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Paros sailing guide

Paros is a favored sailing destination in the Aegean Sea due to its central location

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The name “Cyclades” refers to the islands forming a circle (“circular islands”) around the sacred island of Delos.

About Paros

Paros is a picturesque Greek island located in the Aegean Sea, which forms part of the Cyclades group of islands. It is widely known for its breathtaking landscapes, captivating villages, and the perfect mix of traditional and modern elements. Paros is situated in the central Cyclades and is easily accessible from other popular islands such as Mykonos and Naxos. During the summer months, Paros hosts various cultural and musical events that attract artists, musicians, and tourists from all over the world.

It is a favored sailing destination in the Aegean Sea due to its central location, sheltered anchorages, and ports, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the Cyclades. Paros is a well-rounded destination that offers a blend of natural beauty, culture, water sports, and lively town life.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, exploration, or adventure, Paros has something to offer every traveler. The island’s cuisine features fresh seafood, locally sourced produce, and traditional Greek dishes. You can savor these flavors in the island’s tavernas and restaurants.

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Where to eat and drink in Paros?

Paros is renowned for its multitude of excellent restaurants situated right by the sea. Among these, Barbarossa Restaurant stands out, located in the charming little port of Naoussa Paros. With a long-standing reputation for serving delicious Greek cuisine since the 1960s, this eatery has become a favorite among both locals and tourists.

If you’re looking for breathtaking scenery while you dine, look no further than Rada, a Greek restaurant situated right on Agioi Anargyri beach, in the Naoussa area. And if you’re in the mood for a cozy, traditional atmosphere, head on over to Halaris Ouzery, a traditional ouzeri serving fresh fish and seafood, as well as a mouth-watering assortment of traditional appetizers from Paros and Santorini.

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Sailing conditions and weather in the Paros area

Sailing conditions around Paros are generally fantastic. During summer, the Meltemi wind, a cool breeze from the north, is a consistent feature of the area. This wind provides a stable force for your sailing journey.

The temperature during summer ranges from warm to hot, and the sea is usually calm. However, the Meltemi can pick up at times, so it’s vital to keep an eye on the weather forecast. If you love smooth sailing and sunny days, Paros is a perfect place for sailing. Just be mindful of the wind patterns, and you’ll sail like a pro through the beautiful azure waters!

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Best mooring spots around Paros

Paros is a beautiful island with several charming villages to explore. Naoussa, located on the northern side of the island, is a picturesque fishing village with an excellent harbor that provides great mooring facilities. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere, waterfront tavernas, and the beauty of the Cycladic architecture. Parikia, the capital of Paros, is situated on the western coast and boasts a well-protected bay with a bustling port.

You’ll find numerous mooring options here, along with the enchanting old town, archaeological sites, and vibrant nightlife. If you’re looking for adventure, consider sailing through the narrow strait that separates Paros from Antiparos. You’ll find spots to drop anchor and enjoy the stunning views of both islands.

On the eastern coast, Piso Livadi offers a relaxed atmosphere and a small port with good mooring facilities. It’s a quieter alternative to the busier ports on the island. Aliki, located on the southwestern coast, is a charming fishing village with a small harbor. It’s a peaceful spot for mooring, and you can explore the traditional side of Paros.

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Why is Paros popular among sailors?

Ports like Naoussa and Parikia are not only excellent for mooring but also offer a delightful blend of traditional charm and modern amenities. Explore narrow streets, savor local cuisine, and soak in the vibrant culture.

Beyond sailing, Paros offers a range of activities for sailors to enjoy. Whether it’s water sports, hiking, or simply relaxing on the beach, there’s something for every taste.


The cost of a day boat rental in Paros can vary significantly based on the type and size of the boat, the season, and additional services or amenities included. On average, prices for a day boat rental in Paros can range from €150 to €800 or more, depending on these factors. It’s advisable to contact local boat rental companies directly for accurate pricing information based on your specific preferences and needs.

Yes, you can sail from Paros to Mykonos as both islands are part of the Cyclades group and relatively close to each other, allowing for a sailing trip that typically takes a few hours, depending on the wind conditions and the type of boat used.

In Greece, a sailing license is required for the operation of sailboats or motorboats with engines exceeding a certain power, typically 30 horsepower (HP) or more.
Skipper needs to have an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) and a VHF license.