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Pula sailing route – 7 days of playful kid friendly route

About this program

This is a 7 day (Saturday – Saturday) sailing trip starting from Pula and is meant for families who love exploring, great food and have an adventurous spirit.

Please note that all restaurants and activities listed are only suggestions, and are not included in the price. The trip can be changed according to your wishes, meaning stops can be added or removed.

About the route

Sailing route created for families starting from Pula

Starting point: Pula

Arrival:  Check in at 5 PM at ACI marina Pula. You can access it by plane (Pula airport or Rijeka airport), by ferry, by train and by car (you can park at the marina). We can arrange a transfer from the airport to the marina for you. The transfer is not included in the price.

About: Pula, your starting point offers a diversity of attractions to lovers of culture. The rich itinerary of its three-thousand-year-old history, where every step you take through the old town is a landmark, begins and ends with the Roman amphitheater. Pula has its own International airport and the marina is only 20 min drive away. We suggest getting to Pula a few days before your charter so you can enjoy the beauties of the Istrian peninsula before you set sails to the sea.

Take your kids on a sailing experience of their life. Together you can take this amazing journey, explore places and come closer as a family. You will work as a team and your kids can learn valuable life lessons. This route is made for sailing with children. Islands are perfect places to visit – there are fewer cars, nature is wild and a great place to explore and learn, you can even meet some animals you don’t see on the mainland. The suggested bays have beaches that are easy to enter, but just in case, bring some jelly sandals – they are back in fashion.


Day 1

Day 1. Pula

Pula is the largest city in Istria. It is known for its multitude of ancient Roman buildings. The most famous is the Pula Arena, one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheaters in Europe. Pula lies on and beneath seven hills on the inner part of a wide gulf and a naturally well-protected port.

Pula Arena – visit the Arena with its marvelous walls, maybe you’ll be lucky – during summer there are a lot of concerts in the Arena
Aquarium Pula – you can find a lot of sea creatures and learn about them
Beach Valovine – easy to enter with trees when you want to escape the sun
TiVoli – a place that offers mediterranian and croatian cuisine but also pizza
Fortuna – great place in the center where you can enjoy ice cream
Konoba Boccaporta – healthy and fresh food
Day 2

Day 2. Pula – Rovinj

From May to September Rovinj receives more than 10 sunshine hours a day. Rovinj is officially bilingual: Italian and Croatian can be heard there. Also, in Rovinj there is Aquapark Aquacolors, an aquapark for bigger or you can visit the Rovinj Aquarium where you can learn about Istrian flora and fauna. For those who like pirates, there is a Pirate cave in Lim Fjord where you can snorkel in the search for pirate treasure.

Old Town – the center of Rovinj is really charming with colourful houses and narrow streets
Punta Corrente – amazing woodland park by the sea
Cuvi Beach – shallow water with pebbles, shade comes from the trees and there are also some beach bars for refreshments
Pizzeria Da Sergio – great place to try some italian pizza
Torkolo – you can enjoy some seafood or soups here
Gostionica Orlando – you can take a nice walk to this restaurant for some fresh food and drinks
Day 3

Day 3. Rovinj – Novigrad

In Croatian Novigrad is also sometimes referred to as Novigrad Istarski to distinguish it from three other Croatian towns of the same name. Istria has a great connection of bike routes – you can take a bike tour to Motovun or enjoy the views of a zip line in Pazin (we can organize your transfer).

Aquapark Istralandia – a big aquapark that is great for every generation
Pinesta Beach – easy accessible water with a lot of shade from the trees
City Walls – the walls are by the sea and you can take nice walks
Vitriol – beautiful place by the sea for some refreshments
Konoba San Benedetto – great place where you can enjoy fresh seafood or meat
Vecchio Mulino – place with different cuisines for you to choose from
Day 4
Aquapark Istralandia

Day 4. Novigrad – Istralandia

Istralandia is only 7 km from Novigrad. Istralandia offers transfers from Novigrad during the summer. Istralandia is a waterpark with 15 slides and 6 pools. Your kid has to be at least 1 m high to enjoy some of the slides. There is a special children’s pool with 40 cm depth. There are also restaurants and bars for meals and refreshments. You can also rent a space where you can store your things. In August, you can take part in the annual harvest of lavender.

Day 5
Brijuni National Park

Day 5. Istralandia – Brijuni

The Brijuni Islands are a group of fourteen small islands. The largest island, Veliki Brijun Island lies 2 km off the coast. Famous for their scenic beauty, the islands are a holiday resort and a Croatian National Park. The islands gained worldwide notoriety in 1956 when the main leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement met with the host, Yugoslav president Tito, to form the Brioni Declaration which served as the foundation for the policies the movement would follow.

Visit the Safari park that has both exotic and autochthonous animals
One of the oldest olive trees in the Mediterranian
Dinosaur footprints
Caffe bar Sony i Lanka – a bar by the safari trail that sometimes also the animals come to visit
Restoran Neptun – here you can enjoy mediterranian cuisine by the sea
Restoran Galija – enjoy your meal on the terrace and the sun
Day 6
Rt Kamenjak

Day 6. Brijuni – Rt Kamenjak

Kamenjak is located in the south of Istria, as part of Premantura. Kamenjak is an ideal place for an active holiday. Here you can walk, ride a bike, kayak, surf, play paintball, etc., there are interesting activities for everyone to remember their visit by.

Swim in the crystal clear sea and discover numerous hidden coves
Walk along the dinosaur path
Visit an Istrian ox farm
Safari Bar – great place by the coast where you can enjoy some refreshments and the view
Beach Bar Polje – enjoy some snacks and views of the Adriatic
Konoba Ancora – magical atmosphere and fresh ingredients for your meals
Day 7
Back to Pula

For your last day, you can return to Pula and enjoy all the things you didn’t have the chance on your first day. Check-out is on Saturday morning at 9 AM.

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