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Pula sailing route – 7 days of Istrian gastronomy and culture

About this program

This is a 7 day (Saturday – Saturday) sailing trip starting from Pula and is meant for people who love exploring, great food and have an adventurous spirit.

Route includes parts of Istra peninsula and islands in Kvarner region such as Cres, Veli Lošinj and others. Ideal boat vacations for exploring secluded beaches and less tourist places.

Please note that all restaurants and activities listed are only suggestions, and are not included in the price. The trip can be changed according to your wishes, meaning stops can be added or removed.

About the route

Sailing in Pula – dream vacation for food and culture lovers

Starting point: Pula

Arrival: We can arrange a transfer from the airport to the marina for you. The transfer is not included in the price.

About: Pula, your starting point offers a diversity of attractions to lovers of culture. The rich itinerary of its three-thousand-year-old history, where every step you take through the old town is a landmark, begins and ends with the Roman amphitheater. Pula has its own International airport and the marina is only 20 min drive away. We suggest getting to Pula a few days before your charter so you can enjoy the beauties of the Istrian peninsula before you set sails to the sea.

Istria offers more than just the sea, sunbathed shores, romantic coves, and tiny ports! Istria invites you to follow the fairyland paths leading to the small medieval towns crowning her hilly landscape. The peninsula truly is ‘terra magica’; blessed with unspoiled nature, the crown jewel of which are the Brijuni islands, one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Mediterranean with rare plant and animal species. This is a land whose long and rich history can be read literally from dinosaur footprints. What else to say but Istria is an ideal tourist destination…


Day 1
Brijuni National Park

Day 1. Pula – Brijuni

Brijuni National Park is a group of 14 islands and islets where you can witness the magnificent harmony between man, animal and plant life. There are almost 700
plant species and about 250 bird species on the islands. The traces of dinosaurs remains of Antiquity and later periods, achievements of modern times are all present in this area.

Safari park on the island Veliki Brijun has been enriched by numerous imported species. Apart from the native species such as the rabbits or various birds, there are also exotic and less exotic animals that have become accustomed to the climate including deer, llama, zebra or an elephant.

The Boathouse – The permanent museum exhibition
Explore Brijuni by bike
Restaurant Galija
Day 2
Valun, island of Cres

Day 2. Brijuni – Valun

After all the excitement on Brijuni islands, you will have a nice long day sailing to Valun on the island of Cres. Cres is the second-largest island in the Adriatic and one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. An island is a stunning place adorned by forests filled with oak trees, majestic cliffs along the coastline, and medieval hilltop towns.

The little town of Valun is a picturesque charming fishing village that has a small harbor at its center.

Enjoy walking the town and listen to street concerts
St.Mark Church and Valun plate – one of the oldest Glagolitic monuments and it is kept in the parochial church of St. Mary
Restaurant Na Moru
Day 3
Cres – Blue cave – Osor

Day 3. Valun – Blue Cave – Osor

Few stops on your way to Osor where you will spend a night. First, you will visit is charming Cres town. The main sights in Cres Town are the town walls and the Venetian Tower; the Church of St Mary, and the Municipal Loggia, both of which date from the 15th century. After Cres, stop for a swim into the famous Blue Cave, where you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent shades of blue created with the play of sunlight on water.

The foundations of the Osor city walls reveal an ancient history, which can be traced back to the prehistoric era – 9th century BC. The entire town of Osor is an open-air museum; a museum town whose green gardens and parks hide traces of prehistoric ancient villas, Renaissance portals, and monasteries.

Blue World Institute – research on resident population of about 180 bottlenose dolphins in Lošinj archipelago
Tower of Veli Losinj
Breakwater Rovenska
Restaurant Amico in Osor
Day 4
Veli Lošinj – Island Silba – Island Ist

Day 4. Osor – Veli Lošinj – Island Silba – Island Ist

A long day of sailing and visiting more amazing places on your sailing adventure. Veli Lošinj is situated in a narrow bay on the southeast side of Lošinj island, at the foot of St. John’s hill. Tall houses in the first row overlooking the harbor and numerous luxurious villas with beautiful gardens are the main characteristics of this pretty town. Silba is a very small inhabited island full of Mediterranean vegetation and aromatic herbs – untouched nature.

On the Island of Ist there is a bay with a small marina ideal for those who prefer quiet, secluded outdoor holidays. The island has barely 250 inhabitants. There are hills, olive groves, and vineyards in its interior. Ist, with its sandy beaches, bays and sandbanks is ideal diving and nautical tourism.

take a walk through the vineyards and olive groves to the highest point of the island where you will find a small church and enjoy in the panoramic view of the islands in the area
Restaurant Katy on Ist
Day 5
Pantera bay – Molat

Day 5. Ist – Molat

A nice relaxed day of sightseeing is in front of you. The first to visit will be a popular shipwreck spot near Veli Rat on Dugi Otok. It is the shipwreck of an Italian merchant ship that sank in 1984. Today is very attractive for diving or snorkeling. The wreck is partially above the sea surface so it can be easily located and easily accessible. Pantera bay is a well-known spot for all the boaters in the area, very well protected, great for a stop, and have a nice swim.

Molat is an island covered with maquis and pine forests and is the ideal destination for those seeking hiking treks among Mediterranean vegetation. Many bays are frequent destinations for sailors.

take a walk and enjoy the quiet evening
Restaurant Papa on Molat
Day 6
Premuda – Ilovik – Mali Lošinj

Day 6. Molat – Mali Lošinj

On your way to Mali Lošinj where you will spend the night, a stopover on Premuda, a small island covered in maquis and low forests far away from daily routine and stress, and Ilovik – the island of flowers. Mali Losinj is the largest settlement on the island.

The history of Mali Losinj dates back to the 12th century. Losinj’s “golden age” was in the 19th Century when, thanks to the maritime industry, this “small village” swelled into a major maritime town.

Museum of Apoxyomenos – highlight and must-see if visiting
Church of the Nativity of the Virgin – art collections and fine works of art
Restaurant Za kantuni – Mali Lošinj
Day 7
Unije – Pula

Day 7. Mali Lošinj – Unije – Pula

The last day of your adventure will be interesting and fun since you will be crossing the Kvarner bay back to Istria. You will have a day of nice sailing and a chance to take some last photos of your sailing adventure. Our last gastro suggestion is restaurant Lanterna in Duga Uvala.

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Picking a boat type

Picking out the type of boat to go with will generally come down to your budget, the group size, and preferred method of sailing. Moreover, different sailboats available can be chartered independently or with a fully-staffed crew.

Find your yacht
Sailboat on the water | Sebastus Sailing
2-12 people
Choose a Sailboat if you are an active traveler or you’re looking for a romantic getaway. Sailboat offer the classic sailing experience and tend to vary in size from 30 up to 64 feet.
Starting from 160 EUR per day
luxury catamaran on the water aerial view
2-12 people
Catamaran is a top choice if you’re looking for a smoother sailing experience compared to sailboats. Since the size ranges from 38 to 70 feet, this is a right vessel for bigger groups or families.
Starting from 500 EUR per day
Gulet on the water | Sebastus Sailing
8-20 people
Most of Gulets have six cabins and come with three or four crew members, which makes it amazing for larger groups. The sip sizes tend to range between 60 to 100 feet, so you can be sure that everyone has more than enough space.
Starting from 600 EUR per day
Motor yacht on the water | Sebastus Sailing
Motor yacht
2 – 12 people
Depending on what you’re looking for, you may find motor yachts from one up to five cabins and their size tend to range from 30 to 100 ft. These beautiful vessels are perfect for a luxurious touch on sailing vacation.
Starting from 500 EUR per day
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