Top reasons to book a sailing holiday in the Šibenik area

Last update: Friday, January 26, 2024
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No matter how much you love your everyday life, sometimes you need to let it go and ease into nature. Sailing in the Šibenik area is perfect for boosting your productivity, relaxation, and the opportunity for new experiences as well as for deepening any kind of relationship. Need more reasons for sailing, here are the top 6 of them!

Šibenik fortress with boats cruising

1. Time for recharging your batteries in Šibenik archipelago

The best part of sailing is that you have time to relax. Sun kisses your cheeks, the sea breeze caresses your hair, and having the opportunity to simply jump into the sea for refreshment will give you so much energy in no time. The best part is that the gorgeous Šibenik area has a mentality that encourages you to slow down and enjoy yourself. Give yourself time and take pleasure in the little things that life has to offer, such as amazing coffee in the morning, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, or simply the company of your friends and family. Once you’re relaxed, enjoy precious time with your kids. Play with them, put technology away and you’ll get a creativity boost, as well as a special bond and memory of the amazing sailing adventure you had together.

2. Exploring various destination around Šibenik

There is nothing like exploring while sailing. Šibenik area is full of astounding islands that are so inviting for this kind of vacation. We’ll start from Šibenik, which is a magnificent Mediterranean city in heart of Dalmatia. Before you sail away on your adventure, explore the beautifully preserved Old Town. You’ll find there Šibenik’s Cathedral of St. James, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the influence of various styles including the Gothic lower level and the Renaissance upper level. It has an exquisite frieze on the outside of the apse with more than 70 unique faces representing ordinary townsfolk from the 15th century. Just across the square from the cathedral, you’ll find The Old Town Hall famous for its beautiful large columns, arches, and balustrade. This is a good opportunity for a walk with a special view and showing your kids different types of cultures and times.

When you’re ready for your sailing adventure, pass by St. Nicholas Fortress built in the 16th century to defend the port of Šibenik from Turkish attack by sea. The fortress resembles an arrowhead and since there are only three such forts in the Mediterranean it’s worth your time. Your little sailors will get great inspiration for a new game of defending the forts (or maybe becoming a pirate) and you’ll most certainly enjoy an astonishing view.

After that close to Šibenik you may find Kaprije Island full of olive and grapevine valleys. Another place you don’t wanna miss is Velika Stupica bay as it is one of the most attractive ports of the Šibenik archipelago. There you can enjoy a swim and a nice meal with your family and friends. After taking a little break, sail away to the uninhabited island of Piškera. It’s part of NP Kornati, which means that there are plenty of breathtaking views and places for kids to run, play, and “investigate”. Another beauty of NP Kornati for sure is Levrnaka island with sandy beach Lojena and island peak Veliki vrh with an amazing view of the whole Kornati archipelago. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy laying on the sandy beach, while your little one is building a fort, just like the one you saw sailing away from Šibenik.

Nearby you may find the nature park Telašćica and wonderful islands such as Iž, Zverinac, Molat, Rivanj, and many others that are full of Mediterranean vegetation and lovely bays. Explore them all and take that gorgeous view back with you like some of the best memories of a lifetime.

Ready to explore the beauty of Šibenik?

It’s a popular destination for experiencing Croatian culture and history!

small boats anchored in front of the fisherman village

3. Long-term memories

If you just explore the suggested locations, we believe you’ll build some of the best memories. But the best part is that you get to share it with your friends, family or even colleagues. Spending that much time together sailing and exploring can be the bonding time that produces something new for all of you, exciting times that can lead to anecdotes that will bring you even closer together.

4. Teambuilding in Šibenik that boosts productivity

If you’re planning team building, we have great news for you. One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of working groups is most certainly sailing. Working under high stress is much easier if the team is closer, which leads to an improvement in productivity. Sailing together for sure will encourage socializing between co-workers, improving communication, and gaining trust, while all enjoy nature and isolation, entertainment, physical activity, and the sensation of relaxation in the place that invites all tourists to admire beautiful views and slow down, such as Šibenik. Take photos of all places you explore as a team so that you can remember how good a time you had together. Oh, and don’t forget to party.

5. Enjoy the gourmet paradise of Šibenik

The gastronomic tradition of the Šibenik area will take your taste buds to another universe and back. Fresh fish, seashells and all kinds of seafood mixed with homemade olive oil and spices make perfect harmony that makes some of the well-known specialities such as grilled fish, mussels on buzara, broth, as well as seafood risotto. The Šibenik area will be a haven for those with a sweet tooth. You must try rožata, fritule, korštule and last but not least – mandulat.

Wines and aperitives won’t leave you disappointed. This area is known for the most amazing red and white wine. But there is something else that you may find interesting – rakija. Rakija is a kind of brandy that is served with dried figs as a welcome aperitif and a sign of hospitality.

If you haven’t already, book your vacation in Croatia and sail with us to this Mediterranean paradise.

6. Nice weather and safe places that kids simply adore

This route is made for the whole family to simply enjoy (the time spent on) sailing. Especially the Kornati route. Destinations have mostly nice weather and safe places for kids to play, swim and have fun. Our skippers can teach the kids sailing basics and make them captains first mates. They will love that! Imagine how happy would you be to had this amazing opportunity, when you were a little one.

If you’re planning a family vacation, the Kornati route is perfect for all of you. You’ll have such an amazing time in Fun Park Biograd, as well as Biograd Museum with an exhibit of items found on a Venetian ship that sank off the coast in the 16th century. And this is just Day 1 of this amazing route. Check out the rest of the family-friendly Kornati route, select dates and sail with us to a new family adventure.

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