14 Day Sailing Itinerary Croatia

Last update: Friday, January 26, 2024
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Embarking on a two-week sailing voyage in Croatia is not merely a vacation; it is an odyssey through azure waters and coastal wonders. Picture yourself navigating the Adriatic’s gentle breezes, tracing a path through a tapestry of historic cities, each harboring a gateway to a new adventure. Croatia’s coastline, adorned with hidden coves and medieval charm, becomes your nautical playground. As the sun kisses the horizon, you’ll ponder the question, “Is it safe to sail in Croatia?” Fear not, for our expertly curated itinerary ensures not just adventure, but a secure and unforgettable maritime experience along this Adriatic jewel.

Day 1: Setting Sail from Rovinj

Launching your seafaring escapade from the enchanting port of Rovinj is like setting sail from a coastal dreamscape. This Venetian-inspired gem beckons with pastel-hued facades lining narrow cobblestone streets, a prelude to the maritime wonders awaiting you. As your yacht glides from Rovinj’s harbor, catch a glimpse of the iconic St. Euphemia’s Basilica perched atop the hill, its towering presence echoing tales of centuries past. Venture into the vibrant quays, where the aroma of freshly caught seafood mingles with the salty breeze. Rovinj, a canvas of romance and adventure, invites you to set sail on a Croatian journey where each ripple in the sea narrates an unforgettable chapter of maritime magic.

Rovinj in sunset

Day 2: Exploring Pula’s Ancient Ruins

Now, your sailing odyssey unveils the ancient allure of Pula, a city where time seems to stand still amid remarkable ruins. Nestled on the Istrian Peninsula, Pula proudly highlights its crown jewel—the Pula Arena. This colossal Roman amphitheater, a relic of the past, echoes with the cheers of gladiators and the whispers of history. As you stroll through the Forum, envision the vibrant heart of ancient Pula, adorned with temples and arches. The Arch of the Sergii, a testament to Roman architectural prowess, stands proudly, inviting you to feel the chronicles of time. In Pula, the winds carry tales of antiquity, and each ruin tells a story waiting to be discovered on your 14-day sailing trip.

Day 3: Sailing to Lošinj’s Lush Isles

Venturing further on, Lošinj emerges as a captivating gem in the Adriatic, enticing with its lush landscapes and azure waters. This island paradise invites you to trade sails for exploration, immersing yourself in the vibrant town of Mali Lošinj. Stroll along the charming harbor, where pastel-hued buildings reflect in the crystal-clear sea. As your nautical journey continues, embrace the therapeutic scents of the Lošinj Aromatic Garden, a fragrant sanctuary of healing plants. Delight in island hopping from Lošinj, a gateway to neighboring isles like Cres and Pag, each promising unique wonders and contributing to the harmonious symphony of your maritime adventure along Croatia’s mesmerizing coast.

Beautiful turquoise bay at the Lošinj Island

Day 4: Discovering the Hidden Gems of Cres

Navigating the Adriatic’s embrace, you will discover Cres, a haven of natural splendors and cultural richness. Picture yourself wandering through the timeless streets of Cres Town, where medieval charm dances with the sea breeze. The Cres Museum, a treasure trove of island history, whispers tales of centuries past. Engage in the poetic dance between sea and sky at the high Beli cliffs, where the azure waters meet rugged cliffs in a breathtaking display. Cres, a canvas of tranquility and adventure, beckons you to explore its enchanting landscapes and unlock the secrets woven into the fabric of this Adriatic gem.

Day 5: Sailing to Pag

Pag Island, kissed by salt-laden winds, offers a sensory dance of flavors and landscapes. Navigate through Pag Town’s labyrinthine streets, where stone facades tell tales of ancient craftsmanship. Delight your palate with the island’s renowned “paški sir” (cheese), a savory indulgence born from the island’s unique terroir. For those seeking a different tempo, the vibrant beach of Zrće awaits, an Adriatic party haven pulsating with energy. Pag, an island of contrasts, invites you to savor its diverse offerings, from cultural whispers in ancient stone to the lively beats echoing along the shores.

Pag island

Day 6: Uncovering Pag’s Natural Beauty

Sailing around Pag is a poetic journey through nature’s masterpieces, enriched by sailor-friendly havens. Secluded coves like Stara Novalja and Metajna beckon, inviting sailors to anchor in pristine waters. Olive groves lining the shores perfume the air, a prelude to Pag’s serene beauty. Sailors can find refuge in Pag Town’s harbor, while Lun’s Marina offers a tranquil haven, making Pag Island a maritime paradise for adventurers.

Day 7: Experiencing the Beauty of Zadar

Embarking from the sailor’s haven of Pag, the nautical journey unfolds towards Zadar, a coastal symphony awaiting your arrival. Navigating the Adriatic waves, the ancient city emerges with an inviting melody. Zadar’s historic peninsula unveils treasures like the Church of St. Donatus, a testament to Romanesque architecture, and the Sea Organ, where the waves compose a harmonious tune. Stroll along the vibrant Kalelarga, the city’s main street, where history and modernity intertwine. As the sun dips below the horizon, the Greeting to the Sun, a solar-powered installation, illuminates the night.

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Day 8: Exploring the Cathedrals of Šibenik

Embarking from Zadar, the maritime odyssey unfurls towards the captivating city of Šibenik, another jewel on the Dalmatian coast. Navigating the Adriatic’s azure expanse, the silhouette of St. James’ Cathedral emerges, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a marvel of Renaissance architecture. Intricately carved friezes and a mesmerizing dome create an awe-inspiring panorama for sailors docking in the historic harbor.
The journey inland reveals the enchanting St. Nicholas’ Fortress, guarding the entrance to Šibenik channel with its formidable walls. Beyond the cathedrals and fortifications, Šibenik’s vibrant spirit beckons sailors to the lively waterfront, where seafood taverns and local markets offer a taste of Dalmatian delights. As the sun sets, the city’s cobblestone streets come alive with cultural festivals, creating an immersive experience for sailors, blending history, architecture, and the pulsating energy of contemporary Croatian coastal life.

Day 9: Setting Sail for Trogir and Exploring its Historical Heritage

Continuing the seafaring expedition from Šibenik, the coastal voyage brings sailors to the enchanting town of Trogir. Navigating the shimmering Adriatic, the UNESCO-listed Old Town unfolds like a medieval tapestry. Trogir’s crowning jewel, the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, captivates with its Romanesque and Gothic allure.

Sailors docking in Trogir marina are greeted by the harmonious blend of ancient architecture and lively waterfront cafes. The Kamerlengo Fortress, perched on the water’s edge, offers panoramic views of the Adriatic, a visual feast for those seeking historical immersion. Trogir’s labyrinthine streets invite exploration, revealing hidden gems like the St. Mark’s Tower and the Ćipiko Palace.

As the sun dips below the horizon, Trogir’s ambiance transforms, inviting sailors to savor Dalmatian cuisine and witness the town’s historic charm illuminated under the starlit sky—a sublime culmination to the 14-day tailored vacation.

Sailing boats moored in Trogir pier

Day 10: Exploring Split’s Historical Heart

Split, a city where echoes of ancient tales harmonize with the vibrant beats of contemporary life. The horizon reveals the imposing silhouette of Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO masterpiece and the soul of Split’s Old Town. Docking within the historic harbor, sailors are enveloped by the timeless embrace of Roman walls. Meandering through the labyrinth of stone-paved streets, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius and the Peristyle square unfold tales of centuries past.

Yet, Split is more than a living museum; it is a maritime haven where the Riva promenade invites sailors to unwind in waterfront cafes, absorbing panoramic views and the lively cadence of this Dalmatian gem. Split, a convergence of antiquity and contemporary charm, beckons sailors to savor its lively cadence, creating a vibrant interlude along the mesmerizing tapestry of Croatia’s captivating coast.

Day 11: Island Hopping to the Shores of Hvar

Sailing towards Hvar Island unveils a maritime paradise where turquoise waters cradle a tapestry of natural wonders and historic marvels. Anchoring off the coast, sailors can explore the enchanting Hvar Town, with its Venetian architecture and vibrant nightlife. Island-hopping from Hvar opens a realm of possibilities – from the untouched beauty of Pakleni Islands to minor Šćedro.

A climb to the medieval Hvar Fortress (Fortica) reveals panoramic views of the archipelago, inviting sailors to embrace the allure of island vistas. Amidst lavender fields and olive groves, Hvar stands as a maritime gateway, enticing seafarers to discover the magic woven into the sun-kissed shores and azure waters that surround this Adriatic haven.

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Day 12: Sailing to Korčula’s Old Town

Korčula Old Town, a medieval masterpiece cradled by the Adriatic, welcomes sailors to a labyrinth of narrow alleys and honey-colored stone buildings. As yachts dock in the sheltered harbor, the enchanting ambiance of the town unfolds. St. Mark’s Cathedral stands as a sentinel, adorned with intricate sculptures, while the Marco Polo House whispers tales of the famed explorer’s birth.

The atmospheric streets, radiating from the central square like spokes on a wheel, invite exploration. Delve into the timeless charm of Korčula’s Old Town, where each cobblestone step unveils centuries of history, creating a captivating tapestry for seafarers navigating the rich cultural currents of the Adriatic.

Day 13: Exploring the Coast of Korčula Island

The coastline of Korčula Island unfolds in a rhythmic dance of secluded coves, olive groves, and vineyards, painting a serene backdrop against the Adriatic horizon. Amidst the verdant landscapes, the island’s allure extends beyond the shoreline, inviting exploration of quaint villages like Lumbarda, where sandy beaches and centuries-old winemaking traditions coalesce. Or Vela Luka on the western edge with its own unique character.

The captivating scent of pine forests adds to the sensory tapestry as sailors discover the island’s serene interior. Korčula’s coastal charm beckons sailors to anchor in tranquil bays, a prelude to days filled with swimming, sunbathing, and absorbing the timeless beauty of this Adriatic gem, where nature and maritime escapades seamlessly intertwine.

Day 14: Setting Sails for Dubrovnik

Embarking on the final leg, sailors set their course for the iconic city of Dubrovnik, with the enchanting National Park Mljet awaiting exploration en route. Anchoring near the island, sailors can venture into the National Park, where saltwater lakes and dense forests create a serene retreat. After absorbing the natural beauty of Mljet, the journey continues to Dubrovnik.

The approach to Dubrovnik or the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is a spectacle, with the city’s medieval walls rising proudly from the sea. Docking within the historic harbor, the UNESCO-listed Old Town unfolds, a living museum adorned with Baroque churches and Renaissance palaces. Stroll along the centuries-old city walls for panoramic views, and wander through the limestone-paved Stradun, where history resonates in every step.

Embark on a 14-day sailing odyssey through Croatia’s coastal jewels – from the charming harbors of Rovinj to the ancient walls of Dubrovnik. Immerse yourself in azure beauty, historic splendors, and hidden paradises. Seize the helm of your adventure with Sebastus Sailing – book your Croatian sailing escapade now and unlock the Adriatic’s treasures!


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