What do ‘ordinary’ people know about yachts and yachting?

 If you ask someone on the street to tell you something about it, a lot of people will say that it is the way of living for the rich and famous. 

May consider that sailing is a very elitist and exclusive sport or recreation that a lot of people cannot afford. 

The fact is that a lot of very rich and famous people fill the cover of tabloids with their sailing vacations. But in reality, sailing has never been an activity reserved only for the elite.

Yachts and yachting

You don’t need to own the boat

First things first. You can simply rent a boat. If you own the boat maintenance costs are quite big and some people cannot afford it. Even if they can, a lot of people have jobs and families so cannot spend a lot of time taking care of the boat.

If you are one of those people and still want to have great times sailing, you can simply rent a yacht. Simple as that. You don’t have to move from your office or home to do so. 

There are specialized sailing sites that provide all the relevant information, guides in forms of blog and FAQ. Through them, you can book and choose the services you want. It’s that easy. Yachts and yachting can be reached without actually owning a boat.

Prices are quite normal

Sailing really doesn’t need to be expensive. If you’re on vacation with family, you’ll probably spend the same amount of money spending week in a hotel, using all their services as you will when renting a boat. 

And a good thing to know is that when you rent a boat and pay for it, that’s pretty much it. You don’t have any extra costs, except maybe final cleaning. But you can arrange to pay that in advance. 

And if you have a vacation in a hotel, you’ll probably visit the town and surroundings. And you’ll spend money there on sightseeing, restaurants and bars, souvenirs and all other stuff one touristic town offers. Of course, prices in the yachting world vary depending on the type of the boat, equipment and year of building. But no doubt that you can find a quite affordable and comfortable sailboat or catamaran.

You don’t need to have experience

It’s true. You don’t have to take a bareboat charter. Of course, it’s good to have the experience, it gives you and your crew confidence. But if you’re new to yachts and yachting, you can just hire a skipper. And learn from him or her and one day get a skippering license on your own. 

With every sale, you get more experience and confidence, so it won’t take long for you to become the captain. In this beautiful world of boats and nature, everything is really possible. You just need to reach for your dreams and they will become true in no time. 


In today’s world, yachts and yachting are not only reserved for rich and famous people, but they are also available to everyone.

Every family wanting to spend their vacation sailing, otherwise going to hotels, can freely dive on this adventure because the price is almost the same as a week’s stay at the hotel. Why not fill your dreams and enjoy life? Contact Us!

Remember: respect marine life and Keep the Seas Clean!

We wish you fair winds