Coronavirus Concerns

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Thank You for all the booking inquiries You send us during this difficult time when the whole world is concerned about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sebastus sailing monitors all relevant information about coronavirus on a daily basis and we are in everyday contact with charters to provide information to Users about their rights which are fully adjusted to their needs in this situation. 

Charters have adapted their Terms of use to the current situation. Payments periods and navigation options are very flexible at this moment. Sebastus sailing will give the User, upon request for a booking specific vessel and destination, all necessary information on the possibilities of cancellation or delay of travel, as well as a refund in case the User has to change existing vacation plans due to coronavirus. 

If You want to enjoy sailing but have any questions or concerns, we are at Your disposal. Contact us with full confidence.

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What kind of boat to choose?

The type of boat that is best suited for the upcoming trip depends of course on the personal wishes and expectations of the guests.

The offer in Croatia includes the following options from which you can choose: sailboats, motorboats, catamarans and gulets.

Sailboats are one of the most popular ways to explore the seas. They are not only ideal for family holidays but also for active sports trips. However, to steer a sailboat you will need sufficient experience and knowledge.

Motorboats or yachts are not only very practical and comfortable but also convince by their speed. Their price and their fuel consumption are often higher.

If you are looking for more space and stability in addition to comfortable comfort, you should consider a catamaran. This type of boat offers generous space both in the saloon and in the cabins. A further advantage is the close anchoring possibility on the shore.

For guests who long for absolute relaxation without having to worry about the boat, a gulet is ideal. This variant includes a crew that will take care of all your needs.


What should one have in mind when making a decision?

  1. The number of people
  2. Do you need shared or single cabins?
  3. How much space and comfort will be offered?


Catamaran or sailing boat?

Whether you choose a catamaran or a sailing boat depends entirely on your possibilities and ambitions.

A catamaran is very stable and suitable for beginners or people who do not have much sailing experience. The overall experience can be combined here, once through the sails and additionally through two motors, which guarantee speed if desired. In addition, they impress with their comfort, coziness, spacious cabins and living room. Modern catamarans have a small draught and allow easy access to the shores.

The intensive sailing feeling, however, can only be guaranteed by the sailboat or sailing yacht. Experience and adventure are guaranteed! Anyone who strives to be driven by the wind and who likes to fight for every knot of speed is in the right place with this boat selection.

What is included in the price of renting a boat?

The price usually includes the lease of the yacht as well as the use of navigation and safety equipment. The amount is calculated on a weekly basis without taking into account the number of persons on the boat (however, the number of crew per ship is limited and depends on the size of the ship).

What are the additional costs?

In addition to the price of the boat rental, the following costs (depending on requirements) are incurred:

1. captain/skipper/crew (incl. meals)

2. deposits (reversible and irreversible)

3. cleaning of the yacht (incl. bed linen and towels)

4. transit log

5. mooring in the marina

6. fuel

Is there a possibility of renting a boat in one place, and returning it to another?

Yes, it is possible to return the boat to a different location than the one you started your sailing trip.  If you wish, please let us know in advance.

It should be noted here that check-out in another location is associated with additional costs and you as a guest must leave the boat earlier. The reason for this is that the skipper has to bring the boat back to the base in time.

In exceptional cases, it can happen that there are last-minute offers and the next charter starts exactly from the base where you would like to leave the boat. In this case, you would have to pay less. However, you would have to coordinate this with the agency beforehand.

What permits are needed to rent a boat?

If you book a skipper, no further permits are required.

If you would like to sail the chosen boat yourself, you will need a sailing license or an international boating license. This must be approved by the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure. In addition, you must have a VHF radio license.

Do I need a visa for Croatia?

You must check whether a visa for Croatia is required according to your citizenship.

Holders of a Schengen visa can enter the country without an additional Croatian visa.

Please note:

If you have specific questions regarding entry, we recommend that you communicate them in advance. We will be happy to help you clarify all your concerns at the time of your rental inquiry. Our employees are always available to you by telephone, e-mail ( info@sebastus.com) or in chat.


Additional information:

From April 2013, citizens of the Russian Federation need a visa to enter Croatia.

Here you can find the price list which is valid since 2016:

– Regular (issue time – 7  days) – 75 €

– Children (6-12 years) – 30 €

– Emergency (issue time – 3 working days) – 125 €

Do I have to rent a skipper?

If you have a required license (boat driving license, sailing license, etc.) and sufficient experience in operating a boat, of course, you do not have to book a skipper.

The exception applies if the rental is offered exclusively with the crew. In this case, a skipper is also on board.

Who pays for the skipper and his food?

The skipper is booked and financed by the guests, this also applies to his meals, regardless of whether they take place on the boat or in the restaurant.

Where will the skipper sleep?

The skipper is responsible for the safety of the people on board as well as the intact condition of the boat. Therefore he should always be well-rested, for which he needs his own sleeping place on board (in most cases in the kitchen or the living room).

Is the boat and boat crew insured?

Yes, all boats, as well as the entire crew/skipper, are insured.

Where are the best routes for sailing?

We recommend that you think about your upcoming trip in advance and what goals and experiences you would like to achieve. Then you should make the decision who should steer the boat. If you decide to be a captain yourself and meet the basic requirements, you will have to gather the necessary information about the region, the weather, and the winds. If you decide to book a skipper, he will take care of this information.

In any case, it is advisable for you to know the itinerary, possibly to choose restaurants in advance and to find out about the prices of the marinas.


As a little help we have put together a collection of the most famous marinas in Croatia:

  1. Poreč – Funtana
  2. Pula – Marina Veruda
  3. Island Murter – Marina Jezera
  4. Zadar
  5. Sukošan – Marina Dalmacija
  6. Biograd
  7. Split (choice between three marinas)

Where can I get information about the weather forecast?

Daily and throughout the year you will receive information about the weather forecast on the following radio frequencies:

Radio Rijeka at 07:35, 16:35 and 21:35

VHF channels 04, 24 and 81

Radio Split 07:45, 14:45 and 21.45

VHF channels 07, 21, 23, 28 and 81

Radio Dubrovnik at 08:25, 15:20 and 23:20

VHF channels 04, 07 and 85


From May to October, there is also a special offer for sailing tourism, the programs are available around the clock, in various languages:

West Istrian coast – VHF channel 73;

Kvarner islands – Kornati – VHF channel 69;

Central Dalmatia – VHF channel 67;

South Dalmatia – VHF channel 73.

What are the prices of the marinas?

The prices of the berths depend on the popularity of the marina and the size of the boat.

For example, prices for mooring yachts with a length of 43ft are about 50 to 70 € per day. The price for a catamaran of the same size is twice as high.

If you are planning a particular itinerary, we recommend that you check the prices of the desired berths in advance.

What to bring on a sailboat?

You should ensure that important documents are in your baggage.

This includes the passport (if necessary with visa), health insurance (foreign insurance if necessary with addition for extreme sports), boat license, radio license, diving license, etc.

In addition to a first aid kit, please note that certain medicines may not be available abroad or may not be available over the counter. If you need certain medications, make sure you have enough with you.

When sailing, you should always pay attention to sufficient sunscreen and sun hat, sunglasses, etc.

A packing list can be found here.

Do I need a license for diving and fishing?

Diving in the Adriatic is strictly forbidden without permission.

You must have a valid diving card from the Croatian diving association. You can apply for this if you have a diving card of an internationally recognized diving association (IDD, UDI, CMAS, MDEA, PADI …).

If you would like to go fishing during your holiday, you will also need a permit. You can obtain this at various fishing associations or travel agencies along the coast. For this, you need a valid passport or identity card. The cost of the license depends on the number of days you wish to stay, this information can be obtained locally.

Please note:

Fishing permits issued by travel agencies are valid for the entire Croatian coast, with the exception of some restrictions in the waters of national parks (Kornati, Brijuni, Krka, Mljet) and some other places. The exact list of fishing restrictions will be issued together with the permit.

At what age can children go sailing?

There is no minimum age for children to board one of the boats. Nevertheless, safety measures should be taken in advance, especially for small children.

In order to provide the best possible support here, we ask you to inform the charter company in advance of whether children and what age they will be traveling with. It is necessary to provide suitable life jackets and possibly to attach a railing net/safety net to the boat.

What about the meals?

Modern ships are equipped with everything you need in a kitchen to prepare delicious meals. In addition to a cooker, refrigerator and dishes, there are often dishwashers, coffee machines and an ice machine. So if you feel like it, you can try out your culinary skills. The food alone should be brought along or replenished in every marina.

Guests who do not feel like cooking themselves can bring a cook on board as well as have the skipper cook for them. In addition, there are wonderful restaurants in many places that offer breakfast in addition to the usual food.

The possibilities are therefore great and can be modified to suit every wish.

Are pets allowed onboard?

In principle, pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) are not allowed on board.

Exceptions may apply but should be discussed and agreed in advance.