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Sebastus is all about making a personalized sailing vacation for your ultimate pleasure and extraordinary experience.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Us

Your perfect vacation is so much more than sandy beaches, romantic sunsets and raising sails. Take a key to unlock the door for all that really matter – special moments with family or friends; an unforgettable experience doing whatever you want on sea and land!

We make this magic by creating custom-made vacations just like yours… how we work our wonders will be revealed as soon as scrolling down this page.

Personalized approach

Deep down in your heart, there is a great passion for an extraordinary sailing vacation. We’re your little helper to make it happen!

Your Sebastus agent will listen and organize a personalized sailing vacation with all activities that bring out the best of who you are, giving rise to an unforgettable experience. This includes exploring every corner while still finding time for some well-deserved rest.

Wake up all your senses with a sailing vacation designed just for you!

Carefully selected finest fleet and crew

Sailing vacations are a treat for the soul and you should have the time of your life during one.

We believe that you deserve nothing but excellence, which is why we put great effort into selecting only top-quality fleet and crew.

You can count on enjoying every corner of the boat and our crew will share with their rich local knowledge.

Support while sailing

Our friendly agents are always there to provide support and guidance for you!

Sail away knowing that for every mile you go in search of adventure – you can count on our support.

Give us a call and we’ll give you a hand with any challenge on your way.


Your own
personal agents

Project coordinator & Booking

Irina Matošević

skipper, teacher, sailing champion, gourmand & hedonist

Irina holds all the ropes of sailing. With more than 15 years in the yacht charter industry, she knows exactly which boat will be a perfect match for any client and that is the reason why she booked thousands of them in her professional career.

As a lead instructor of the sailing school, she trained many people who became passionate and experienced sailors.

Before joining Sebastus, she was a skipper. A skipper is the heart of the yacht and Irina is the heart of Sebastus. The best part is that she knows all the hidden places you’ll love and she makes unforgettable sailing vacation routes.

Contact phone: +385 95 6687 012

Email: imatosevic@sebastus.com

Vesna About us

Booking manager

Vesna Genc 

traveler, polyglot and dreams planner

Vesna has knowledge of the sailing industry deep as the ocean.

She travelled the world and brought an adventurous spirit in planning every single vacation for our clients.

If English is not your mother tongue, fear not. Our Vesna is multilingual and can help you feel at home if you are an Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese speaker.

She has almost 15 years of experience in the yacht charter industry, planning a sailing vacation and matching clients with boats.

At some point, we stop to count how many routes she organized and if you are in her hands be sure that she will customize everything to meet your wishes and needs.

Contact phone: +385 95 66 87 014

Email: vgenc@sebastus.com


Kata Tešić – CEO

Kata is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Sebastus Sailing. She has spent over two decades inspiring others to be better leaders with her experience that spans both time zones around the world! When she founded Sebastus Sailing, her goal was to create a business that is noble and compassionate while also contributing positively in some way – so Kata decided that part of our profit goes to a fund that helps kids suffering from leukaemia.

Luka Pancirov – Tech consultant

Luka is an experienced full-stack developer with a passion for sailing.

We’re still not sure how he handles always opened 50 tabs in his browser on 3 screens, but since we have him in the Sebastus team every task gets cleared.

He’s our guy that makes this website pretty fly.

Igor Jakovljević – Consultant

Igor brings order with his systematic approach, even though he’s not a coach.

He’s here to make your journey on the website authentic, easy, and light like a summer breezy.

Igor knows websites and the yacht charter industry inside and out.

His ideas make organizations and businesses grow and every possible error solved.

Fun fact: Igor is the only student of sailing that in Irina’s lifetime of teaching in sailing school fell from the boat…head down with glasses 🙂

Tihana Štibuhar – Marketing

Tihana lives for her two passions: traveling and marketing. Traveling the Adriatic with her father, a passionate fisherman, she developed a special connection for sailing in Istria.

Combining her love for the sea, and years of experience in marketing, she provides you with all the advice you will ever need to create that perfect sailing adventure you always dreamt of.


Our story
& adventure

Every company is special and has its own unique story.

Our started out as an idea of a boy named Sebastian, who loved life, sailing and people.

He had a vision and great idea that his mother poured into Sebastus.

Much like Sebastian himself, the whole Sebastus team led by his mother Kata lives the same principles of positivity and cultivates the same qualities he cherished.

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Tailored sailing experience
Unforgettable adventures
Unique sailing routes

Passion for yacht charter refashion

Being the industry leader comes with great responsibility. We don’t want to be just another vacation provider or yacht charter. We’re here to make a difference by sharing our passion for sailing, adventures, and experiences that will last you a lifetime. Our greatest desire is to create the best unforgettable sailing experience tailored to your needs. We’re already curious to see where your sailing route leads. 

Our passion is contagious because of great experience in the yacht charter industry that lasts for ages. You’ll find our carefully mapped sailing routes and local knowledge exquisite, no matter which destination you decide to visit! 

Collage of People Enjoying a Yacht Charter in Greece | Sebastus Sailing

Why we love sailing

We truly believe sailing is addictive. It’s a vacation for your mind and soul (if you leave your laptop at home).
You have the opportunity to relax, discover and learn a new skill at the same time.

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