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Pula sailing guide

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Pick a route for your perfect sailing holiday

7 days sailing route Pula and islands of Kvarner

Explore beautiful Brijuni and the islands in Kvarner region with this 7 days sailing route.

Kid friendly 7 days route from Pula

This route is made for sailing with children. Islands are perfect places to visit – there are fewer cars, nature is wild and a great place to explore and learn, you can even meet some animals you don’t see on the mainland.

7-day Sailing Itinerary from Pula

Set sail from the enchanting city of Pula on a mesmerizing 7-day journey, where azure waters and sun-kissed destinations await.

3 Days Sailing Itinerary from Pula

With its rich history, inviting azure waters, and hidden coves, this region offers a unique and unrivaled sailing experience.

5 Days Sailing Itinerary from Pula

Join us on a 5-day sailing route from Pula and we promise you’ll have an unforgettable voyage through time and the tides.

About Pula

Pula offers a diversity of attractions to lovers of culture. The rich itinerary of its three-thousand-year-old history, where every step you take through the old town is a landmark, begins and ends with the Roman amphitheater.

Pula has its own international airport, and the marina is only 20 min drive away. Little tip: get to Pula a few days before your charter so you can enjoy the beauties of the Istrian peninsula before you set sails to the sea.

aerial view of Brijuni islands

Why is Pula area popular among sailors?

Pula offers a diversity of attractions to lovers of culture. The rich itinerary of its three-thousand-year-old history, where every step you take through the old town is a landmark, begins and ends with the Roman amphitheater. When you rent a boat in Pula, you’ll have a chance to explore some of Croatia’s most intriguing sites such as the Istrian crown jewel, Brijuni islands, one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Mediterranean with rare plant and animal species.

Some of the best spots in the area are Banjole, Premantura, Fazana, Punta Verudela and Bijeca Beach.


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Sailing conditions and winds in Pula region

Pula region offers great sailing conditions for most of the year, with a variety of wind and sea conditions to suit all levels of sailing experience.

During the summer months, from June to September, the prevailing winds are typically from the northwest, with average wind speeds ranging from 10 to 20 knots. This makes for excellent sailing conditions, with plenty of opportunities for both experienced and novice sailors to enjoy the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

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Best spots to sail to

There are several great spots to sail to close to Pula, including:
Brijuni National Park: A group of 14 islands with crystal-clear waters, secluded coves, and plenty of opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.
Kamenjak Peninsula: Located at the southern tip of Istria, Kamenjak is a nature reserve with stunning beaches, hidden coves, and crystal-clear waters.
Rovinj: A picturesque fishing town with a historic old town and a scenic harbor, ideal for exploring on foot and sampling the local cuisine.
Cres and Lošinj: Two neighboring islands with rugged coastlines, unspoiled nature, and plenty of secluded bays and beaches to explore.
Krk: The largest island in the Adriatic, Krk boasts a rich history, picturesque villages, and plenty of hidden coves and bays to explore.


Pula is located in the Istria region of Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea coast.

Pula is known for its well-preserved ancient Roman architecture, including the impressive amphitheater, as well as its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, making it a popular tourist destination in Croatia.

Yes, there is a marina close to Pula town called ACI Marina Pula, which is located just a short walk from the town center and offers a range of amenities and services for sailors, including mooring, fuel, water, electricity, and maintenance facilities.

Yes, it is possible to sail from Pula to Venice, but it is a relatively long and challenging voyage that requires careful planning and preparation.

The distance between Pula and Venice is approximately 70 nautical miles, and the journey depends on weather conditions and the speed of the boat.

Best months to sail around Pula are June and September since it is less crowded and the days is still long and the air and sea temperatures are still high.
High season to sail around Pula is considered to be in July and August.