Sailing Seychelles – Mahé Island

Date posted: 06.22.2017

If you want to go somewhere special for your vacation, honeymoon or just plain fun, you’ll probably try sailing Seychelles. This tiny country in Indian Ocean, consisting of 155 islands, is not a one-time place. You’ll come back few times. There are few places in the world that have so many exotic, attractive and amazing sights. One or two weeks there is just not enough for truly enjoy everything. The best thing to do is to visit one or two places at the time. That is why we’ll explore Mahé Island, first soil you’ll touch when arriving to Seychelles by plane and administrative center of the archipelago. But you don’t need to imagine overcrowded streets in a busy place. Seychelles and Mahé have their own tempo of living.

About the island

Mahé Island is the biggest in Seychelles with 157.3 km2 and country’s capital Victoria is located on the north – eastern side of this tropical paradise. Almost 85% of all inhabitants of Seychelles live on the island, but almost one third of them lives in Victoria. That means that Mahé is in no way overcrowded and it is to this day the biggest tourist destination of all Seychelles. The island had big land reclamation project due to the shortage of housing. But all this was done because of the preservation of the environment. In fact, one of the most important things to see there are untouched forests. There you’ll find endemic and protected plant species like the jellyfish tree or Seychelles pitcher plant. All this is possible because of Seychelles very strict environmental laws.


Port of Victoria offers great selection of the boast for rent, but there are also few smaller ports where you can find the boat. Navigators come from all over the world not just because of the forest. Beaches are that one thing that make Mahé Island and Seychelles so unique. The coconut forests stretch all the way to the golden sand, and just like in idealistic pictures of tropical landscapes branches tilt over the line where sea touches the hot sand. Beaches are usually formed like the long stretch of beautiful sand limited with granite rock at both ends. This gives the beautiful scenery when you’re coming or leaving the beach with your sailboat.

Mahé Island is known for its beaches and when you visit one and drop your anchor there, you’ll want to visit more. There are famous beaches like Port Launay Beach. But there are also beaches that are hidden and the best way to get there is with your sailboat or catamaran.  These beaches are places where you’ll experience the true meaning of the phrase ‘tropical paradise’.

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