Athens is the capital of Greece and certainly one of the most famous cities in the world today. Many tourists come to Athens to admire the remains of ancient culture, but also to buy, taste Greek culinary specialties and enjoy Greek folk music. In this article we will talk about yacht charter Greece.

In addition to the numerous monuments and beauties of the city, Greece and therefore Athens also offers a clean sea and indented coastline making it an ideal nautical destination.

Due to the large number of islands and the large influx of tourists, Greece has responded to the needs of the market and built many marines that offers all the necessary contents to visitors.

We will visit together the most important bases in Athens in this article:

  • Alimos- Kalamaki Marina,
  • Lavrio-Main Port,
  • Lavrio- Olympic Marina and
  • Palaio Faliro- Flisvos Marina.

Alimos- Kalamaki Marina

Alimos- Kalamaki marina is located in South west of Athens and this is one of the largest marina in Greece. The Marina attracts a large number of visitors, offering 1000 permanent positions and water, electricity, numerous restaurants, cafes and many other contents.

The location of this marina is perfect, only 15 km from center of Athens and 30 km from International airport. Since the location of this marina is so convenient and so close to the airport, many charter companies have here built their bases for boats. This is heaven for yacht charter Greece.

This Greece marina is very crowded, especially on weekends, so we recommend You to contact the marina office at least 24 hours before you arrive in order to be sure you have a anchor place.

It is certainly a good idea to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by yacht charter Greece and start your own sailing adventure here.

Lavrio- Main Port

Lavrio is a small coastal city, which is also a port. This place is 60 km away from Athens and 25 km from the Athens Airport.

In the antique times it was a port that serves profitable silver mines. Today this port is an important hub for ferries that travel to the Cyclades Islands, and the important port for many boats and yachts.

Lavrio main port is smaller than the previous one, it has a capability for 100 berths, and most places occupy yacht charter Greece agencies. This place allows anchor large yachts.

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Lavrio- Olympic Marine

Lavrio Olympic marine is located in Gaidhouromandra cove only 20 km far from Athens airport and 7 km from the town Lavrio. This marina is based on international standards and offers comfortable stays and takes great care of enviroment.

This marina was awarded with the “Blue flag” since 2000. year, this award is one of the most recognised voluntary eco- labels and it means that it was fulfill lot of strict environmental, educational, safety and accessibility criteria. The second great award this marine get is ISO 9001:2008 and 2015.

Lavrio Olympic Marine is large, it offers 680 well- protected berths and 700 places on dry dock. There are also numerous other important features: electricity and water, a boat repair facility, refueling station, restaurants and cafes. Interesting is chandlery with a wide variety of products for every boat.

Marina can be filled to the last berth in the summer, so our advice is to contact them earlier to make reservations and find your place. Or You can contact us and we will offer You Yacht charter Greece. From this marina it is ideally to start your sailing holidays.

Palaio Faliro- Flisvos Marina

Flisvos marina is placed in Palaio Faliro, only 6 km from the city center of Athens. This place is surely one of the most favorite destinations to walk near the sea and of course perfect place to anchor Your yacht.

This beautiful marina is owner of numerous valuable awards. Flisvos marina is awarded with 5 Gold Anchors– highest rating at the Gold Anchor Award sheme and has been certified with ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015

Flisvos marina which offers 303 berths and more than half of them are dedicated to superyachts– luxury yachts of over 35 meters. This marina is definitly Greece exclusive marina.

These luxurious berthing capacities are complemented by restaurants and bars and places for shopping. Throughout the year many events are tailored to the yacht owners and other visitors.

Marina is ideal place for family vacation and can certainly provide a dream vacation for couples and groups of friends.


Athens is a nautical center that you must visit when you enjoy in your sailing vacation, and the great thing is that there are a lot of great charter bases there. Each of the bases has something to stand out: luxury, numerous awards, a large number of berths or a great position.

All bases meet high standards and offer you everything you can imagine to make your sailing vacation ideal. You can start today and decide to enjoy the holiday of your dreams. Why not ?! Contact us and visit these wonderful marinas and ports.