Our newest project – learning photography while sailing the Croatian coast consists of a 4-day trip, 6 locations and 4 professional photographers who will be leading four groups of 8 participants.

With this series of articles, we want to introduce the photographers, all the locations and let the participants know what they will experience during the workshop.

One of the instructors is Philipp Heigel, a professional 29 years old landscape photographer based in Koblenz, Germany.

Being raised in a small village next to the forest, he’s a lover of nature and the outdoors in general who loves to travel and explore new places. By looking at his portfolio, you can see that he is very passionate about his work.

Continue reading to find out how he started, what he is doing now and his stand on photography in this modern, social media world.

When did you start with photography?

I was always interested in filming and photography. I got my first point and shoot film camera at the age 10 of, my first camcorder at the age of 13. I snapped everything that got in front of me and my camera. Back then my friends and I were really into skating, biking, and outdoor sports. So that’s basically what my pictures were all about. Now photography is a big part of my life, as I’m doing it as a professional with the same amount of passion as I did when I was just a beginner. 

Did you go to school for it?

No, I taught everything myself during the years since I was so interested in it. I loved to try out different settings and ankles to get a perfect picture.

What do you think you like the most about landscape photography?

I think to me it is mostly about catching the moment and the beauty of nature in the best possible way. I always feel the need to get a shot, as good,  that it does the reality justice.

Are you interested in other kinds of photography?

I have already done some other work but nothing gets me to like the beauty of nature.

Although film photography and older cameras always draw my attention. That’s why I always carry a small point and shoot film camera with me to catch little moments in between.

What type of gear do you use the most when shooting? Why?

Simplicity is the key to everything. Mostly one camera (Canon EOS R) and one lens (Canon 24-70 f/2.8 II).

How do you think Instagram changed the way people are looking at photography?

People get flooded with images. They spend less than a second scrolling through their timeline. Consuming good pieces of art, but also repetitive motifs and compositions. Extraordinary and experimental creative stuff seems to get less attention and likes than the same old perspective of a well-known place that has been seen many times before. 

What would you say was the scariest place to shoot?

Might have been while shooting one of the many sketchy and slippery mountain ridges of Norway, with drops of several hundred meters.

One inattentive moment can cost you your life.

Did you ever travel to Croatia?

Traveled there once and drove down the coast by rental car. 

Do you think that Croatia is a suitable place for a photography workshop?

Croatia, to me,  is a really diverse country. You’ve got nice beaches, cliffs, and islands. The color of the water there is just gorgeous! I’ve seen a lot of great pictures from there and I did a ton of research on it because I planned to go there again.

What’s the most important tip for someone who is just starting with photography?

Get out and shoot. Try everything, fail, retry. Surround yourself with people who already know more than you do and learn from them. 

What would be the most useful thing that you’ve learned through the years?

That it’s always worth it. Short and uncomfortable nights, getting up really early to catch the perfect light at sunrise or hiking for many hours to get to the aimed destination. 

You can find Philipp on Instagram and check out some of his work.

As you can see our instructors are experienced in various types of photography. That’s why you can apply for the workshop regardless if you’re a beginner, amateur or expert and with any type of gear.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a new experience, discover the Croatian coast and improve your skills with an individual approach any apply below:

Contact us at workshop@sebastus.com for more information.