Charter in Croatia – all you need to know

Sailboat rent or charter in Croatia is increasingly popular every year among sailors from around the world.

The Croatian coast has unique relief and structural – geological features. That’s why it is one of the most attractive nautical destinations in the world.

The uniqueness of the archipelago, with as many as 1,244 islands, islets, cliffs, and reefs, as well as numerous coves, bays, and inlets, position it as one of the most indented and beautiful coasts in Europe.

Mild Mediterranean climate and plenty of sunny hours ensure a pleasant voyage on the sea even outside the summer season.

The Adriatic Sea is calm, with no strong currents or large waves. So, it provides the ideal conditions for nautical tourism. Especially because of its features: warmth (the average sea temperature in the summer is between 22°C and 27°C), relative shallowness and high salinity.

Furthermore, the sea is clean with high transparency (up to 50 m), the richness of the underwater provides the intensity and diversity to its many shades of blue helping it blend with the picturesque shore.

Few helpful information – charter in Croatia

Adriatic winds

It is essential for charter in Croatia that the Croatian coast and islands are reputed to be safe for sailors.

Therefore, it is important to know the weather conditions in order to avoid accidents.

The main winds on the Adriatic during the summer are Bura, Jugo and Maestral.

Bura is a north-east wind that appears suddenly. It is dry and cold and it can blow in strong gusts. Tramontana is a wind similar to bura, but it is less unpredictable.

Jugo is a moist and warm wind that blows from the south-east to the south (so-called sharp). It gradually gains strength through a period of several days and can reach the intensity of a storm. Sometimes it ends with a very strong south-west wind – lebić.

Maestral is a daytime north-west wind that blows during nice weather. It is fresh and pleasant and gains strength throughout the day providing ideal sailing conditions.

Burin often appears during summer nights, the north wind that blows from the land.

The heating of the sea surface and the raising of large amounts of moist air during the summer creates strong and short storms called nevera or neverin.

It is recommended to listen to announcements on CH 16 VHF (shore radio stations Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik) during sailing for regular weather reports, weather warnings and radio announcements for yachtsmen.


Nautical tourism is a recognized part of the Croatian tourist offer. Charter in Croatia depends on the quality marinas.

Therefore, there are as many as 97 nautical ports along the coastline, with 56 of them being marinas.

Marinas offer secure conditions for your stay and rich voyage supply offer. Of course, in accordance with the operating terms and conditions and obligations during your stay at the berth.

The berth fees depend on the length of the boat and the port location.

Yachtsmen are especially interested in the middle Adriatic area (between Zadar and Dubrovnik). That makes Kaštela marina the ideal place to begin your Adriatic Sea sailing adventure.

But, it is almost impossible to visit all the interesting destinations during a one or two-week sailing trip.

That’s why it is necessary to plan your voyage in advance and arrange a timely return to the starting port. In that way, you will lose no time on your charter in Croatia.

Closer to the shore

Sailing routes north of Kaštel include the one of a kind museum city of Trogir with its riviera.

Of course, there is the Šibenik riviera with the picturesque Primošten, Vodice that is attractive to tourists, as well as Tribunj. Nearby is the island of Murter with rich content for tourists and picturesque coves, and Jezera, a fishing village.

Especially interesting is the area of the Kornati National Park, the archipelago with numerous coves and small restaurants serving domestic specialties, as well as Skradin near the Krka National Park.

The Zadar riviera with its shoreline, numerous coves and islands, and the favorable wind is also an attractive destination for yachtsmen.

The area south of Kaštel, next to Split as the center of Dalmatia, features touristically attractive Omiš and Makarska rivieras (Baška Voda, Brela). Islands hold a special spot among the sailing routes.

On the open sea

The island of Šolta, with the Maslinica cove, Brač, with the protected Milna port or the village of Bol known for its sandy beach named Zlatni rat.

The island of Korčula with many coves and rich Mediterranean vegetation, and the island of Hvar, with the medieval Stari Grad and the town of Hvar, the place to party and enjoy the nightlife.

Specific archipelago along the south-west island coastline, well-known nautical destination Pakleni otoci with the Palmižana marina.

All of these are the unavoidable part of the sailing routes, whether you are seeking peaceful and hidden places of natural beauty or places with rich cultural traditional, entertaining or gastronomical offers.

Especially interesting is the offshore Biševo island, “the island of Eden“, with the well-known Modra cave. Vis offers the authenticity of the Dalmatian island life and Lastovo with the unique Nature Park Lastovo archipelago.

The routes to the very south will include the Mljet National Park, the Elaphiti archipelago: Šipan, Lopud and Koločep.

At the southernmost point, there is Cavtat. Just before this little town is the best-known tourist and cultural center of the Adriatic, the city of Dubrovnik.

Charter in Croatia can be a great adventure and a superb experience.

Of course, access to the nautical piloting, tourist maps and the internet pages of the local tourist associations will assist you in discovering the lesser-known but equally picturesque coves and island villages to complete the thrill of sailing on the Croatian coast, with the unique harmony of the maritime tradition, cultural heritage, and the natural resources.


Croatia has a unique coast and mild Mediterranean climate. This fact makes this country one of the most attractive nautical destinations in the world.

In Croatia, you have plenty of possibilities to see new places and enjoy your trip while sailing. This article is full of helpful information about charter in Croatia.

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