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Siciliy Sailing Route – Italy Sailing Itinerary

This is a 7-day sailing trip starting from Marina di Portorosa on Sicily Island. The route is intended for individuals who enjoy amazing historical sights of ancient civilisations, taste amazing local cuisine as well as explore various natural particularities. It includes sights of active vulcanos and vulcanic landscapes as well as luxury getaway destinations, such as Vulcano Island, Stromboli and Panarea. The sailing route starts and ends on Saturday. When you find your yacht, you may want to choose a bareboat or skippered yacht charter, or even luxury yachts charter, to follow the route.
Please note that all restaurants and activities listed are only suggestions and are not included in the charter price. The trip can be changed according to your wishes and current weather, meaning stops can be added or removed.
We can arrange a transfer for you. The transfer is usually not included in the yacht charter price in Italy.

Sail around Sicily – an eternal legacy of civilisations

Sicily is the largest island in the Medditerran with around 5 millions inhabitants. Situated southeast of the Italian mainland, and with its two archipelagos, islands of Egadi and Aeolian islands, it is one of 20 Italian autonomus regions.
As a melting pot of many cultures, Sicily leaves us an eternal legacy of civilisations that lived here since the ancient age – Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Normans, Arabs, etc.
Sicily’s attractiveness lies in her diversity. It is a perfect „beach“ destination and excellent hiking area. On the other hand, what attracts world travellers’ attention are numerous world – famous places to be discovered. Only to mention a few, not to be missed:

  • Still active Etna volcano
  • Extraordinary volcanic archipelago – Aeolian Islands (also called Lipari Islands)
  • Lively Palermo, capital of the island
  • Valley of the Temples, UNESCO World heritage site
  • The Aegadian Islands

Sicily has a long sailing season as a result of the Mediterranean climate. For the best sailing experience, we advise you to sail from May to October. Avoid first half of August, as it can get very crowded.


Day 1
Marina di Portorosa

Day 1. Marina di Portorosa, embarcation day

Because of her perfect location on the northeast side of Sicily, it is an ideal starting point for Aeolian sailing route. It is the biggest private marina in Sicily with 650 berth places and many facilities as well as amenities for your pleasant stay.

Visit Taormina, one of world’s most magical small towns
Visit Catania, „the black city“ built on lava
Relax on Tonarella Beach
Le Delizie Di Jessica, excellent Italian restaurant
Pescheria Mazzeo, seafood restaurant
Day 2

Day 2. Vulcano Island

Set your sails to the nearest Aeolian island, Vulcano Island. Black sand island offers you natural thermal waters, remarkable natural landscapes and lovely black sand beaches.

Hike to the impressive Grand Crater
Relax in mug waters for some natural spa experience
Sunbathe on black sand beach
Malvasia Pane Cunzatu & Restaurant serving mainly local dishes
Il Cappero, Michellin star restaurant
Day 3

Day 3. Lipari

Only four miles away from Vulcano, you can see the Lipari Island. It is the biggest and the most populated Aeolian island. Its untouched natural landscape and imposing medieval architecture will leave you speechless.


Take a stroll through the city and visit Lipari’s castle
Visit picturesque Marina Corto
Take a car or scooter to discover all the island’s corners
Take a trip to to Monte Pelato, the youngest volcano
Enjoy the white sand beaches of Papesca Beach and Porticello Beach
Il Corallo Restaurant, with exquisite local dishes
Da Francesco Ristorante, with excellent seafood and pizza
Try cannoli, famous Italian desert in the Pasticceria Gelateria D’Ambra
Day 4

Day 4. Panarea

The smallest of the Aeolian islands, with its unspoiled landscapes, it is one of the top luxury getaway destinations. Its white houses, crystal clear seawater and high class night life attracts many celebrities. It is not so much of a budget – friendly destination, but definitely worth visiting!

Enjoy sunbathing at beaches Cala Junco and Cala degli Zimmari. Easy reachable for families with kids.
Visit the ruins of a prehistoric village of Capo Milazzese, UNESCO World heritage site
Check the night life in San Pietro Town
Trattoria “Da Paolino”, lovely restaurant with local cuisine
Try excellent Sicilian food at Panetteria Rosticceria Gastronomia Da Claudia. Obligatory to order iconic „arancino“
Antonio il Macellaio, steakhouse restaurant
Day 5

Day 5. Stromboli

Stromboli Island, the only island with an active volcano, is an extraordinary destination for all nature lovers. With constant small eruptions, it is called the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean.
What is even more surprising, is that the island is still inhabited. Around 300 residents live in the small villages of San Bartolo, San Vincenzo and Ginostra. Enjoy the idyllic landscapes and set your sails for the best views of the volcano.

Take a guided tour to of the volcano
Relax on one of the volcanic black sand beaches
The Visitors Center of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV). Get to know all about the Stromboli volcano.
Punta Lena, traditional restaurant
Da Giovanni, Ristorante Pizzeria
Day 6

Day 6. Salina

The second largest Aeolian island is well known for its beautiful green landscapes. It is a land of highest quality vines, olive oil, capers, and chestnuts.



Swim and relax in the beautiful Pollara Bay
Visit the island’s main town Santa Marina
Civic Museum in Santa Marina
Go wine tasting in one of many family vineyards
Taste local Pane Cunzato at Da Alfredo’s Restaurant in Lingua
Il Mare in Cucina, excellent seafood restaurant
Day 7
Marina di Portisco

Day 7. Back to Marina di Portisco

Spend your last day in the Sicilian coast and check island’s highlights you missed before.

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