Yacht week in Croatia

Date posted: 04.16.2017

More and more people are in search for a ‘yacht week’ in Croatia. What is it? Is it some kind of happening or a festival? For those who know how to sail and are truly lovers of the sea, yacht week is not unknown. It is basic measurement of time in the yacht world. Although few people will spend less than a week on sailing vacation and it is not forbidden to do so, the minimum time for renting a yacht is 7 days, usually starting on Saturday. It’s just the way it is. And if you think for a little bit, you’ll realize that it takes at least that time to experience truly something out there on the waves. Croatia is the great choice for such a thing, because it has very long coast, but very calm sea and small distance between the ports.

Every place is a good place to start

So, where to start your yacht week? You can pick any part of Croatian shore and be sure that it is a great choice. If you choose Istria, you’ll enjoy beautiful coast of the peninsula and it’s sparkling gem – archipelago Brijuni (Brionian islands). Brijuni are located on the south of the western coast of Istria. If you want to see dinosaur footprints, remains of Roman villa, 1700 year old olive tree or a safari park, you don’t need to go anywhere from there. And there are 14 islands around which you can calmly sail. Or you can choose Dubrovnik area on the south. After discovering all the beauties of old city of Dubrovnik you can sail out to the Elaphiti islands. It is small archipelago which attracts more and more navigators because of its beautiful nature.

How to book your yacht week?

These are just two examples of many I post on this blog. And it is really easy to get your own yacht week in Croatia. It can be arranged without any complications. You just need to find good sailing site on the Internet and choose a boat you like. Choose a place and a date and voilà! You can start your sailing vacation. If you’re new in the sailing world, this concept of one week in sailing is now closer to you. If you’re experienced sailor you need no more explanations. And you probably know that sailing vacation really doesn’t need to stop on just one week. It can last as long as you like. And once you try to sail, it’s impossible to stop. It lasts whole life.

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