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If you’re looking for an adventure that combines stunning natural beauty with a sense of timeless relaxation, then you won’t want to miss sailing in Hvar, Croatia. Known for its crystal clear waters, vibrant nightlife, and charming old town, Hvar is an ideal destination for any traveler looking to escape the mundane and embrace the extraordinary.

The best time to sail in Croatia is between May and October, when the weather is warm, the seas are calm, and the sun is shining. With its bustling marina, endless sun-soaked beaches, and breathtaking scenery, sailing in Hvar during these months is an unforgettable experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

About the route

A 7-day sailing itinerary from Hvar is a perfect way to explore the Adriatic Sea and all its hidden gems. From the beautiful island of Korčula to the historic city of Split, this itinerary will take you on a journey through some of Croatia’s most beautiful destinations. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Planning a sailing itinerary from Hvar can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. As one of the top sailing destinations in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar, considered the best place to sail in Croatia, offers a wide range of sailing routes and destinations to choose from, whether you opt for a bareboat charter or a skippered charter.

A bareboat charter offers the ultimate freedom and flexibility, allowing you to plan your own itinerary when you choose your yacht, while a skippered charter provides a more hands-on approach with the added benefit of local knowledge and experience.

When planning your itinerary, it’s important to consider the duration of your trip, the level of sailing experience, and the preferences of your crew. You may choose to spend several days exploring the nearby islands and bays or embark on a longer journey along the Dalmatian coast. You’ll need to consider factors such as wind conditions, currents, and weather patterns to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Planning your route in advance can help you make the most of your sailing adventure, while also allowing you to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances.



Day 1
Stari Grad

Day 1: Start at Stari Grad and Go to Vela Luka

Stari Grad is a charming town located on the northern coast of Hvar Island. One of the main attractions is the Tvrdalj Castle, a fortified Renaissance palace built by the famous Croatian poet Petar Hektorović. Visitors can also explore the Stari Grad Plain, a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its well-preserved ancient Greek agricultural landscape. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars to enjoy the local cuisine and nightlife.

With its crystal clear waters, scenic beaches, and picturesque promenade, Vela Luka is a popular destination for tourists visiting Korčula Island. One of the main attractions is the Baroque Church of St. Joseph, which houses a valuable collection of paintings and sculptures. Visitors can also explore the Vela Spila Cave, a prehistoric site with fascinating archaeological finds, including Neolithic pottery and bones of extinct animals.

Day 2

Day 2: Beautiful Island of Lastovo

Lastovo Island is a secluded nature park that has managed to preserve its pristine natural environment, with over 70% of its area covered in forests. The island’s stunning landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and rich biodiversity make it a perfect destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The island’s coastline is dotted with secluded coves, beaches, and cliffs, making it a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Visitors can explore the island’s picturesque villages, which are characterized by their stone houses, narrow streets, and traditional architecture. The park also offers hiking, cycling, birdwatching, and stargazing possibilities.

It’s a must-visit destination for anyone seeking authentic and peaceful sailing in Croatia.

Day 3

Day 3: Enjoy Vis

Vis Island is considered one of the best nautical destinations in Croatia. The island’s main town, also called Vis, is home to several historical monuments and museums, showcasing the island’s rich cultural heritage. One of the highlights is the ancient Greek colony of Issa, dating back to the 4th century BC, which offers a fascinating insight into the island’s history.

Another must-see attraction on Vis Island is the charming fishing village of Komiža, located on the southwestern coast of the island, which offers stunning views, delicious seafood, and a unique cultural experience.

Vis is surrounded by several islets and the island of Biševo, which is famous for its Blue Cave, an incredible natural phenomenon that illuminates the cave with a surreal blue light.

Day 4

Day 4: Visit Island of Šolta

Šolta is a small island located in the Split archipelago, known for its pristine natural environment and authentic Mediterranean charm. With its crystal-clear waters, secluded bays, and picturesque villages, Šolta is an excellent destination for sailing enthusiasts looking to escape the crowds.

The island’s main town, Grohote, is a popular destination for those looking to explore the island’s cultural heritage, with its charming old buildings and traditional architecture. Other must-see attractions include the charming fishing village of Maslinica, which boasts a stunning marina, beautiful beaches, and delicious seafood restaurants.

Day 5

Day 5: City of Split

Split, the second-largest city in Croatia, is a popular destination for those looking to explore rich history, culture, and natural beauty on their journey to visit Croatia. The city’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to several historical landmarks, including the impressive Diocletian’s Palace, the Cathedral of St. Domnius, and the Temple of Jupiter, all of which offer a fascinating insight into the city’s ancient past.

Aside from historical landmarks, Split has a lively street life with shops, cafes, and restaurants offering local delicacies, where visitors can sample delicious food and drinks. The Riva Promenade, stretching along the waterfront, is a popular spot for a leisurely stroll and an excellent place to relax and take in the stunning views of the sea.

For those seeking outdoor activities, Marjan Hill, located just west of the city center, is an ideal spot for hiking, cycling, or rock climbing, with panoramic views of the city and the surrounding islands. Split’s beaches, including Bačvice, Kašjuni, and Bene, offer pristine waters, sandy and rocky shorelines, and watersports, providing endless opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Day 6

Day 6: Large Island of Brač

Visitors to Brač can explore the island’s many beautiful beaches, including Zlatni Rat, a unique crescent-shaped beach that changes its shape depending on the direction of the wind and waves. The island’s interior is also worth exploring, with its rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards offering breathtaking views of the sea and the neighboring islands.

In addition to natural beauty, Brač has a rich cultural heritage, with many historical landmarks to discover. The town of Bol, on the southern coast of the island, is home to a beautiful promenade and a well-preserved 15th-century Dominican Monastery. The nearby Vidova Gora Mountain, the highest point on the Adriatic islands, offers stunning panoramic views of the island and the sea.

Day 7

Day 7: Sail Back to Hvar

As the end of your 7-day sailing itinerary from Hvar approaches, you will spend your last day coming back to the charming town of Hvar. Sailors can also consider 5-day sailing around Hvar [još nije live, to mi je idući tekst], allowing them to explore the area within a shorter period.

Hvar Island has something for everyone, and sailing around the island is a unique way to experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. From the breathtaking scenery to the rich cultural heritage, Hvar is a must-visit destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories. So don’t hesitate – start planning your sailing adventure in Croatia with Sebastus Sailing and experience the beauty of the Dalmatian coast for yourself!



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