Sailing in Kornati Islands

Date posted: 09.17.2017

One of the most magical places in the world is so close, within reach of Western Europe. These are the the Kornati Islands. This archipelago of 140 islands has long been a paradise for sailors and lovers of uncontaminated nature. National Park founded in 1980 deals with the conservation of the islands. Therefore, when you leave the moon in one of the most beautiful bays on the Kornati Islands and dive into the sea from the boat, dive into the world of pristine underwater. Dozens of species of fish, crustaceans, corals and sponges live undisturbed for 37 years. The islands are completely uninhabited, with only occasional arrivals of people who have land there and a few old houses. In this way, without human activity, the environment above the sea is perfectly preserved. So, when you’re thinking about sailing in Kornati, think about untouched nature.

Sailing in Kornati

Sailing in the National Park

The Kornati Islands are perfect for sailors, and you can navigate anywhere in the national park, with the exception of four strict protection zones. These are the islands Purara, Mrtovnjak, Kolobučar, Mali and Veliki Obručan with adjacent coast. It is also allowed to swim and dive in the entire national park, except in those areas. Not all islands are part of the National Park. Protection covers 89 islands, and among those who are not protected is the island of Žut. Žut is the second largest island in the Kornati archipelago and the largest uninhabited island in Croatia. Although uninhabited, Žut is a supply station for sailors. There is a marina with 135 berths and many sailboats begin their sailing in Kornati right from there.

sailing in Kornati

The most beautiful places on the Kornati Islands

Everywhere in the Kornati Islands you can watch the breathtaking scenes, but there are some special places to visit. First there is the island Katina, with marina and few houses that can be rented for a vacation. One of the most impressive places is the Taljurič islet, which is a flattened plate and is a frequent destination for sailors. Perhaps the most beautiful bay in the whole of Kornati is that on the Lavsa island, where there are few fishermen’s houses that have been used by people from nearby neighbors. Bays famous among the sailors are also Špinuta and Stivina due to the beautiful colors of the sea and the perfect peace that can be lived there.
And this is just the beginning of your trip to the Incoronated Islands. There are countless bays and rocky islands among these pearls located at the crossroads of the north and Central Dalmatia, half way with the boat from Zara to Šibenik. There are many nearby marinas, not just on the island of Žut. There are several in Murter, Biograd and Sukošan, places that are very close to the Crowned Islands. 

sailing in Kornati


Unfortunately today are very rare places where nature is untouched, but Kornati Islands are one of this magical places where you can enjoy in perfectly preserved nature and clear sea with dozen of species. You just have to decide and go sailing in Kornati, stay behind the ship’s steering wheel and jump into the infinite world of sea and stone. Choose to visit this natural jewel, you will not regret it. Contact Us!

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