Last week we spent three days with our yacht charter colleagues at the International Charter Expo in Vienna.

We had a great time learning about the changes in the industry, new potential markets and destinations while spending quality time as a team and with colleagues from another charter.

Here are the 6 main points we took back home with us:

Although our clients are loyal and love sailing, a big change is on the horizon. The time of special offers and price dumping is coming to an end. People expect more, they expect the full experience.

Greece is making a comeback! Although Croatia is still the main nautical destination, Greece is slowly but surely getting back up there. With cheaper Marinas and quality service, it’s becoming a great threat to other meditation destinations.

There are a lot of us – offering the same thing. It was kind of funny seeing the newsletter template on the presentation and recognizing almost every word of it. As said in the beginning – first and last minute offers aren’t gonna cut it anymore. People want quality information and entertaining content.

Our web pages shouldn’t only be search engines for boats. It’s easier with older clients, they mostly know what kind of boat they want and know what the search engine does. But for new ones, it’s a mystery that creates more questions while booking. That’s why a website should predict and answer those questions in advance – making it easier for new clients to make a booking.

It’s time to introduce sailing to the Chinese market! Most of them would like to go sailing and visit the Meddierain or the Bahamas but don’t really know what’s included when charting a yacht. For those with the right information and great timing for special offers, the Chinese market is wide open.

We discovered different parts of Spain that don’t only include the Balearic islands. We heard about the coast in Galizia, the Canary Islands, Costa Brava and the Ebro Delta.

Big thanks to the ICE team for organizing a great Expo in Vienna and to all the yacht charters who took the time to meet and chat with us!

We hope that next year we’ll have the time to stay all 4 days and don’t miss the ICE party.

See you all next year!