Planning summer vacation sometimes can take a lot of time. For those who like to live under the sails, it can take even more. So many breathtaking places and beautiful beaches. Always the same question.

Where to go? Greece. Well, there’s an easy answer. Except it’s not. Sailing in Greece means visiting just few of thousands of Greek islands and there’s also mainland coast.

It is certainly not easy to plan sailing vacation there. People are always looking for fresh suggestions. Here are few. Imagine dropping anchor in some bay under hot Mediterranean sun. It’s middle of the day. You are desperately waiting for some kind of refreshment.

The air is dry, there’s no single drop of rain, there hasn’t been for months. But in just few hours or even minutes, you’ll be enjoying cool water under the magnificent waterfall. Is it possible? Yes, on islands of Kythira and Samothrace.

KYTHIRA – in the middle of everything

On your sailing in Greece, you’ll probably go near island. Because of its position. Kythira is traditionally considered to be one of the Ionian Islands, although it’s situated on the south-eastern tip of Peloponnese peninsula. It is between mainland and island of Crete, so it was on the very best spot for commerce.

Position of Kythira was also strategically important, because it was very easy for control the waters and ways to mainland and Crete if you have control of the island. In medieval times Republic Venice took over the island and kept it till its fall in 1797.

This large period of time under Venetian rule, left a lot of architectural marks on Kythira. After the French rule and fall of Napoleon, Kythira was part of United States of the Ionian Islands, that is, under British rule for half a century.

Beautiful beaches are integral part of almost every Greek island. Kythira is not an exception there. But what is really interesting is that it was the island of mills.

There is beautiful small stream that springs from the hill in the middle of the island and after beautiful waterfall of Fornisa, there were 22 mills. Only one left todays and it still works.

But it is good to know that on your sailing in Greece you can find and island where you can refresh under the waterfall and then go on the hot beach. Or vice versa.

Sailing in Greece

SAMOTHRACE – Stone and water

Samothrace is one of the islands in Aegean Sea. It is famous for its ruggedness, with no natural port and highest peak a little bit over 1600 m.

Maybe it’s most known for Winged Victory of Samothrace, one of the most famous ancient Greek statues. Made in 2nd century BC, it decorates the halls of Louvre. Even today, Samothrace is known for good quality stone.

Even though tourism is important on the island, it is not so much popular among sailors, because it only has few small ports. But if you’re feeling adventurous and you need something completely different, Samothrace is the thing you need.

When you take a hike in the middle of the island you’ll find another Fornisa, beautiful waterfall, inviting you to jump under it.

Well, maybe your vision of sailing in Greece is something else, but this is one of suggestions. There are thousands of magnificent places ideal for you sailing vacation and maybe I won’t mention them all, but I’ll certainly try.

This week’s choice fell on Kythira and Samothrace, beautiful and wild islands with big secret. Waterfalls and fresh water for dry Greek summer. Something that will put another perspective on your idea of sailing in Greece. All you need to do is charter a yacht and sail out to new adventure.

Sailing in Greece


You always wanted to visit Greece? Great, here is perfect solution for You. Sailing Greece allows you to enjoy dramatic sunsets across blue sea and visit many breathtaking places and beautiful beaches by which this country is known.

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Remember: respect marine life and Keep the Seas Clean!

We wish you fair winds