Catamaran sailing benefits

Last update: Friday, January 26, 2024

Are you planning your holidays in Croatia? Did you maybe consider a sailing holiday? Yes? Great, I have a lot to talk to you about!

If you are a bigger group of friends, 10 or maybe 12, we would recommend you rent a catamaran.

You have more space for all your bathing suits and slippers, towels and cocktails, dancing and chilling on the deck.

On a catamaran, you have a net in front of it so you can sunbathe all summer long. Or as long as your holiday lasts.

For a catamaran sailing in Croatia, you need all the sunny days you can get. You are in luck because the Croatian coast is the sunniest part of the country.

So, let’s plan your sailing trip from the coast from north to south.

Catamaran on the water | Sebastus Sailing

Catamaran Sailing Istria and Kvarner

As you may know, Istria is famous for its food – truffles, fusi, pljukanci pasta and some of the best vine sorts like Istrian Malvasia and Terrano.

After all its food you can hide on beautiful sandy beaches and coves to relax. With its Italian heritage, Istria charms everyone who visits.

As the regional capital of Istria, you can visit Pula and it’s the famous Roman arena.

On the way through the canal, you will see the Kvarner islands like Krk and Cres which are famous for their untouched nature and beautiful camps. You should also visit Rijeka. Rijeka is a historical harbour that was a very important trading port. Now it is a modern city that is going to be the European Capital of Culture 2020.

Comfort and stability?

It’s possible on a catamaran sailing adventure!

Boats anchored in front of the typical Istrian town

Catamaran Sailing Dalmatia

On your way south you will have the mountain Velebit on your left and the beautiful islands of Pag, Silba and Olib on your right.

Your next stop can be Zadar. Old town Zadar, at the same time the city centre, is on a peninsula that is framed by a big wall. The city itself is old and dates from the Roman Empire.

On the seafront, you can find the Monument to the sun and the Sea organ that plays on the waves that come from the sea.

From Zadar to Šibenik there are a lot of small towns with the best restaurants in the region and hidden beaches where you can rest on your catamaran sailing trip.

You should also visit Split. Split is also an old Roman town.

Its core dates from the fourth century AD and the town is built around it. But Split isn’t only the old centre.

In Split was a water sport invented. It is called – picigin; pronunciation: [pit͡sǐgiːn].

It is obligatory to play on the beach and in shallow waters. The goal is to keep a small ball from touching the water and to show everybody else how ripped is your body.

Not to scare you, picigin is an amateur sport with no strict rules.

After you showed your picigin skills on the most known beach in Split – Bačvcice, you will continue your catamaran sailing journey to Brač.

Aside from great food and beautiful scenery, Brač is known as the island with the most popular beach in Croatia – Golden Horn (or in Croatian: Zlatni rat).

What is so special about that beach? Its shape. It is made of sand and because of that, the wind can shape it to its will.

Zlatni Rat on Brač island aerial view

After Brač it is time for Hvar. Hvar is the island with the sunniest days of the year in all of Croatia.

You have an old town centre in the city of Hvar and hidden beaches just around the corner. It is good that you are on a catamaran and can escape the heat and crowd whenever you want.

Hvar is one of the islands where there is nightlife. A lot of really fancy clubs and bars are open on the coast with the view of sunsets shining over the blue colour of the Adriatic sea.

If you had enough of the crowd in Hvar you can take your catamaran and enjoy the silence in the canals of Paklinski islands.

One of the sounds that describe the Croatian coast is the cricket song. It is a special feeling: the smell of the sea, the heat of the sun, the sound of crickets and the freedom of sailing.

After you have had enough of the peaceful Paklinski islands you can continue your journey to Vis.

Vis is the farthest inhabited island in Croatia. As with all the above, Vis is also old and full of hidden gems. You may have maybe heard of the Blue Cave – it is world popular and a lot of tourists love to visit it.

But did you know there is also a Green Cave? Well now you do and you should really check it out!

Zlatni Rat on Brač island aerial view

Catamaran Sailing South Dalmatia

And for the end the pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik, King’s Landing or whatever you want to call it. The city walls are going to greet you in all their greatness.

You can anchor in front of the city to visit the centre and have a great view of Lokrum Island opposite the canal.

In the city centre, you can visit the Jesuit Staircase (Steps of the Great Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing) or St. Dominic Street which was playing the role of the market scenes, or the Rector’s Palace (The residence of the Spice King in Qarth).


Whatever you visit on this list of suggestions you will enjoy your catamaran sailing with everything the Croatian coast has to offer.

Old heritage, culture, great cuisine and nightlife.

Just take your pick (and send us some great photos).

Remember: respect marine life and Keep the Seas Clean!

We wish you fair winds!

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