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5-day plan for sail near Dubrovik

Dubrovnik is a city of stunning natural beauty and rich history, with crystal-clear waters, rugged cliffs, and ancient fortresses set against a backdrop of rolling hills. It’s no wonder that Dubrovnik has become one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world, attracting travelers from all over with its stunning coastline, charming villages, and delicious seafood. If you’re considering sailing in Croatia, why not plan a 5-day sailing itinerary to see the best of what Dubrovnik has to offer?

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5-day Plan for Sail near Dubrovnik

When it comes to creating a 5-day sailing plan in Dubrovnik, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to consider the weather to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Then, you’ll want to research the different islands, bays, and villages you’ll visit when sailing from Dubrovnik, and choose a route that allows you to see the sights and experiences that are most important to you.

Whether you’re interested in soaking up the sun on secluded beaches, exploring medieval villages, or sampling the local cuisine, there’s a route that will suit your interests. Of course, you’ll also need to factor in time for rest and relaxation, so you can recharge and be ready for the next day’s adventures. With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to create a 5-day sailing plan that’s both enjoyable and memorable.

Sailboat Charter for Sailing around Dubrovnik

Day 1
Go to Beautiful Mljet Island

Mljet Island in Croatia is a sailor’s paradise, and its National Park is a must-visit destination. This stunning natural reserve covers a big part of the island and is home to dense forests, serene lakes, and a diverse array of wildlife. Sailors will marvel at the tranquil beauty of the Great and Small Lakes, surrounded by lush greenery and dotted with islets that can only be reached by boat.

With its stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere, the Mljet National Park is a true gem of the Adriatic and a highlight of any sailing adventure. So set sail for Mljet Island and discover the magic of this breathtaking natural reserve.

Day 2
From Mljet to Paradise Island of Lastovo

Sailors seeking adventure and natural beauty will love visiting Lastovo Island, the perfect next stop after Mljet. Lastovo is home to the stunning Lastovo Nature Park, a breathtaking reserve of rugged landscapes, diverse wildlife, and crystal-clear waters. The nature park covers much of the island and is home to a variety of landscapes, from rolling hills and fertile valleys to rocky cliffs and secluded bays.

Visitors can hike through the park, swim in its pristine waters, or simply relax on its beautiful beaches. With its breathtaking scenery, rich wildlife, and peaceful atmosphere, the Lastovo Nature Park is a true gem of the Adriatic and a must-visit for any sailor wanting to visit Croatia.

Day 3
Explore Korčula

You will be enchanted by the beauty and culture of Korčula Island, your next stop after Lastovo. This stunning island offers a rich array of natural wonders and historic landmarks, making it the perfect destination for those seeking adventure and a deeper connection to Croatian culture.

Visitors to Korčula will find a wealth of places worth visiting, including the ancient walls and towers of the Old Town, the stunning beaches of the island, and the lush green landscapes of the interior. The Old Town of Korčula is a charming maze of narrow streets and historic buildings, offering a beautiful seafront promenade and a well-preserved medieval fortification that provides breathtaking views of the Adriatic.

The interior of the island is a peaceful escape of rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the coast and soak in the natural beauty of the island. And don’t miss the chance to visit the beautiful St. Mark’s Cathedral, the magnificent 15th-century Marco Polo House, or the tranquil waters of the tranquil Pupnat Bay.

Day 4
Ston – Beautiful Place on Pelješac Peninsula

Are you looking for a world of culinary delights and historic charm as you make your way from Korčula? Welcome to the charming town of Ston on Pelješac Peninsula. Here, you will discover a rich cultural heritage and a thriving food and wine scene.

The town is known for its salt pans, which have been used for centuries to produce high-quality salt. But what truly sets Ston apart is its famous oysters, considered some of the finest in the world. The clear waters of the Adriatic provide the perfect environment for oysters to thrive, and the town has a long history of oyster farming. Visitors can taste the delicious oysters at one of the many restaurants in Ston, or take a guided tour of the oyster farms to learn about the art of oyster cultivation.

Whether you’re a foodie, a wine lover, or just looking for a taste of history and tradition, Ston on Pelješac is the perfect place to be.

Day 5
Sail Back to Dubrovnik

Set sail from Ston to the magnificent city of Dubrovnik, a city of breathtaking beauty and rich history, with a wealth of cultural and natural attractions to explore. From the ancient city walls to the stunning beaches, and from the bustling streets of the Old Town to the quiet parks and gardens, Dubrovnik has something to offer for everyone.

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a true masterpiece of medieval architecture. With its cobbled streets, elegant palaces, and historic churches, it is a treasure trove of cultural riches. Visitors can stroll along the famous Stradun, a lively promenade that runs through the heart of the Old Town or wander through the narrow streets and discover hidden gems like the Church of St. Blaise or the Rector’s Palace.

The Dubrovnik City Walls are another must-visit attraction. These imposing fortifications encircle the Old Town and offer breathtaking views of the city and the sea. Visitors can walk along the walls and take in the magnificent views or stop at one of the many cafés and restaurants for a drink or a bite to eat.

For those looking for an alternative sailing experience, sailing from Split to Dubrovnik is an excellent option. This route takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes in Croatia, with plenty of opportunities to stop and explore the many hidden coves and bays along the way. Whether you choose to spend your time exploring the city or sailing along the stunning coast, Dubrovnik is a destination not to be missed.


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Boat types for a perfect sailing vacation in Croatia

Picking out the type of boat to go with will generally come down to your budget, and preferred method of sailing.

Not sure which one is suitable for you? Talk to our team and get professional suggestions and ideas for your romantic sailing trip.

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Suitable for active and adventurous couples. If you and your loved one wish to experience real sailing then this is the right boat for you! Offered in all-inclusive and self-catered options.

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Catamarans provide comfort and a smoother sailing experience than the sailing boat. Perfect for couples that enjoy sightseeing, swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. Offered in all-inclusive or self-catered option.

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The best time to visit Croatia depends on your preferences and what you want to do while you are there. If you want to spend time on the beach and enjoy warm weather, the best time to visit is from June to September, when temperatures are typically in the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit (24-30 degrees Celsius), and the weather is generally stable, with little chance of storms.
If you prefer cooler weather and fewer crowds, the shoulder seasons of April, May, and October may be a good time for sailing in Croatia, but the winds can be strong in the spring and fall, making sailing more challenging.

It is possible to have an enjoyable sailing trip in Croatia in five days, but it will depend on your plans and what you want to see and do. Croatia has a long coastline and numerous islands, so there are many options for sailing trips.
If you only have five days, you should focus on a specific region or area rather than trying to cover too much ground. Overall, a 5-day sailing trip in Croatia can be a great way to explore some of the country’s most beautiful coastal regions and experience the charm of the Croatian islands.

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