Have you ever dreamed about sailing holidays across the deep blue sea with the stunning view of the mountains? This dream can come true if you rent a yacht in one of the nautical destinations in Montenegro. Small southeastern Europe country, placed between Croatia and Albania, is home to some of the most adorable natural beauty. The name of the country is Montenegro, which means Black Mountain. It recalls of the dark pine trees that once covered the mountains. So charter a yacht and explore Montenegro coast from Herceg Novi in the north to Ulcinj on the south. I will try to bring you through the most popular destinations in this part of the Adriatic coast and explain why Montenegro yacht charter grows in popularity every day.

Yacht charter in Montenegro

The Bay of Kotor

One of the leading touristic destination of the Montenegro coast is Kotor. The old city of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I recommend you to get on the top of the bulwark. There are three gates – Southern, Northern and Main, which lead to the city. In the middle of the Bay of Kotor, you can find the town of Tivat. Flowers’ island and the magnificent beach at Blue Horizons are destinations you shouldn´t miss. Tivat is also the only place on the coast with the international airport. One of the hottest spots on Mediterranean, because of the marina Porto Montenegro, is called the Monte Carlo of Adriatic. In the western part of the Bay of Kotor, there is Herceg Novi, the fantastic old town on a hill. Visit the Kanli Kula, the Spanjola fortress, and the Savina monastery, with the splendid views of the bay.

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Yacht charter thrills

Our next destination is Budva. On the way to Budva, do not miss the Blue Cave. This beautiful cave separates the Bay of Kotor from the Adriatic Sea. You can see the beautifully illuminated water, seemingly from the bottom of the sea. The Budva coast is 21 km long with 17 beaches. Budva is rich in historical monuments. During the summer it turns into a theatre with many local performances and shows. Two pearls of Riviera of Budva are islands St. Nicholas and St. Stephen. The island St. Nicholas is popularly called Hawaii near Budva. There are numerous little coves along the 800 meters long beaches. Famous St. Stephen island is a summer resort for the tourists who crave for glamour. In 1972 St. Stephen got a reward “Golden Apple,” as the most exclusive summer resort in the world. Today also is known as a luxury touristic destination.

Fun in south

And we came to the southern part of Montenegro. Bar represents the connection between the history and modern times. The old town of Bar, Haj Nehaj Fortress, describe the historical and cultural treasure of this city. Here you can see an olive tree that is more than 2000 years old. Also the Skadar lake, with one of the most significant habitats for birds. Beautiful beaches and bays as Dobre Vode, Sutomore, Canj will make you come to Bar again. The most southern destination in Montenegro is Ulcinj with 20 km of sandy beaches. Most known are Velika Plaža, Ada and Mala plaža. Ulcinj is a popular summer destination and a favorite place for the families, couples, young people and teams. I hope I helped you to decide to visit Montenegro and have a pleasant sailing experience. 

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If you are looking for a new destitution for your sailing vacation, we suggest you to charter a yacht and visit Montenegro. This state has a lot to offer- from historical monuments and the old town, across beautiful beaches and coves, to a glamorous summer resort. Go to the adventure and visit the yacht charter oasis. Contact Us!