7 Best Family Boats on a Budget

Deciding what boat to rent for your family vacation can be quite a daunting task. To get the best family boat for the money, you must match the right boat with your family’s needs. Because different boats do different things well, you should first determine the kind of water adventures you’ll be going on with […]

6 Best Sailing Destinations in the World

Ready to sail the open seas? The world has been cooped up for a long time, so getting out and having an awesome adventure is ideal. But where are the best places to sail in the world? Here are six that travelers have a hard time passing by. Hvar, Croatia One of the best yachting […]

3 books about pirates you need to read

Love a good pirate story? Even better when they’re not phony? We got your back! Stories are real and adventure in them is a real trill. Here are five books we recommend you to put on your reading list. Blackbeard by Craig Cabell, Graham A. and Allan Richards First things first, Blackbeard was one of […]

Mallorca: great sailing experience for beginners and experienced sailors

Are you planning to raise the sail in Mallorca? Read everything you need to know and some good pieces of advice from first-hand experience. Mallorca Island: special sailing jam Mallorca, with Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, belongs to the Spanish archipelago Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean. It is also the largest in the group. Palma […]

Sailboats vs. Catamarans: Choose your side with a strong reason

If there is one debate that never ends in the sailing world it’s one about sailboats and catamarans. And there are fans on both sides. Some people just love monohulls and some can’t get enough of those good old catamarans. Both groups have very strong arguments and both types of vessels have advantages and minor […]

Top 3 Sailing apps you need for the sailing trip

Let’s talk about the three sailing apps you need for your sailing trip, whether you’re a first-time sailor with a skipper or all on your own. This sailing apps will let you know: where you are what kind of weather is ahead of you and alarm you when your boat drifts for its safe anchor […]

Greek island hopping

Greece is a country with a Mediterranean climate and a clean sea. The country is full of natural beauties, and it is particularly remarkable for numerous islands and peninsulas in the Ionian, Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. The best way to enjoy the natural beauties, blue sky and clear sea is by island hopping – Greek […]

5 reasons why you don’t want to skip a skipper

If you’re sailing for the first time or you have no valid navigation license, it’s strongly recommended to hire a professional skipper. Lack of experience is something you don’t want on board, but even if you are sailing for quite some time thinking about hiring a skipper so that you can relax and simply enjoy […]

Sailing in exotic Cuba

Cuba is an exotic destination with a rich and interesting culture bringing more and more amazed tourists every year. Cuba’s economy was one of the victims of the Cold War and visitors to this beautiful gem of the Caribbean were rare. In later years, especially after the end of the Cold war, Cuba opened a […]

Trogir: Best sailing holidays

Are you culture savvy planning your ideal sailing holidays? Welcome to Trogir, one of the favorite Croatian nautical destinations.  A historic city, 25 km west of Split, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Since Trogir is located near the Split Airport, it is easy to approach this yacht charter destination. Except by airplane, you can quickly […]