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Last update: Friday, January 26, 2024
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Greece is a country with a Mediterranean climate and a clean sea. The country is full of natural beauties, and it is particularly remarkable for its numerous islands and peninsulas in the Ionian, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. The best way to enjoy the natural beauties, blue sky and clear sea is by island hopping – Greek island hopping.

Greece has amazing beaches that are 95,9 % rated as excellent – the highest possible rating by the European Environment Agency. Certainly, you have reasons to visit the Greek islands.

The Dodecanese and East Aegean Islands are particularly interesting groups of islands which we recommend for Greek island hopping. These places are made for sailing.

Some of the most spectacular islands we recommend for sailing adventures are Rhodes, Kos, Patmos, Astypalea, Kalimnos, Marathi, Leros, Nisyros and Symi.


greek island hopping

Rhodes is one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, and the largest and the main Dodecanese island in the Aegean Sea. Rhodes is a combination of antique and modern and offers a medieval core but is also a part of a city that is considered a modern centre.

Rhodes has three harbours, the most beautiful is considered Mandraki and it is an ideal station for Greek island hopping. Mandraki’s harbour is the most picturesque island harbour, where are anchors yachts of the tourists and fishing boats of the local population.

Mandraki’s marina is close to Mandraki’s harbour. Please beware of the rocks and shallow waters on the north side of the port entrance.

If you love golden sand beaches, Rhodes is a great place for you. This is one of the places where small children will feel comfortable and their parents relaxed since a large number of activities are created for families.

Ixia is an important tourist destination that boasts a long beach and the opportunity to enjoy numerous water sports and kite surfing.

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greek island hopping

Kos is one of the most beautiful and sunniest islands on the Aegean Sea. This island is rich in numerous picturesque fishing villages, fresh fruit and vegetables and enchanting beaches.

Kardamena is today the largest resort on the island, offering numerous hotels, bars, shops and places for active holidays. It is also important to note that Marmara place is known for its white sandy beach and the turquoise sea.

What would be a town on an island without its marina, here is the iconic city port lively and full of different boats – from traditional to luxury. It is advisable to make advance reservations as the Kos marina is usually fully booked, especially during the summer months.


Patmos is an island from the Dodecanese. This island is predominantly rocky and has numerous caves, shorelines and marines.

When you arrive at this island as one of the views on your Greek island hopping, the marine leads over the rocky road to the city of Hora. The city stands out with its traditional, architectural-white houses with blue windows.

The biggest marine in Patmos and the capital city is Skala. If you decide to stop here while you are enjoying Greek island hopping, You need to know that this city has a beautiful city beach and a lot of clubs, cafés and taverns.


Astypalea is also an island from the group of Dodecanese. Once the main port of this island was Astipale or Hora. The new main marine is built in the middle of the island- Agios Andreas. These marine ships run to Piraeus and the other Dodecanese islands.

The island is poorly populated with few roads and therefore is ideal for all tourists who want to spend a peaceful holiday in harmony with nature.

The north side of the island is rocky, while the south side is full of sandy beaches. Each side of the island has beautiful natural beauty. The best beaches are Maltezane, Livadia and Pera Gialos.

When you stop at Astypalea while you are enjoying Greek island hopping, we recommend beach Pega Gialos because it is next to the marina where you can anchor the yacht or boat and enjoy one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island.


Kalimnos is a small Greek island belonging to the Dodecanese group of islands. This island is rocky and offers its tourists numerous hidden beaches and coves.

One of the interesting facts about this island is that Kalimnos is known for harvesting and processing sea shrubs, of which they are very proud.

The capital of this island is Pothia. Pothia is also the main port that can be used for anchoring yachts or boats on Greek island-hopping adventures. This city includes the main public services of the island.


If you are looking for holidays in peace and quiet, we definitely recommend Marathi. It is inhabited only by a few residents, and in winter almost nothing is open. During the tourist season, however, it is a different situation.

Two beaches are known on the island, and in the immediate vicinity of one is the Strogulo island, which is owned by the famous Johnny Depp.

If you choose to visit this island, you can do it by boat from neighbouring Leros, Lipsi and Patmos.


greek island hopping

Leros is an island belonging to the group Dodecanese islands. The island’s surface is rocky and mountainous, and You can see craters that show long-vanished volcanic activity.

If you dream of a peaceful vacation and a traditional way of life, this is the right place for you. The place is full of small bays and hidden beaches, and the relaxation is complemented by the enjoyment of natural beauty.

One of the two largest harbours on the island is Aja Marina, and we recommend this amazing port. When you enter the harbour, you will be welcomed by the Château Bouzi with a magnificent lighthouse.


Nisyros is an island from the archipelago Dodecanese. It is a wonderful volcano island and You will be amazed by the white-blue houses, closely encircled by the rocky shore and volcanic rock.

The main town on the island, and also the main port is Mandraki. In this town, you can choose among the many taverns that prepare local specialities for all your senses.

The typical product of Nisyros is a summa, a non-alcoholic drink with an almond flavour. And among other things, you can taste Tomato ice cream, which is an authentic product on this island.


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Symi is one of the most beautiful Greek islands, and this island was once the most successful Greek island.

The Symi town on the island is actually a town port. Many consider it to be the most beautiful Greek port. When you are sailing to the harbour on your Greek island hopping, the cove is stretched on both sides with white and yellow homes built in the traditional way.

At the entrance to the port is the Clock Tower, a copy of the London Big Ben. The port is the place where all the events take place and are fully adapted to all tourists. This place offers numerous hotels, taverns, villas and promenades.

Some of the most beautiful beaches on this island are Agia Marina, Marathouda, Nanou and Agios Nikolaos. Apart from the mentioned beaches, you can also relax on numerous hidden beaches.

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Nature was gentle towards Greece and gave her the incredible beauty that makes every visitor fall in love with them and returns to her when they have a chance. Since Greece owns 1200 islands, this destination is ideal for island hopping.

All the islands we have visited in this article have everything you need for a wonderful vacation – beautiful nature, clear sea, endless beaches and a wonderfully warm climate.

Enjoy everything that these islands can provide you. Contact us for the most amazing tailored vacation and we’ll plan your trip as you wish!

Remember: respect marine life and Keep the Seas Clean!

We wish you fair winds.

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