Watch out! Pets on board!

Many people get very attached to their pets and do not wish to leave them home alone while they travel.

We have some good news for you and your pet if you are thinking about sailing holidays.

You can bring your pets on board!

These days pets are very welcome in every marina and almost every charter company.

Still to make sure that you and your pet will have a smooth holiday, before purchasing a charter, check with the operator to confirm they are pet-friendly charter.

Are there any additional costs for having pets on board?

Yes, extra costs for cleaning or in some cases a pet fee.

You will be charged probably on the spot at check-in or in some situations when confirming your booking.

Tips to make your pet safe on board:

  • Book in advance a railing net (safety net) that charter staff will install along the sides of the boat so your pets can walk the deck without the fear of falling overboard
  • Consider getting a life jacket for your pet so even if they fall overboard, they will not drown and you can easy spot them since life jackets have reflective accents and bright colors for visibility
  • Secure a small corner or a “safe zone” on a boat for your pet in cases when they are stressed, scared or just exhausted
  • Plan shorter daily routes since pets have to spend some time on mainland

If all these safety tips are planned well, you and your pet will feel safe and comfortable onboard and have a blast sailing holidays together.

Remember: respect marine life and Keep the Seas Clean!

We wish you fair winds