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Italy is one of the finest sailing destinations

Italy is a famous touristic country, with millions of visitors vacationing annually. Nautical tourism is an important part of Italy’s tourism, with the Amalfi Coast, Sardinia, Sicily, small volcanic islands, and the island of Capri as one of the most alluring destinations for sailors.

As one of the finest sailing destinations in the world, we guarantee that you would never be bored being there. The Italian boot is deeply immersed in Ionian, Tyrrhenian, and the Adriatic Sea which is also combined with its rich history – something that is too good to be true! It certainly is very true, however, what if you need to choose just one place in the whole country for the holidays? That would be a tough one.

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Top destinations for sailing in Italy

Tropea in Calabria

Tropea is a small Calabrian town on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and its history begins in Roman times.

Porto Cervo in Sardinia

Situated in the North of Sardinia, this port is a synonym of luxury and exclusiveness. Although it is a very small village (only 421 permanent residents), it has everything that a luxurious port needs

Amalfi coast in Campania

Beneath the steep rocks above the Tyrrhenian Sea lies the small town of Amalfi, one of the most alluring Italian towns and significant historic places.


Sailing areas in Italy

The Italian coast is quite massive and there are a lot of regions with different kinds of winds and weather. It is safe to say that the islands of Sardinia and Sicily tend to have more wind than the Bay of Naples and the Riviera (the area around the Gulf of Genova) however, there is a lot less wind during the summer months compared to other times of the year and yachts tend to have to motor more here than elsewhere in the Mediterranean. However, if you prefer calmer seas to sail, you will have to remain on the Tyrrhenian Sea and areas like the Gulf of Sorrento near Naples or Calabria with its beautiful ports like Tropea or Vibo Valentia.

One of the most beautiful part of Italy and the ideal place for catamaran sailing is the coast of Tuscany; a region known for its beauty. You can start your journey from Livorno or Cecina and explore the long Tuscan coast along with the island of Elba (a place of historic importance and one of the last abodes of Napoleon). Although if you would like to soak up more sun, you could sail all the way to the South of Italy and relish mystical Apulia, with its great medieval history and charming little towns. You can hire your boat in Santa Maria di Leuca or some other Apulian marina.

Italian coast

The Italian coast has so many faces and so many interesting places to visit that it is really hard to pick ten, twenty, or even 100 top destinations for sailing and enjoying summer.


The Sicilian coast is full of history and natural charm so it is no wonder that destinations like Cefalu near Palermo, or Taormina, attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Maybe the most popular coast for sailors is one of Sardinia, with beautiful and luxurious Porto Cervo as its crowning jewel. There is also the Italian Riviera (the Ligurian coast) with dazzling ports like Portofino, one of the most appealing touristic ports in Europe, or the enchanting Manarola. There is also the coast of Amalfi and other splendid destinations for sailing such as Positano and Praiano, or hiking in Ravello. You can visit the coast of Calabria, just across Sicily with sailing destinations like Tropea. Lastly, there is the Ionian and Adriatic coast with hundreds of exquisite places from Venice to Taranto.

Picking a boat type

Picking out the type of boat to go with will generally come down to your budget, the group size, and preferred method of sailing. Moreover, different sailboats available can be chartered independently or with a fully-staffed crew.

Yacht Charter
2-12 people
The most popular boat which is an except choice for active travellers and couples. They offer the classic sailing experience and tend to vary in size from 30-64 feet.
Starting from 1000 EUR pw
Catamaran Charter
2-12 people
This offers a smoother sailing experience compared to the normal sailboat and is the perfect choice for bigger groups or families. The sizes often range from 38-70 feet, with the average being around 42 ft.
Starting from 3500 EUR pw
Gulet Charter
8-20 people
These boats are usually perfect for larger groups. Most of these have six cabins and come with three / four crewmembers. The ship sizes tend to range between 60-100 ft
Starting from 4000 EUR pw
Boat Charter
Motor yacht
2 – 12 people
Motor yachts have from 1 one to up to five cabins depending on their size and tend to range from 30-100 ft.
Starting from 3000 EUR pw

Yacht charter options

Bareboat Charter

Boat rental without any crew member. With a valid sailing license, you sail the boat by yourself.

Skippered Yacht Charter

Yacht charter holidays with a professional skipper and other crew members on request.

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Sailing season and climate

Italy enjoys a Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters. Summer temperatures range on average from 26 to 30°C in the coastal region. High season months are considered to be July and August while charter costs are highest in this period. Mid-season months are May, June, September, and October while charter prices are lower and the weather is very lovely and warm with just a bit of wind.

Sailing certificate
Qualified skipper
Radio course

Requirements for bareboat charter

There are two important licenses you need to have if you want to sail over 6 miles offshore in Italy without a skipper:

– A valid skipper license (original permits)
– International Certificate of Competence (ICC)
– The license to use the VHF radio
– Valid crew list – verified by the local Port Authority (if there are some changes you must notify them as soon as possible)