Sailing trips – the best way to spend 7 days in Croatia

Date posted: 02.04.2017

Sometimes it’s hard to pick the perfect schedule for your holiday. People don’t want to lose a lot of time on transportation and want to spend quality time as much as possible. So, how is it with Croatia? Almost every part of Croatia is a beautiful gem of nature, history and culture. So it seems that making decision which places to visit there during the time of one week is a very tough process. Well, it shouldn’t be so. The best and most useful way to spent 7 days in Croatia is by going on sailing trips, and we’ll tell you why.


Simply put, Croatia lives in the summer. Its coast is extremely long and rugged, with 78 islands, 524 islets and 642 rocks and reefs. Croatian coastal climate is its biggest asset – warm, dry summers and calm sea most of the days, attract more visitors than ever. Nonetheless, even in this crowd you can be sure that you can find untouched piece of nature on your sailing trips in some hidden cove, with white tips of the nearest sailboats far, far away. You can find, for example, small island of Zverinac in Northern Dalmatia with only few inhabitants and enjoy their fresh fish. After that you can drop anchor in beautiful, natural cove near the port, with wild forest surrounding it. Sounds like a good start.


If your idea of how to spend 7 days in Croatia is combining days in nature with some serious nightlife, you cannot go wrong. Maybe you want to spend your day cruising around Moonlike island of Pag and after that drop by on Zrće beach, on of the most popular summertime destinations in Europe. And that is not ‘one of a kind’ place. Your sailing trips will never get boring if you just sail from place to place on the coast. There are always summertime festivals, like Rapska fjera, medieval festival in the city and island of Rab. And remember, during whole time you’re not using any roads, you’re not transferring baggage and loosing nerves. All places mentioned you can visit by the boat. You can sail into the center of events.


Lot of croatian historical and cultural heritage is located on the coast. From Istria to Southern Dalmatia, croatian coast is full of unrepeatable monuments. So, if you get a little bit tired of nature and nightlife, you can spend great day in towns that are monuments for themselves. Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Dubrovnik and Trogir, are just few to mention. And all this time you don’t need to worry for a supply of your vessel with food or fuel. Croatia has very good net of supplies in numerous marinas and gas stations for boats all over the coastline.  For more practical questions there are always answers, but you only need to make a decision and go for it.

Best advice is to combine three ways of relaxation during your sailing trips. Natural beauties, nightlife and summer festivals and visit to the places of great cultural importance. Personally, I cheer for more ‘natural’ holidays, so I would spend at least half of the time finding those perfect places with my sailboat. But, any way you choose, this is really the best way to spend 7 days in Croatia.

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