Sailing with kids

7 days duration
4 different routes around Croatian coast
Max 10 people
from 1.500 €

Information & Highlights

This package is made for family sailing because the listed destinations have mostly nice weather and safe places for kids to play, swim and enjoy. Kids of all ages can participate in life onboard! Skipper can teach the kids sailing basics and make them captains first mates.

Trying a new type of family vacation can be challenging, but with the right team and good preparation, it will be an enjoyable experience, for both parents and kids. Going sailing is a worthwhile memory. You can get to know your kids in a different way, explore new places and bond like family on a different level.

Kids friendly routes

Our team is here to find destinations with enough playgrounds, attractions, waterparks and anything that may interest your kids. Countries like Croatia, Greece and Italy are ideal because the weather isn’t so unpredictable.

Safety first

Get additional information about safety tips like wearing life jackets, packing medicine, wearing sunscreen, local contact numbers for emergency situations and more.

School friendly dates

We can arrange date periods that align with your kids school holidays. This includes shorter booking periods (like 3 days sailing trips) and unconventional booking periods for any day of the week.

No questions left unanswered

We will prepare you the best way we can and answer questions about supplies, dinner options, skipper details, additional costs and be by your side the whole trip.


Pick your Destination


Split route

Take this route and get to know Central Dalmatia! Eat fresh local food and sail around islands.

Dubrovnik route

Check out this amazing route starting from Dubrovnik, pearl of Croatian coast.

Istra route

Check out amazing Istria and enjoy its beautiful nature and food.


Kornati route

Sail around amazing Kornati archipelago, one of 7 national parks in Croatia.

Route coming soon

Our team is preparing a perfect route for you…


Practical Sailing information

+ Safety measures

Safety first. And the best way to make it safe is to get all the potential fear out of the way.

Show them the boat, let them talk to the skipper about the rules while sailing and while you are anchored, take them to the cabins, show them the interesting way of flushing the toilet, etc.

Teach them where to sit – they should be on the bow during sailing and only accompanied by an adult. They should also learn how to lower themselves into the sea with the help of a ladder.

Living on a boat is essentially fun for them!

The boat you are renting should also have a safety net along the deck. Every child must have a life vest of appropriate size. They must try it on and wear it during sailing until you and them get comfortable with being on a boat.

+ Use lotions with high protection factors

As for any type of summer vacation, the sun is your biggest frenemy. Use waterproof lotions with high protection factors and ensure physical protection from the sun.

+ Clothes, food & drinks

Bring along appropriate clothing and footwear for the boat, swimming and colder nights.

We are sure that you are aware of the fact that you should buy a sufficient amount of groceries. Since we will provide you with a route, you have the ability to see if the stops for that day have a grocery store or not.

Remind them to drink water more than other days!


Travelers experience

Check out what our guests said about their experience sailing with us. Our guests satisfaction is our main priority.

“We were a group of 5 people and we sailed 3 days from the marina in Rogoznica, trough the Kaprije island, to the Kornati islands and back to Rogoznica.”

Maja (Sweden)

„It was a wonderful time that I spent with my friends and family on our tour with the sailing ship along the Croatian coast!”

Ante (Switzerland)

„I spent a wonderful week of sailing in Croatia. Everything went smoothly and was well organized.”

Karin (Switzerland)