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Why Go On a sailing adventure in Greece?

Sailing in Greece can be one of the greatest experiences of one’s lifetime. The country is seen by many as a  ‘paradise’ with beautiful sunshine and ever so clear blue skies. It has over 8,000 miles of beautiful coastline, but what makes Greece so special can be found within its 2,000 + islands. With so many starting points for exploration, the island groupings can be visited with adventurous itineraries made to offer sailing experiences unique to each sea and each island group.

Visiting tourists can explore inhabited and uninhabited islands, with picturesque beaches, ancient ruins, secluded bays, quaint historic towns and different anchorages. There are hundreds of reasons that make Greece the perfect holiday and sailing destination, so take a look at some of the reasons below.

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What are some popular sailing routes


With over 200 islands to discover, visiting the Cyclades is ideal for those looking for adventure, with island hopping being easy and line of sight navigation at its best


Distinguishable for their mountainous landscapes, deep blue seas and lush vegetation, the Sporades islands are located in the northwest of the Aegean.

Ionian Islands

With a clear line of sight for navigation and exhilarating sailing conditions, your Ionian yacht charter will be one always to remember.


The southeastern Aegean Sea is what covers the Dodecanese island chain, which is an ideal location for those in the mood for an exhilarating sailing experience.


Saronic offers mixed sailing conditions throughout the year as the Meltemi winds blow in during the summer while May and October offer calm, relaxed sailing.


Picking a boat type

Picking out the type of boat to go with will generally come down to your budget, the group size, and preferred method of sailing. Moreover, different sailboats available can be chartered independently or with a fully-staffed crew.

Find your yacht
2-12 people
The most popular boat which is an except choice for active travellers and couples. They offer the classic sailing experience and tend to vary in size from 30-64 feet.
Starting from 1000 EUR pw
2-12 people
This offers a more smooth sailing experience compared to the normal sailboat and are the perfect choice for bigger groups or families. The sizes often range from 38-70 feet, with the average being around 42 ft.
Starting from 3500 EUR pw
8-20 people
These boats are usually perfect for larger groups. Most of these have six cabins and come with three / four crewmembers. The ship sizes tend to range between 60-100 ft.
Starting from 4000 EUR pw
Motor yacht
2 – 12 people
Motor yachts have from 1 one to up to five cabins depending on their size and tend to range from 30-100 ft.
Starting from 3000 EUR pw

Sailing season and climate

Greece enjoys a Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and cool,  rainy winters. Summer temperatures range on average from 26 to 30°C in the coastal region. High Season months are considered to be July and August and charter costs are highest in this period. Mid Season months are May, June, September and October when charter prices are lower and the weather is still very nice and warm but a bit windier.


Requirements for bareboat charter

If you are an already qualified sailor, you can acquire a yacht charter in Greece without need for a skipper. For motorboats that move up to 30hp, a licence isn’t necessary. But keep in mind that even if you are qualified, it may be better to have a seasoned skipper on board who is well familiar with the surrounding area and shallow waters and reefs in the local Greek islands. However, if you still think you don’t need a skipper, you need to have a relevant qualification, and you should be aware that harbour authorities in Greece no longer accept national equivalent to International Certificate of Competence (ICC), they only accept ICC. But, all national permissions can be easily converted to ICC.

Licenses issued outside Europe, such as American license ASA 104, are not accepted, but those kinds of licenses can also be converted to ICC. Moreover, some Greek port authorities require two ICC licenses – one for a skipper and the crew member. Also, unlike Croatia, you don’t need a VHF Radio Certificate in Greece. This also applies to most Mediterranean countries.

Otherwise we can provide you with a local professional skipper and other crew members like hostess and chef to take care of you and make your sailing holidays to remember.