Sailing Caribbean – time for offshore adventures

Date posted: 03.11.2017

Every now and then you can hear someone saying ‘That’s it, I’m leaving everything and I’m going sailing  Caribbean!’ Of course, that is just an expression, a vocal representation of stressful work and everyday life filled with haste and rush. Is it just that? And why Caribbean? It’s really very simple. Caribbean symbolize paradise on earth and words aren’t enough to make a decent picture about all golden beaches that spread beneath coconut palms and turquoise sea with sparse islands on the horizon. Places where people can be one with the sea and sky. Places where one can dive in to whole new meaning of life. This inexplicable and haunting beauty is in everybody’s mind. You have to live it at least once in your life. And then come back for more.


What is it that makes Caribbean so special? If we zoom on our map, we’ll see that it is area that surrounds Caribbean Sea. The sea is vast, but not so much challenging and certainly not insuperable blueness. It will test your abilities and power of your sailboat from time to time only if you try to sail across. Otherwise, you can enjoy tranquil and carefree voyage, by island hopping all the way from Bahamas, alongside Cuba, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, or the Greater Antilles, to Lesser Antilles, that is, myriad of small islands. Although it looks pretty big on the map, sailing Caribbean can be really liberating experience. Just imagine favorable oceanic and tropic winds charging your sails and fueling your adventurous spirit. That might be one of thousand reasons why Caribbean are one of the top world destinations for sailing – the ultimate sense of freedom.


Then, there is that everlasting summer, or at least, spring. Caribbean enjoy year-round sunshine, with latter months of the year being wetter than the first half. So, don’t be surprised if you sometimes get battered by rain. But, do not worry, these periods don’t last for long and sometimes it’s nice to get wet onboard, just to enjoy good nautical experience. It’s good to listen to your radio for fresh news, especially during August and September, as it is hurricane season. Although there isn’t real danger, because hurricane warnings are issued days or even weeks before real storm, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful. If you have your perfect beach in mind, you need to pick a boat and sailing Caribbean can begin. You can sail into golden tropic sunset even tomorrow.

And you can come from any part of the world, because Caribbean have excellent air connections. The best choice for visiting Lesser Antilles is Grantley Adams International Airport on Barbados. Flights are coming there from all around Globe and it has great position in the heart of the islands. In that way you can start island hopping from local marinas right away. Almost every island on Lesser Antilles has at least few marinas with great selection of boats for every taste, and on big islands of Greater Antilles there are umpteen marinas and services for vessels, so if your sailing Caribbean encounters a bump on the road, the problem will get fixed very soon. Just pick the best spot to drop anchor, let your feet feel hot sand on the beach and with favorite cocktail in the hand enjoy that fresh breeze that rustles trough the coconut palms.

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