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Cabin Yacht Charter

Cabin yacht charter, also known as an economic way of sailing, is an accessible sailing holiday option for smaller groups, couples or solo travelers. It allows individuals to fully experience sailing and meet people from all around the world at the same time.

All-inclusive service
Friendly, professional crew
Amazing destinations

Wonderful Way to Meet New People and Have an Amazing Time

In case you are a solo traveler, couple or a smaller group, and want to have a wonderful sailing experience, but are not able to afford a whole boat charter, cabin charter is a great and accessible option for you!

Cabin yacht charter works in three ways – you can book an entire cabin for yourselves, share a cabin with someone or take a single – use cabin at a higher rate. It all depends on your personal preferences. On most boats, a private bathroom is also offered within the cabin.

As the skipper is navigating the vessel, sailing experience on your behalf is not required! Take into consideration, as the skipper is always on board, not all cabin charters are fully – crewed. There is not always a hostess or chef on board, so check out your options in advance. We would most definitely recommend to you a fully – crewed cabin charter. This way, there is no need to worry about groceries or cooking when on board. The crew will prepare everything for you!

What about your itinerary while sailing? Since you already have crew on board, routes and activities are mostly organised in advance for you. Of course, depending on current weather conditions, unexpected events or participants’ preferences, routes and activities can be adjusted accordingly. Depending on the route, you will spend three to five hours sailing between locations. This will give you more than enough time to sunbathe, read, enjoy the scenery and relax in any other way you prefer. At night, you are usually anchored at sea, which allows you to enjoy remote bays and beaches, or in the marinas.

What is included in price?

Cabin charter packages usually include the following:

● organization of route and activities
● seven or more days sailing trip with half or full board service and drinks
● welcome pack consisted mostly of bed sheets and towels, dinghy, outboard engine and fuel, free Wi – Fi, final cleaning, etc.
● crew – skipper, hostess and/or chef
● fuel
● port fees
● tourist tax

Please take into consideration that most land activities or additional sightseeing might require additional payment. Depending on your package, the skipper can also sometimes be your personal tour guide, as he/she lives locally and is familiar with the region!

boats anchored in beautiful La Maddalena

Fun and exciting routes

Our team is dedicated to finding destinations that will suit your wishes. With their extensive knowledge, our travel experts will plan your routes that will cover locations with enough day and night activities, attractions and anything else that may be of interest to your group.

Sailing crew charting route | Sebastus Sailing

Professional and friendly crew

There are many things that make your cabin charter the dream vacation, but in the end, the crew is the one that delivers the ultimate experience. Our crews are passionate about delivering five-star hospitality. Besides the captain, there are also hostesses and chefs, who can make your vacation the experience of a lifetime.

Group of friends eating on boat | Sebastus Sailing

All inclusive

We will arrange a worry-free holiday for you and your family. You sit back and enjoy your sailing vacation with near and dear ones while we take care of everything else. The planned route, crew and safety equipment are all arranged and included in this package.


map, camera, travel

No questions left unanswered

We will prepare for you the best way we can and answer questions about the route, travel information, insurances, activities, safety measures, crew info as well as all other aspects required to make your sailing adventure a smooth and pleasurable one.


Destinations for Cabin charter

Sail and explore over 1000 islands on the Croatian coast

Land of a thousand islands with excellent weather conditions

  • Experience the nature-powered installation “Sea Organ” in Zadar
  • Have a blast in Aquapark Istralandia
  • Visit the “Game of Thrones” filming locations
  • Enjoy the watersports on the shallow sandy beaches of Kvarner islands
  • Swimming in Krka waterfalls
Explore the clear blue Greek sea for the best shared sailing holidays

Excellent weather conditions from May to October, mild temperatures and safe sailing conditions.

  • Experience Acropolis – one of the most interesting historical sites in the world
  • Enjoy amazing sandy beaches on Corfu island
  • Peloponnese – numerous historical sites
  • Laid-back experience on the car-less island of Hydra
  • The Sporades, known for beautiful beaches with amazing turquoise seas, and rich vegetation. The most popular island of Sporades Greece for your holidays and much frequented by the youth is Skiathos, while Skopelos and Alonissos have gorgeous beaches
A synonymous for fun, great weather, high energy and above all, a great nightlife

Sailing in Spain is a unique experience. Experience the Balearic Islands with long sandy beaches in a non – stress mood.

  • Paddle and snorkel in the clear waters of stunning Mallorca
  • Experience glorious sun, sea and sand at the beaches of Formentera
  • Party all night at San Antonio in Ibiza
  • Enjoy a warm welcome in Menorca with tasty, traditional food, live music and bars with open sea views
  • Party with your friends early into the morning and spend the day recovering
Sail along the Caribbean for sailing adventure to remember!

One of the most exciting sailing vacations you could ever experience

A Caribbean vacation is truly something that you remember for a lifetime.

  • Building sandcastles, wandering rainforest trails, snorkeling in crystal clear waters
  • Exploring incredible beaches and historic sites
A wonderful sailing adventure with a touch of Italian rich culture and cuisine

Sailing in Italy is a recipe for a wonderful adventure!

  • Explore medieval castles.
  • Enjoy the relaxed rhythm of everyday Italian life
  • Prepare the authentic Italian food with your chef on board
  • Relax on numerous sandy beaches in Sardinia
  • Visit Sicily, the biggest island in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea, an amazing land rich in history and traditions, where art and culture intertwine with wonderful natural beauties. From the sea to the mountains and countryside, from the volcanos to the fishing villages, there are really many reasons why to visit Sicily
A country of beautiful landscapes and friendly people

Breathtaking islands and beaches will mesmerize you during the day and the nights are all about letting yourselves loose in the bustling markets, bars and cultural shows

  • Beaches of Koh Samui – the most beautiful golden coastline in Southeast Asia
  • Tonsai Beach has long been considered a climbers’ paradise
  • Experience the Monkey Beach on Koh Phi Phi
  • Visit the Maya Bay where The Beach movie with DiCaprio was filmed


Boat types for a perfect cabin sailing holidays

Picking out the type of boat to go with will generally come down to your budget and preferred method of sailing.

Not sure which one is suitable for you? Talk to our team and get professional suggestions and ideas for your cabin sailing trip

sailing boat with full sails up and people on the side

Sailing boat

Suitable for active and adventurous families. Sailing boats can fit up to 12 people with crew included. If you and your family wish to experience real sailing then this is the right boat for you!

luxury catamaran on the water aerial view


Catamarans provide comfort and a smoother sailing experience than the sailing boat. Perfect for groups that enjoy sightseeing, swimming and sunbathing. Suitable for up to 12 people with crew included.

luxury wooden gulet cruising on a sunny day


Perfect for larger groups with fully crewed service. Gulets have a very spacious deck for outdoor relaxation and fun and a wide range of water toys. Can fit up to 20 people.

Have a question about this package?
We have answers to your questions. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today!

Travelers experience

Check out what our guests said about their experience sailing with us. Our guests satisfaction is our main priority.

“The sailing trip was just fantastic! Thank you for organizing! It was really great! A large share of course goes to the skipper Marco.

Frank F. (Germany)

“I had a chance to spend a wonderful week of sailing in Croatia. Everything went smoothly and was well organized. I highly recommend it  and I would gladly do it again.”

Karin (Switzerland)

“We spent a great week sailing in Croatia as a family. Thanks to our skipper Korado we got to know beautiful beaches, snorkeling paradises, beautiful landscapes and friendly villages. It was a super relaxed family vacation! 🤩”

Claudia (Switzerland)

“We loved our week aboard a sailing boat. The company is very organized and it was super easy to book the trip the way we wanted. It’s a very personalised service. Our skipper, Filip, was very nice and helpful”


Fernanda Dal Piaz (Brazil)
“It was a truly fabulous trip and Zrinka was an exceptional skipper.
She Really fitted into our family unit and cared so much every day to take us to all the best places.
Best wishes and many thanks again for organizing such an incredible trip for us”
Tris (UK)

“It was a wonderful trip with beautiful bays and beaches. It was a pleasure to spend this week on a sailboat. All staff and skipper are very friendly and organized. Everything was perfect.”

Nick (Switzerland)

“Vesna and the Team have been helpful from day1 in accommodating our requests and always made sure throughout the process to satisfy our needs. Would definitely recommend the company!!”

Filippo C. (Italy)

Practical Sailing information

+ Safety measures

Safety first. And the best way to make it safe is to get all the potential fear out of the way.

Show your kids the boat, let them talk to the skipper about the rules while sailing and while you are anchored, take them to the cabins, show them the interesting way of flushing the toilet, etc.

Teach them where to sit – they should be on the bow during sailing only accompanied by an adult. They should also learn how to lower themselves into the sea with the help of a ladder.

Living on a boat is essentially fun for them!

The boat you are renting should also have a safety net along the deck. Every child must have a life vest of appropriate size. They must try it on and wear it during sailing until you and them get comfortable with being on a boat.

Remind your kids to drink water more than other days!

+ Use lotions with high protection factors

As for any type of summer vacation, the sun is your biggest frenemy. Use waterproof lotions with high protection factors and ensure physical protection from the sun.

+ Clothes & packing list

Documents and essentials

As in real life, you have to have personal documents always beside you. We recommend you bring your health insurance card with you – just in case. Also, bring cash. Not all places accept credit cards. You are responsible for the documents and money you bring to keep them safe.


Even though it is summer, there is always a possibility that the nights and winds are cold. So be prepared.

Check the weather forecast and pack clothes for sunny and cold days: bathing suits, summer dresses, shorts, t-shirts and don’t forget to bring something warmer or waterproof.

Shoes are also very important! During the days you will probably be barefoot but in case of rain bring some non-slippery shoes. Or if you want to blend in – buy so-called boat shoes or some sports shoes that are made for easier moving on the deck.

Water-resistant bags

Water-resistant bags are life saviors for your electronic devices. Bring those with you so your phone and camera can sleep safely.

Hygiene and health concerns

Bring along ecologically acceptable items for personal hygiene. Always keep in mind the sea and environment protection.

Also, sometimes you have to bring your own beach towels. You can always ask us and we will check with the charter of your boat.

On your sailboat there is already a first aid kit, but if you want you can take a small one with you. Also, if any family member has prescription medicines, take them with you.

Take something with you for seasickness, mosquito protection, and insect bites.

+ What kind of boat to choose?

The type of boat that is best suited for the upcoming trip depends of course on the personal wishes and expectations of the guests.

The offer in Croatia includes the following options from which you can choose: sailboats, motorboats, catamarans and gulets.

Sailboats are one of the most popular ways to explore the seas. They are not only ideal for family holidays but also for active sports trips. However, to steer a sailboat you will need sufficient experience and knowledge.

Motorboats or yachts are not only very practical and comfortable but also convince by their speed. Their price and their fuel consumption are often higher.

If you are looking for more space and stability in addition to comfortable comfort, you should consider a catamaran. This type of boat offers generous space both in the saloon and in the cabins. A further advantage is the close anchoring possibility on the shore.

For guests who long for absolute relaxation without having to worry about the boat, a gulet is ideal. This variant includes a crew that will take care of all your needs.

What should one have in mind when making a decision:

  • The number of people
  • Do you need shared or single cabins?
  • How much space and comfort will be offered?
  • Budget
+ How much does it cost to rent a boat in Croatia?

It could be from 80 eur per day in the low season up to 500 eur and more per day in the high season depending on boat type.

The rental price depends on the type of boat, period of the year, whether you need a crew or bareboat and boat size.

If you’re renting a motorboat in Croatia the price can vary from 80 eur/day for a smaller boat up to 500 eur per day for a bigger boat.

Renting a catamaran in Croatia can vary from 300 eur per day and goes up to 900 eur and more for crewed bigger and more luxurious catamarans.

If you are looking to renting a sailing boat in Croatia it will cost from 160 eur per day for a smaller sailing boat and up to 700 eur per day for a crewed sailing boat.
Luxury yacht rentals in Croatia start from 2.500 eur per day but can also go up to 20.000 eur per day.