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7 days of relaxation around Cyclades islands

About this program

This is a 7 day (Saturday – Saturday) sailing trip of the Cyclades islands and is meant for experienced sailors and bareboat charter. The best base to start the trip is the Lavrion Marina, which is only a 30 minutes ride away from the Athens International Airport.

Please note that all restaurants and activities listed are only suggestions, and are not included in the price. The trip can be changed according to your wishes, meaning stops can be added or removed.

About the route

Starting point: Lavrion

Arrival: We can arrange a transfer from the airport to the marina for you. The transfer is not included in the price.

About: The Cyclades are an island group in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece and a former administrative prefecture of Greece. The Cyclades includes about 220 islands. The name “Cyclades” refers to the islands forming a circle (“circular islands”) around the sacred island of Delos. Most of the smaller islands are uninhabited. The largest island of the Cyclades is Naxos, however, the most populated one is Syros.

The islands are peaks of a submerged mountainous terrain, with the exception of two volcanic islands, Milos and Santorini. The climate is generally dry and mild.


Day 1
Lavrion and its silver mines

The plan for the first day is to arrive on a Saturday in Lavrion and get to the Marina. Your check-in on the boat will be at 5 PM and you will spend the night there. You can visit the old Lavrion mines in the Archaeological Museum of Lavrion.

Visit the Archeological Museum of Lavrion
Visit the Mineralogical Museum – learn about 200 different species of minerals
Pezodromos – great place for seafood and vegetarian options
Feggon – visit for a healthy meal before your trip
Christos grillhouse – if meat is more your speed, this place has a lot to offer
Day 2
Vourkari (Kea Island) – the ancient settlement of Agia Irini

Vourkari is a small village in Ayios Nikolaos Bay in Kea. Vourkari is very cosmopolitan during the summer, full of yachts, sailboats, and speedboats.

Visit the ancient prehistoric settlement of Agia Irini
Visit Bronze Age excavations opposite to the quay across the bay
Visit the Panormitis Monastery
Breeze Finger Food Bar – great prices for trying some greek specialities
Magazes – the place for trying seafood
Seirios – quality food, they also have some vegan options
Day 3
Finikas (Syros Island) – beach day

Syros is a top choice for those who want to chill out and relax in the Greek Islands.

The capital of Syros island, Ermoupoli, is considered one of the most picturesque Cyclades capitals. Ideal for families and couples.

Lay on beautiful sandy beaches with shallow water
You can snorkel in the clear waters
Calmo Mare Cafe Mezedopoleio – for lunch or just coffee
Filomina Restaurant Taverna – by the beach and with affordable prices
Meltemi – great vegan options
Day 4
Parikia (Paros Island) and the church of 100 doors

Parikia is the capital and the main port of Paros island. The trademarks of Parikia are the preserved windmill in the port and the Venetian Castle.

Visit Parikia Town – picturesque town with a labyrinth of narrow streets and white washed homes
Enjoy the Martselo beach – beautiful sandy beach with plenty beacg bars
Visit the Panagia Ekatondapiliani – named “the church of 100 doors”
Soso – perfect for a romantic and private dinner
Siparos – the chef oriented to creations based on seafood and shellfish
The Little Green Rocket – offers a view of the bay and the anchored yachts
Day 5
Kamares (Sifnos Island) and the shallow waters

Kamares on Sifnos is the best beach town in Greece for families, especially those with small children. Kamares is the port of Sifnos, a beautiful coastal settlement that lies on the western side of the island. The village itself consists of white Cycladic houses and nice buildings that are worth visiting.

Walk along the Kamares waterfront and reveal a number of fine taverns, cafes, and bars for relaxing afternoons and exciting nights
Absinthe – inexpensive prices with great views of sunsets at the bay
Day 6
Merihas (Kithnos Island)

Kythnos is a beautiful mountainous island that sits on the west part of the Cyclades island group.

It is a perfect base for island hopping to the nearby islands of Kea, Serifos, and Sifnos. The coastline of Kythnos is dotted with 99 in total stunning beaches.

Enjoy the greek nightlife
Explore the island by taking a hike
Visit Vrykatsro for some history lessons
Ostria Restaurant – nice place to try greek cuisine
Byzantio Restaurant – place by the shore with fresh food
O Molos – if you are in need for some great BBQ – this is the place to be
Day 7
Back to Lavrion

For your last sailing stop, you can return to Lavrion and explore the city port and its marinas. Or visit some of the many restaurants and bars… You can also visit some of the city museums and explore Ancient Greek history. After that, you can enjoy your last evening in Lavrion and check out on Saturday at 9 am.

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Picking a boat type

Picking out the type of boat to go with will generally come down to your budget, the group size, and preferred method of sailing. Moreover, different sailboats available can be chartered independently or with a fully-staffed crew.

Find your yacht
Sailboat on the water | Sebastus Sailing
2-12 people
The most popular boat for active travelers and couples. They offer the classic sailing experience and tend to vary in size from 30-64 feet.
Starting from 160 EUR per day
luxury catamaran on the water aerial view
2-12 people
This offers a more smooth sailing experience compared to the normal sailboat and are the perfect choice for bigger groups or families. The sizes often range from 38-70 feet, with the average being around 42 ft.
Starting from 500 EUR per day
Gulet on the water | Sebastus Sailing
8-20 people
These boats are usually perfect for larger groups. Most of these have six cabins and come with three / four crewmembers. The ship sizes tend to range between 60-100 ft
Starting from 600 EUR per day
Motor yacht on the water | Sebastus Sailing
Motor yacht
2 – 12 people
Motor yachts have from 1 one to up to five cabins depending on their size and tend to range from 30-100 ft.
Starting from 500 EUR per day
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