Why we love sailing and you would too

Last update: Friday, January 26, 2024

Why we love sailing and you would too

So many things make this amazing activity special.

People spending time together and enjoying special moments

Sailing is a perfect activity to share with family and friends. It brings friends and family closer and turns strangers into lifelong pals.

Sharing that restricted space on the boat makes you connect with others in a way that you have to “work” together as a team, as one, and overcome nature.

The sailing community

It is friendly, smart, open and very welcoming. Very soon you get the impression that everyone knows everyone.

Everyone waves hello while you pass them by and some even smile. Many crucial problems have been solved by sailors talking late into the night in the cockpit. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t seem to remember those solutions in the morning.

There is nothing better in the world than enjoying time with fellow sailors and exchanging stories and experiences!

That feeling when sailing by the power of the wind

You feel the motion of the boat level out, the speed picks up, and you’re cruising along smoothly driven only by the power of this invisible but strong force.

A force that you learned to control to your liking. Being on a small dinghy or a bigger catamaran makes no difference, the same principle applies and the same feeling is there.

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The silence and solitude

All sails are up and there is no engine noise in the background. You hear only the wind and the boat marching through the waves. Nobody says anything anymore, there is complete silence and enjoyment.

Everyone takes the moment in with all senses. Immediately you leave the noise, confusion, and stress of the world behind and experience the freedom of solitude. Everything feels at peace.

The views and destinations

No matter how many times you set sail, you will never have the exact same experience. Every trip provides the opportunity to see new and unfamiliar places.

The views are unique. What others only see in postcard pictures you can actually walk through.

The world becomes a distant concept and you realize that the boat is your micro-universe and it is in perfect balance with nature.


When sailing changes your life for the better. You can escape from your daily stress and appointments. It’s just your crew and you enjoying the sun, sea and sometimes the wind when it comes to greet you.

The unforgettable sceneries, sunrises and sunsets, adventures and new friendships- that is something you get when booking with Sebastus.

You get the opportunity of making a lifetime of experiences with a team that is here to accompany you from the first steps while booking till the day you finally set sail.

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