Vacation in Italy – sailing Sardinia

Date posted: 04.25.2017

If you’re thinking about sailing in Italy for your vacation, you probably have few places in option. Let’s face it, it’s impossible to take whole country in consideration, because it’s just too beautiful, too big and with so many great places to visit. You’re probably thinking – Tuscany or Naples? Adriatic coast or Ligurian coast?  Venice or Rome? Now there’s a chance to visit all those museums and galleries, at least in one city. And maybe, none of the above. There’s no doubt that you love history, love art and you’ll probably visit lot of places during your vacations, but now you need to dispose your time. You need to get to know more about history and culture, but when crowd gets too big, just leave in big style and enjoy some peace, disturbed only by gentle sound of waves. Try sailing Sardinia.

The island that is history

Sardinia is the second largest island in Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily and before Cyprus. It is located east of Tyrrhenian Sea, south of Corsica and north of Sicily. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and when Phoenician seafarers came to the island, it already carried its name. There are hundreds of megalithic monuments, like Dolmen of Mores (3rd millennium BC), but most distinguishable are the ‘nuraghe’ – buildings that have been built all around Sardinia for almost 2000 years, starting 1800 BC. Nuraghe gave name to Nuraghic culture which existed there and left not only these tower-like buildings, but giant ‘tumba de zigantes’ or ‘graves of the giants’- more than 800. If you are sailing Sardinia and not walking it, you can still visit some of those graves, because there are lot of them close to the shore, like one Olbia, northeast, or in Quartucciu, on the south.

But if you feel like sailing…

Every part of history left something on this beautiful island. But if you want just to visit some of great historic places or beautiful nature in the countryside of Sardinia and continue to the seashore, I have some suggestions for you. Two of three Sardinia’s national park are entirely on the sea. First, there is Asinara national park on the island of Asinara (meaning ‘donkey inhabited’). Known for its natural beauties, old high-security prison, and of course, donkeys. White feral donkeys endemic to this island on the north of Sardinia will capture your heart immediately. Among first places you learn when you want to go sailing Sardinia is Arcipelago di la Maddalena National Park. On the very north of the island, this beautiful archipelago is top stop for navigators.

Sardinia – island for everyone

Sardinia doesn’t lack in beautiful beaches. If you’re sailing on the western part of the island, you’ll find Cala Goloritzé, beautiful turquoise beach with fine pebbles and sand. And what’s more important, it’s almost unreachable by foot. Sailboat is the best solution there. Beautiful beaches and charming little coves are trade mark of Sardinia, and these beauties can be reached with every kind of budget. For those who like to spend a little bit more and enjoy real luxury, there is always Porto Cervo. Why is this port so famous? Only because of Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, established in 1967. This extraordinary club competed two times in America’s Cup. With its team ‘Azzurra’. So, you see – your background doesn’t matter. When you’re sailing Sardinia, you’ll find the perfect place for you.

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