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Trogir: Best sailing holidays

Are you culture savvy planning your ideal sailing holidays? Welcome to Trogir, one of the favorite Croatian nautical destinations.  A historic city, 25 km west of Split, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Since Trogir is located near the Split Airport, it is easy to approach this yacht charter destination. Except by airplane, you can quickly […]

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Top reasons to book sailing adventure in Šibenik area

No matter how much you love your everyday life, sometimes you need to let it go and ease to nature. Sailing in the Šibenik area is perfect for boosting your productivity, relaxation, and the opportunity for new experiences as well as for deepening any kind of relationship. Need more reasons for sailing, here are the […]

Packing makes sailing perfect

Forget about city rush and enjoy solitude while sailing is like a dream comes true, but if you’re going on this kind of trip for the first time the most important thing is preparation. Especially if you are sailing with children. When renting a sailing boat or catamaran you’ll learn about the basic sailboat equipment, […]

Ease into sailing romantic getaway through the Ionian Islands

Beautiful beaches, amazing views and lots of tasteful dinners in restaurants are so inviting when it comes to romantic getaways. All of that and more you may find in Greece or more precisely – Ionian Islands. Starting adventure starts in the heart of the Ionian sea Imagine a warm, sunny day when your foot first […]

Stay Green while sailing

Every year about 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the sea. Waste mismanagement is condemning countless marine birds and animals to death by entanglement or poisoning. Even leading to chemical contamination of the fish we eat. Human addiction to fossil fuels is crippling the Ocean with it absorbing over 25% of our excess carbon and […]

One Way Yacht Charter Croatia

Don’t feel like bringing the boat back to the same place you started your sailing trip? Then, the One Way charter is a perfect choice for you. What is a one-way charter? Start your sailing trip in one place and finish in another! Usually, when you charter a boat you have to return your boat […]

The benefits of Catamaran Sailing

Are you planning your holidays in Croatia? Did you maybe consider a sailing holiday? Yes? Great, I have a lot to talk to you about! If you are a bigger group of friends, 10 or maybe 12, I would recommend you to rent a catamaran. You have more space for all your bathing suits and […]

Croatia island hopping

You can pick a different beach for each day to relax on, discover locations and restaurants on various islands and learn how to sail.