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5 Day Sailing Itinerary from Rijeka

About this program

Forget landlocked vacations and trade dusty buses for salty breezes and sun-kissed sails. Picture this: waking up to the gentle rocking of your yacht, turquoise waters beckoning for a morning dip, and islands sprinkled like emeralds across the horizon.

Rijeka, a vibrant port city, becomes your launchpad for an unforgettable odyssey. From medieval towns perched on cliffs to hidden coves whispering secrets, each day unveils a new treasure.

About the route

In Croatia, the Adriatic Sea isn’t just a backdrop, it’s your playground. So, pack your adventurous spirit, a healthy dose of wanderlust, and get ready to set sail on a five-day adventure from Rijeka that will leave you yearning for more.


Day 1
Rijeka, Opatija, Rabac, Medulin

Day 1: Cruising along the Eastern Istrian coast from Rijeka to Pula

Unfurl your sails eastward from Rijeka! The rugged Istrian coast unfolds, a tapestry of hidden coves, charming villages, and whispers of history.

Opatija first entices you with its Austro-Hungarian grandeur, grand villas lining the scenic Lungomare promenade. But true adventure awaits beyond the town limits. Hike through the verdant embrace of Učka Nature Park, where trails weave through fragrant forests, culminating in breathtaking panoramas of the Kvarner Gulf. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin, and soak in the panoramic beauty before setting sail again.

Next, Rabac beckons with a different kind of charm. This seaside resort boasts crystal-clear waters and dramatic cliffs, perfect for diving into the cool embrace of the Adriatic. Explore hidden coves, soak up the sun on the beach, or stroll along the waterfront promenade, indulging in gelato as you watch the world go by.

Medulin offers a blend of relaxation and exploration. Bask on its sandy beaches, renowned for their shallow waters and family-friendly atmosphere. Delve into history at the nearby archaeological site of Fažana, where Roman ruins whisper tales of a bygone era.


Day 2

Day 2: Exploring the Ancient City of Pula and its Surroundings

As your yacht gracefully approaches Pula, the crown jewel of Istria, prepare to be transported to a different era. This ancient city, steeped in Roman history, offers a captivating blend of grand monuments and charming cobbled streets.

Step back in time as you enter the awe inspiring Pula Arena, an amphitheater still reverberating with the echoes of gladiatorial battles and epic performances. Climb to the top tiers for panoramic city views, and let your imagination run wild.

Pula’s charm extends beyond its Roman legacy. Wander through the bustling Forum, once the heart of the city, its remnants whispering tales of commerce and daily life. Explore the Temple of Augustus, a beautifully preserved testament to Roman devotion, and delve into the Archaeological Museum, where artifacts paint a vivid picture of Pula’s rich past.

Venture beyond the city walls and discover Brijuni National Park, an archipelago adorned with lush vegetation and exotic wildlife. For a dose of adventure, head to Kamenjak, a nature reserve boasting dramatic cliffs, hidden coves, and dinosaur footprints waiting to be discovered.

Day 3
Cres Island

Day 3: Sailing to Cres Island

Cres Island emerges, a verdant gem cloaked in olive groves and ancient stone villages. Turquoise coves invite you to enjoy activities on sailing vacations: swim, snorkel, or simply soak in the sun-drenched peace.

Pristine beaches like Beli, with its pearly white sand and crystal-clear waters, invite lazy afternoons beneath the sun. Or explore the underwater world of the Blue Cave in Žanje Bay, a haven for divers where stalactites and stalagmites create an otherworldly scene.

Cres Town, a maze of narrow streets lined with Venetian architecture, offers charming piazzas and panoramic vistas from the Venetian Tower. Savor fresh seafood and local Malvasia wine, the flavors reflecting the island’s soul.

As the sun dips, painting the sky in vibrant hues, anchor in a secluded cove. Stargaze under a diamond-studded sky, the gentle rocking of the boat and the sound of waves a lullaby.

Day 4
Osor, Lubenice, Valun

Day 4: Enjoying the Sail around the Cres Island

Embrace the rhythm of the waves as you circumnavigate Cres, each day revealing a new gem. For history buffs, Osor, a town split in two by a Roman bridge, whispers tales of Venetian rule. Nature lovers rejoice in Belej, where the dramatic Koromačna bay beckons with its unique lunar landscape and hidden freshwater lake.

Venture inland to Lubenice, a hilltop village clinging to cliffs, its narrow streets and charming harbor steeped in medieval charm. Don’t miss the breathtaking view from the 15th-century Venetian fortress. Then, dive into the turquoise embrace of Sveti Ivan Beach, renowned for its fine sand and crystal-clear waters, perfect for a refreshing dip or exploring underwater wonders with a snorkel.

For a touch of adventure, head to Mali Bok Beach, accessible only by boat or a challenging hike. Its secluded location and dramatic rock formations reward your effort with unparalleled tranquility. Savor fresh seafood in Valun, a charming harbor town nicknamed the “Croatian Saint-Tropez,” where the scent of the sea mingles with laughter and the clinking of glasses.

Day 5
Return to Rijeka

Day 5: Return to Rijeka

As your unforgettable 5-day sailing journey from Rijeka draws to a close, the city welcomes you back with open arms. But this isn’t just the end of a sailing trip; it’s the beginning of memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore Rijeka’s vibrant harbor, bustling markets, and historic sites like Trsat Castle, perched atop a hill offering panoramic views. And for a truly immersive sailing experience, consider an all-inclusive sailing holiday. Let expert skippers handle the navigation while you indulge in delicious meals, refreshing drinks, and water activities – all included in your package.


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