How to rent a sailboat in Croatia?

Date posted: 08.08.2016

Nautical tourism, an active type of vacation gaining popularity, has recently placed the Republic of Croatia among one of the best known destinations in the world. More and more people, when thinking about the holiday are considering how to rent a sailboat. One of the most important types of nautical tourism is charter. According to the current legal act in the Republic of Croatia: Ordinance regarding the conditions for renting vessels with or without a crew and providing the service of accommodating guests on a vessel (Official Gazette, number 99/13), charter business refers to renting vessels or providing the service of guest accommodation on a vessel. The vessel rental can be with or without a crew. Of course, along with the appropriate previously agreed and publicly available fee. Renting a vessel without a crew or a skipper (captain) is intended primarily for experienced yachtsmen. Selecting a vessel from the charter offer must be harmonized with the wishes and needs. Of course, as well as personal nautical experience of the client.

Why sailboats?

The most represented and the most wanted vessels to rent in the Republic of Croatia are sailboats. Rent a sailboat is the ideal choice for romantic couple getaways, fun family vacations and adventure vacations for smaller groups. One of the advantages when thinking about how to rent a sailboat is the lower cost since it uses wind to travel with some assistance of the boat engine making the sailboat also ecologically acceptable. Sailing on a sailboat gives you both an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the seaside views, as well as the adventure component when you sail with the open sails. Sailboat also provides you all the comfort of a vacation home. Cosy cabins, equipped kitchen and the salon, toilet, beautiful deck area and enjoyment of the sea views will complete your vacation on a sailboat.

What about a skipper?

The sailboat is available for renting with or without a skipper (captain). Since a sailboat voyage requires certain skills and experience, rentals with a skipper are in high demand. The skipper, as a person who is familiar with the destinations and responsible for the safety of all voyage participants, is placed in charge of all final decisions in terms of the voyage and handling of the sailboat. In accordance with the previously arranged voyage plan and the weather conditions, during the voyage the skipper will make decisions in regards to the routes and the moorings while making your vacation carefree and relaxing. Skipper will also show you how to handle the sailboat and allow you to actively participate in the voyage. Skipper will take care of the standard sailboat equipment and vessel maintenance. You need to provide the skipper with meals and a bed in a separate cabin or the salon. It is very important to have a positive communication with the skipper and to agree with all voyage participants. That’s because everyone is a crew member with specific responsibilities and tasks; they are not just passive observers.


The rental fee for the charter mostly covers only the boat and the skipper rental. All additional costs, such as the tourist tax (depending on the destination and the time period, as per the Tourist Tax Act), transit log (final cleaning) paid upon the return to the marina, fuel, food and drink expenses, communal fees etc. are paid separately and belong to the so-called additional mandatory charges, APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance), calculated as approximately 30% of the charter service fee. Skipper will take care of the APA expenses, that is, skipper will allow the client to review the current expenses. At the end of the voyage, the unused amount will be refunded to the client or the additional expenses will be billed to the client.

All that is left to do is to accept the challenge. Rent a sailboat and spend a fulfilled vacation sailing. You can be an active participant who masters the art of sailing more and more each day.  Or you can enjoy the sea and the beautiful shoreline during the day and relax under the starry sky at night.

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