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Choose between our 7 perfect sailing destinations.
Mediterranean: Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Balearic islands; Caribbean and Thailand.



Sail and explore Croatian coast and its 1000 islands.



Explore Greece, one of the world most popular sailing destination.



Sail along beautiful Turkish coast. Explore customs and beautiful nature.



Sail along Caribbean and explore all of their islands and golden beaches.



Sail along the Italian coast and explore its stunning nature and historic sites.



Experience Balearic and Canary islands and turquoise beaches.



Visit one of the most attractive places to set sail.


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Begin your sailing charter

There’s a unique sailing experience waiting for every budding adventurer with a desire to explore in their heart. Our sailing charters are easily tailored to ensure that your sailing holiday with us is specifically designed for your interests and tastes.

If you’re dreaming of a sea of blue crystal waters that you want to sail away on, or you prefer a more secluded island/spot where all the peace and tranquillity is just yours to experience, we offer stunning Mediterranean destinations such as Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy and the Balearic Islands.

For a change of season we recommend sailing the Caribbean to explore islands with golden beaches. Or how about Thailand for the ultimate exotic sailing adventure.

Escape all the stresses of normal life and spend your days cruising with us as we will do all we can to bring your deepest sailing fantasies to life!

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Travelers experience

Check out what our guests said about their experience sailing with us. Our guests satisfaction is our main priority.

„I have to say that everything was much better than expected. We are looking for our next holiday. Maybe somewhere else to explore more. But definitely in a sailing boat.“

Xavier C.R. (Ireland)

“The sailing trip was just fantastic! Thank you for organizing! It was really great! We intend to do that again soon.

Frank F. (Germany)

“I had a chance to spend a wonderful week of sailing in Croatia. Everything went smoothly and was well organized. I highly recommend it  and I would gladly do it again.”

Karin (Switzerland)

We received a very friendly welcome and we started our journey with an excellent sailing boat. I felt very comfortable at all times and really appreciated the professionalism of skipper.

Claudia (Switzerland)

The service from the Sebastus team was great from the very beginning. We decided quite spontaneously and they arranged a yacht in no time with a great route. Route for our short trip was perfect!

Simon (Germany)

It was a great experience. My wife and I were also very lucky with the sun. The skipper was great and took care of everything.

Dirk M. (Germany)

Tailored packages & interesting routes

Tailored Sailing Vacation

Help us prepare your dream vacation. Everything will be organized according to your wishes: from boat, skipper, cook to transfer and itinerary.

Breathtaking sailing destinations
Flexible number of people
Any type of boat
Tailored routes
Request personalized offer

Find your perfect yacht

We offer a choice of sailing yachts, catamarans, gulets, and motor-yachts for bareboat sailing or skippered charter.  Sail with your friends or family to experience the trip of a lifetime.

Breathtaking sailing destinations
Flexible number of people
Any type of boat
From 160,00 € / day
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Family Sailing Holidays in Croatia

We organise kid-friendly routes (destinations with playgrounds, attractions, waterparks) and boats that fit your family’s needs, all within your budget.

All inclusive or self catering
Max 10 people
7 days duration
Wide range of packages
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Gastro – Wine Sailing Tour in Croatia

This all-inclusive sailing holiday is perfect for people that enjoy being active, love nature, love to explore new places while learning about the cuisine, culture, people, and history of the area.

Croatian gastro experience
All inclusive
7 days duration
from 500 € / person /week
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Tips from the crew

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