Why choose us…

Because holidays for you are not just extraordinary sunsets and sunrises, wild unspoiled nature and secluded beaches… Holidays for you are also transformative experiences where you get a chance to enjoy time with your family, try your hand at sailing, enjoy exquisite local food and wines, and a plethora of other experiences designed with you in mind. When you choose us, you choose an experience for all your senses!

Tailored sailing experience
Unforgettable adventures
Unique sailing routes

What we arepassionate about

Here’s the thing… We could start with the usual ‘About us’ page and tell you who we are and what we do…But that’s simply not us. Why?! Because we are not your usual sailing holiday provider. You see, we pride ourselves on being the leader in the industry and as such, we strive to share with you our passion and everything we are passionate about when it comes to sailing, adventure, and experiences that will last you a lifetime.

We are about creating a bespoke sailing experience that is tailored to your needs. Our passion is contagious and our years of experience in the yacht charter industry, carefully mapped exquisite and unique sailing routes, our local knowledge, our customer relationships track record provide unforgettable and transformative experience that stays with you and the one you’ll cherish for years to come. Our passion for sailing runs deep and when you choose us you get to experience that passion first hand. What’s more, when you sail with us you become a part of something bigger. You contribute to a humanitarian project, where a part of the profit goes to a fund that helps children suffering from leukemia.

Sebastus is a purpose driven business, built on passion, experience and contribution.

And it is worth mentioning that this is not just an ordinary sailing holiday, this is Sebastus holiday!


Our story& adventure

Every company is special and has its own unique mission, vision, and goal. Sebastus started out as an idea of a boy named Sebastian, who loved life and had a vision. He left this vision as a legacy to his mother – the founder of Sebastus.

Sebastian’s love of sailing was much more than just that. He dedicated his last thoughts and ideas to the founding of Sebastus, a sailing agency with the noble goal of helping children with leukemia, with which he himself had been diagnosed and to which he ultimately lost the battle.

Sebastus is more than just a sailing agency. It is also a firm basis for the establishment of a foundation aiming to help children in the terminal stages of leukemia. From an early age, Sebastian was a visionary and a talented, distinctive young man with great ideas. Much like Sebastian himself, the Sebastus team, led by his mother Kata Tešić, cultivates the same qualities and lives by the same principles of positivity. Read more

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Why we love sailing

We truly believe sailing is addictive. It’s a vacation for your mind and soul (if you leave your laptop at home).
You have the opportunity to relax, discover and learn a new skill at the same time.

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Let us introduce ourselves

Hello, I am Kata, and I am the Founder and CEO of Sebastus Sailing. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, inspiring leader with experience that spans out over two decades. When I founded Sebastus, I had one specific goal in mind – to create a business that is noble, compassionate and that contributes. With that in mind, I have founded a humanitarian project where a part of the profit from Sebastus Sailing goes to a fund that helps children suffering from leukemia. In this way, we honour the life of my late son Sebastian who passed away from leukemia and who loved sailing.

Kata Tešić

Hey, I am Irina, and sailing is in my DNA. Having spent 15 years in the sailing and yacht charter industry, I know all there is to know about sailing, sea, and transformative travel experience. Before joining Sebastus, I was a skipper – and as some of you know, the skipper is the heart of the yacht. Not only do I make sure you are safe, but I also make sure you are looked after during all stages of your sailing journey. Needless to say, I bring that skipper experience with me to Sebastus. So, when you are ready to book your next sailing adventure, I am your girl Friday.

Irina Matošević

Hi, I am Vesna, and I love traveling. Travel is my passion and I have an innate sense for adventure. I’ve been enjoying the yacht charter industry for close to 15 years and love helping others choose their next adventure. With a rich experience and a deep knowledge of the sailing industry that I gained while living abroad, I am fully equipped to help you book your next sailing adventure. If English is not your mother tongue, fear not. I am multilingual and can help you feel at home if you are an Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese speaker.

Vesna Genc