Our newest project – learning photography while sailing the Croatian coast consists of a 4-day trip, 6 locations and 4 professional photographers who will be leading four groups of 8 participants.

With this series of articles, we want to introduce the photographers, all the locations and let the participants know what they will experience during the workshop.

One of the instructors is Roman Königshofer, a professional travel, landscape, and sports photographer, from Austria, currently living in Innsbruck.

Roman is a part of this project because of his interesting portfolio and experience in travel and landscape photography.

Continue reading to find out how he started, what he is doing now and his stand on photography in this modern, social media world.

Travel, landscape, and sports? What exactly is meant by sports?

I love sports, so I often travel with people who are heavily involved into outdoor sports. Mountain bikers, snowboarders, skier, climbers, surfers or hikers are my constant companions. I shoot images for different outdoor brands. But I do this also at home in Austria, I don’t have to and I don’t want to travel all the time.

When did you start with photography? Did you go to school for photography?

I kind of did. I learned everything by myself and went to school for graphic design and a part of it was, of course, photography. The basic stuff that they thought there I knew already so the best practice is always learning by doing. In the beginning I was shooting six days a week, just for me because I loved it.

What do you think you like the most about landscape photography? Do you also enjoy taking pictures of people or portrait photography?

I shoot people too, but until now it was never my passion. But at the moment I’m getting more and more into it. I really enjoy the process, there is a lot to learn for me in this field. And I love to learn new things
About the landscape part, I don’t know. I very very rarely travel for landscape photos. Most of the time I travel because I want to do some kind of sport there (e.g. surfing, mountaineering, …). For me, everything started with surfing. As a landlocked Austrian I had to travel to the waves and I just always carried a camera with me since day one. I started in Europe and later visited every country in Central America, Indonesia, the Maldives. I created a huge photo portfolio by travelling for surfing. To me photography and sports always went together. I shoot a lot of mountains but I also climb, hike, ski and snowboard on them.

So you would say you travel for the experience and not for the photo?

Exactly, that is what I like the most. That’s how I get a shot that I haven’t seen online first. If I see a cool photo online, that’s awesome, but why would I take the same exact one? Sometimes you do a similar one, if you have just two days and you need the location for a job, that’s a different thing. But when I’m just out there with my camera, I love to find new stuff.

Would you say that you travel for pleasure or mostly because it’s your job?

Well it started for pleasure but now it’s often for jobs. It’s kind of a perfect combination for me and I do consider myself very lucky and privileged.
Last year (2018) was crazy though, there was too much travelling going on.

There is a such thing as too much travelling?

Yes definitely. I didn’t have much time for the stuff that I wanted to shoot or do, like climbing and mountain biking. I was always coming home from a trip, doing post-production, emails and the preparation for the next trip.

How long can the post-production take?

That depends on how many photos I took and how many of them I have to deliver. And I’m also kind of perfectionist, unfortunately. But I work on it.

Don’t you think that most photographers are or have to be perfectionists?

I’m not sure. Some people shoot and post, but I don’t. I don’t even edit on the trip like some of them. I like to enjoy the trip, shoot the photos, and sit down at home and do the editing part.

Well that’s understandable since you have such a big following on Instagram. How do you think Instagram changed the way people are looking at photography?

Not sure if Instagram changed that. Instagram makes it look super easy I think. Everyone is a photographer these days. But I see so many over edited images on this platform. People buy presets or filters, shoot with professional cameras but don’t really know how to edit the material. They make it look good on the tiny Instagram screen, but often you can’t print these images big. I like a natural style, like it can look in the real world.
Others like trends with super moody or dark images with skies which aren’t possible in nature, really black or white with crazy clouds. That’s not my style.

To me that’s visual art. I don’t want to bash anyone here because some people are visual artists and that’s fine but for me. But that’s also where photography ends. If you put in a tree or a bird where there wasn’t one you are not a photographer anymore. Also, if you remove everything around your subject in post it not photography for me anymore. I want to shoot stuff that is really there, call me old school haha

And you want to shoot it in the colours that you saw it?

Yeah, but I like to desaturate colours and add my own style via editing on my photos. Okay, that makes sense. When talking about climbing mountains for pictures, what would you say was the scariest place to shoot?

The scariest was also the best experience for sure. A year ago I was in Norway swimming with orcas and humpback whales. After your first real contact with the animals the scary part is gone and everything is just magical.

Can they eat you if they want?

I guess they can if they want but they won’t. It was a little bit scary in the beginning. But after 10 seconds the first contact (eye contact, no touching!) was made and then it was fine.

Do you think that Croatia is a suitable place for a photography workshop?

Well, I haven’t been here for long, we do have a limited time here but I do think that there are a lot of cool places to shoot. And if you bring a drone there’s 50 % more chance to get a good photo. It gives you another perspective since the landscape is mostly flat on the coast.

And the last question, what’s the most important tip for someone who is just starting with photography?

It helps if you go out, at the right time (of the day) in a really cool place. You don’t even have to travel far away, just check out your home area. Most people aren’t aware of the places that surround them. Just find a special location at home, and go there for sunrise and sunset. Do that a couple of times and you will see that you always get different photos.

What would be the most useful thing that you’ve learned through the years?

The most important thing that I’ve learned is that the camera should always be in your hands, not in your backpack. It doesn’t help there because when you see something you’re always too slow to capture the moment. Often you need to take the shot immediately.

Do you damage your camera a lot by always keeping it outside?

No, not a lot. I have straps and clips that safely secure the camera to me or my backpack.

You can find Roman on Instagram and check out some of his work.

As you can see our instructors are experienced in various types of photography. That’s why you can apply for the workshop regardless if you’re a beginner, amateur or expert and with any type of gear.

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