selene-Alifax and Sugar 3!

We can’t wait for next year! Until that we wish you fair winds and following seas.

Remember: respect marine life and Keep the Seas Clean!

We wish you fair winds