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Kuna (HRK)
5835,3 km
Number of islands
Number of islands

About Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country.

56 542 km²
Larger cities
Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik


  • In Pannonian Croatia is continental.
  • In mountainous Croatia it is alpine.
  • And on the coast the climate is Mediterranean, with dry and hot summers and damp and mild winters.

Requirements for bareboat charter

If you want to try bareboat sailing in Croatia, you must meet certain conditions stipulated by international maritime law and any maritime country.

You need to have

  • The Certificate of Competency for a Skipper B or C category
  • Or the Certificate of Competency for a Yacht Master for boats over 35 BT

Foreign citizens must have:

  • The documents for operating vessels issued by the competent state bodies, recognized as per the Memorandum prepared by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia
  • The licence to operate the radio unit (VHF) issued by the port authority,
  • The certified crew list (the first and the last names of all crew members, their dates of birth and the personal ID card or passport numbers). In case the crew members change, the nearest port authority must be informed.

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Tourist tax

For yachtsmen:

Fees have been introduced instead of residence tax, depending on the length of stay and length of the ship, just for owners of the boat.

If you charter a yacht:

Tourist tax is charged 7kn per day for persons older than 18, and for persons between 12 and 18 year of age, tax is reduced by 50%. Children under 12 do not pay tourist tax.

Tourist tax for disabled persons and one accompanying person:

Reduced by 70%.

Catamaran sailing in Croatia


  • Have a lot more space than sailing boats, because of their two hulls, and the central part, which increases the capacity even more.
  • More stable, so it is suitable for navigators who do not yet have the experience at sea.
  • Balast-free, lighter, requires less propulsive power and it is faster.
  • Perfect for a family or group vacation
  • Discovering shallow coves of Adriatic Sea (because of its size).
Catamaran sailing in Croatia

Croatian coast

Main info:

  • 5835 kilometers
  • 1246 islands (67 inhabited)
  • Three large island groups: Northern Adriatic islands, North Dalmatian islands, and Middle and South Dalmatian islands.
  • Surrounded by The Adriatic Sea: transparency up to 56 meters, salinity about 38 ‰

Top destinations


Main info:

  • Rich history (dates back to 7th century)
  • One of the world’s top destinations.
  • The Old city of Dubrovnik is on the list of UNESCOs World Heritage Centers.
  • Almost the whole Old city is surrounded by 2 kilometers of ancient walls and fortifications, which are one of the reasons for enlisting it on UNESCO’s map.
  • Surrounded by The Adriatic Sea: transparency up to 56 meters, salinity about 38 ‰

Islands in the area: Mljet with its National park, Korčula, Elaphite islands

Destination 1


Main info:

  • Situated in the middle of Adriatic, between Šibenik and Zadar area
  • Archipelago of 140 islands
  • National Park founded in 1980
  • Species of fish, crustaceans, corals and sponges live undisturbed for 37 years
  • Islands are completely uninhabited


Main info:

  • The fourth largest island in Croatia.
  • The sunniest Croatian island(almost 114 days per year).

Islands in the area:

  • Pakleni Islands
  • Brač
  • Ščedro
Destination 3
Destination 2

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FP Saona 47

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Gulet Adriatic Holiday

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