What kind of yacht to choose?

The choice of the vessel depends entirely on your needs, wishes and preferences. There are four types of vessels for hire: sailing boats, motor yachts, catamarans and gullets.

  • Sailboats are the most popular type of vessel for rent, suitable for family holidays as well as for active holidays. Management of the sailboat requires skill and years of experience.
  • Motor yachts are generally more comfortable and have more speed, but the price is much higher as well as fuel consumption.
  • Catamarans are more expensive than regular boats, but have several advantages: much more space in the saloon and cabins, greater stability and can approach much closer to the coast.
  • Gullets are vessels for rent with crew and an ideal choice for all who want to enjoy all the benefits of Croatian coast without pushing into account the management of the ship or the meals. Before choosing a vessel, pay attention to the following questions:
  • How many people will be on board?
  • Are there pairs in your group (people who can be in the same cabin, or some crew members who require a separate cabin?)
  • How much space and what level of comfort you need?
What is included in the price of renting a yacht?

The price includes the rent of the yacht, yacht insurance and all navigation and safety equipment on board. Price is usually formed on a weekly basis, regardless of how many people will be on board (maximum number of passengers and crew is always limited and depends on the size of the yacht).

What are the additional costs?

With the cost of renting a yacht you pay labor costs of the captain / skipper and his food + cost of labor and food of other crew members (if the boat is rented with skipper / crew) + deposit (can be temporary and permanent) + yacht cleaning + bed linen and towels + Transit Log + parking in marinas + fuel.

What permits are needed to rent a yacht?

To rent a yacht with skipper licenses are not required. If you plan to manage your own yacht, you need a valid license granted by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications of the Republic of Croatia. In addition, you need the license to operate the VHF radio.

Do I need a visa to Croatia?

From April 1, 2013, citizens of the Russian Federation need a visa to enter Croatia. The fee for a visa from 1 February 2016 to the submission by the Center for visas is:

– Regular (issue time – 7 working days) – 75 euros.

– Children 6-12 years – 30 euros.

– Emergency (issue time – three working days) – 125 euros. When renting a yacht with us, we will help you in obtaining a visa. Contact us via online chat, email or phone.

What are the best routes to sail a yacht?

First you need to decide on what you want from the trip and who will manage the ship. Then, you need to be familiar with information about the region, the weather for the time of year in question and the winds. If you take the skipper, then you need not worry about these issues. You also need to know about the route and the characteristics of the region, find out the price of parking in the marinas, food prices, etc., in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Most popular marinas are Poreč-Funtana, Marina Veruda in Pula, Murter with marina Jezera, Zadar, Sukošan and marina Dalmacija, a large marina in Biograd and Split with three marinas.

Where can I get information about the weather forecast?

The best weather forecasts can be heard on the following frequencies:

Radio Rijeka at 07:35, 16:35 and 21:35, VHF channels 04, 24 and 81;

Radio Split 07:45, 14:45 and 21.45, VHF channels 07, 21, 23, 28 and 81;

Radio Dubrovnik at 08:25, 15:20 and 23:20, VHF channels 04, 07 and 85;

These stations broadcast each day and throughout the year. In recent years the weather forecast with a special orientation to the crews of tourist yachts is issued in the summer season (May to October) 24 hours a day in several languages. Usually this broadcast can be heard on the following VHF frequencies:


West Istrian coast – VHF channel 73;


Kvarner islands – Kornati – VHF channel 69;


Central Dalmatia – VHF channel 67;


South Dalmatia – VHF channel 73.

At what age can children go sailing on a yacht?

You can take children on the boat from an early age, but you should pay particular attention on their stay on board. Please inform charter company on the presence of children on the boat and their age, to ensure a sufficient amount of the correct size lifejackets. If you have young children, be sure to ask the charter company for a special net on rails (Railing net). The availability of the same is needed to inquire in advance.

Do I need a license for diving and fishing?

Diving in the Adriatic is expressly prohibited without a license and you must have a valid diving card of the Croatian Diving Association. This card can be purchased if you have a diving license issued by one of the internationally recognized diving associations (IDD, UDI, CMAS, MDEA, PADI …)

For legal fishing in Croatia it also needs to have a license, which you can get in sports fishing clubs and societies, Port Authority or travel agencies in any city in Croatia. All you have to do is pay a fee and permission will be given. Permits issued by travel agencies are valid throughout the Croatian coast, with the exception of some restrictions in the waters of national parks (Kornati, Brijuni, Krka, Mljet), and elsewhere (in obtaining a license you will get a list of areas where fishing is restricted). The cost of a license depends on the number of days. The permit may be valid for one, three or seven days, a month and for the whole calendar year.

What to bring to a sailboat?

It is mandatory to bring your passport with a visa, permission for the navigation of a yacht, management license for VHF radio, health insurance (it is desirable not only tourist health insurance, but also for extreme sports), first aid kit (bearing in mind that some drugs can’t be sold in the country or may be available only on prescription), personal items, hygiene products, materials for sunscreen (preferably SPF 50), bright hats, sunglasses and so on.

Do I have to take a skipper?

If you have the necessary license and experience in the management of a yacht, it is not compulsory to take a skipper, except in cases where the yacht is rented only with the crew.

Who pays for skipper and his food?

You pay for skipper and his food, no matter whether you are cooking on board or eat in a restaurant.

Where will skipper sleep?

As skipper takes care of the safety of the yacht and the people in it, he should be well rested and must have his own cabin. In most cases, it is the living room / kitchen.

Is yacht and yacht crew insured?

Yes, all yachts and crews are insured.

What are the prices of the marinas?

Prices of berths in marinas depend on the popularity of the marina and the size of the yacht. For example, the charge for the 43ft yacht is in the range of 50 to 70 EUR per day. Mooring for catamaran is usually twice as large compared to the same length ordinary yacht. If you have already determined the route, the prices of berths that are on your way and their availability you can check on the Internet.

Can I take pets to the yacht?

No, it is not allowed to keep pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) on a yacht, except in cases where you pre-arrange such a possibility.

Catamaran or sailing boat?

The choice depends on your circumstances, possibilities and ambitions. Catamaran is an excellent choice for those who do not have experience, have never sailed or feel a little insecure. It is a stable boat. Catamarans offer great comfort, comfortable cabins, large lounge and reach a little bit higher speed, because they have two engines. Modern catamarans have a small draft and allow easy access to the coast and bays.

Who will cook and what to eat?

If you do not want to cook on a yacht, you can take the chef and he will cook, or you can cook for yourself. If you sail with a skipper, he can cook for you. Modern ships are equipped with everything necessary. The yacht has a kitchen with stove, dishes, refrigerator, and sometimes even ice maker, dishwasher and coffee maker. Food should be bought in the supermarket in advance, and then catch up stocks during stops in marinas. Usually, in the marinas and ports there are plenty of restaurants which always greet visitors with joy, and there you can have breakfast and dinner.

Is there a possibility of taking yacht in one place, and return it to another?

As a rule, it is possible, but you do have to announce in advance. Such possibility of costs additionally and reduces the time of your lease, because we need to take the skipper, who should arrive on time restoring the yacht to base port. The only option at no additional cost is to take last-minute offer of the company, when the next charter starts just from this marina where you want to leave the yacht. Usually, these options are even cheaper, because you will not have to pay extra for the skipper.